Traditional Web Hosting Vs Cloud Computing (Compared)

There is a wide variety of web hosting services available. Many companies have invested heavily in the industry. But still, many internet users cannot understand the difference between Traditional Web Hosting Vs Cloud Computing.

I’ve been using web hosting and cloud solutions for a few years now. I’m using both services paralleled together since each one is of certain benefits.

In this article, I’m totally up to it; telling the difference between both services. I will also show you how to decide which service is better for you.

Traditional Web Hosting Vs Cloud Computing:

Both services have been heavily introduced into the market. Many web hosting brands are advertising services heavily on the internet. Let’s see which service work better to host your website.

Let’s start with the basics and understand the different web hosting services first. After that, I will go on a long shot for the exact difference between shared vs cloud hosting.

What is Traditional Hosting?

Traditional Web Hosting Vs Cloud Computing

Basically, the web hosting is a business to provide internet server space to host website’s files, images and databases. When you purchase a web hosting service, you’ll get a space on the internet along with a control panel.

The web hosting market is rapidly growing over the years. On both personal and corporate levels, everyone is keen to have a functional website on the internet.

Here we go, there are different types of web hosting services:

Shared Hosting: This is the most popular service type. Here, companies are offering you an online space to host your website. This space is a part of a server that is shared between different clients. If you’re run a small or a medium sized business, this is the perfect web hosting type for you.

Dedicated Hosting: This is an advanced web hosting service. Dedicated hosting allows you to get an entire server for just your website. All the server resources will be yours. You will also get a root access credentials to access this server as administrator. This is perfect for high-traffic websites and forums.

Reseller Hosting: This is exactly the same as shared hosting but with a different admin level. Reseller Hosting allows you to get server space in bulk. And then, you can resell this space as separate shared hosting accounts on your own brand and pricing. This is perfect for entrepreneurs to start a web hosting company.

VPS Hosting: This is a mid-level service between the shared hosting and dedicated server. Using certain virtualization solutions, Bigger servers are virtualized into a number of small virtual machines. A VPS runs its own operating system (OS). And customers will get VPS root access for administrative work.

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What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a technology that allows relying on a shared pool of computing resources. So instead of relying in a single server resources, Your website have got a bigger pool of shared resources among different other servers.

This technology ensures 100% uptime. If a server went down due to any faulty device or network connection, the infrastructure is already packed with other servers on the same shared pool. It exactly works as electricity.

And since it’s still a web hosting servie. There are different types of cloud computing services. Here, let me how you the different types of cloud hosting solutions:

Software as a Service: It’s one of the popular cloud hosting solutions. Basically, It’s an online application that is hosted on a cloud infrastructure. And this application is being sold as a service. Instead of using a local application installed on your computer, these apps are hosted and provided over the internet.

Virtualized Servers: These are the same VPS hosting services. But this time, it’s all hosted on the cloud. It’s being sold as virtual machines. You get access to run or develop applications without worrying about the uptime or operating systems.

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Advantages & Disadvantages:

Now, You should have got a clear idea about Traditional Web Hosting Vs Cloud Computing. Let’s proceed with checking the advantages and disadvantages of both services.

Shared Vs Dedicated Hosting:

Shared Hosting is the most popular. It’s cheap, affordable and very suitable for small basic websites. Starting at $2.75 per month, you can host your website and build it on WordPress within a few hours.

If your website is hitting the limits and receiving a huge daily traffic, Dedicated Server Hosting is the best bet. This way, You will get access to the full server’s resources. This hosting option is indeed expensive and only preferable for large websites and forums.

With Shared Hosting solutions, the hosting provider got you covered. If anything went wrong with the server or your website, they will be there jumping in to solve this issue for you.

With Dedicated Server solutions, you will need to install, upgrade, monitor and configure programs. You still need to manage everything on your own. I don’t recommend dedicated servers without having the necessary system administration skills.

Cloud Benefits & Future Worries:

Cloud Hosting has introduced many benefits and higher expectations in the market. On the cloud, you’re expected to receive 100% uptime along with higher service quality.

Nevertheless, Cloud solutions allows you to access different applications from anywhere. Many companies are now shifting over to cloud computing as it reduces their expenses and overheads.

Despite being a revolutionary technology, Large companies are sharing fears and lack of trust. They don’t trust the storage providers. These companies worry about hosting their sensitive data on the cloud.

Furthermore, they worry about hacking attempts.There is always a possibility that hackers can get their hands on the data. And this is one of their biggest security concerns.

Which One is Better? (Conclusion)

So now, Which one is better for your business? Traditional Web Hosting Vs Cloud Computing? Well, It all depends on what you’re looking for and your priorities.

If you would like to host your personal or business website, web hosting is exactly for you. If your goal is minimize operational expenses by running applications on the cloud, then cloud computing is for you.

That was all about Traditional Web Hosting Vs Cloud Computing. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below. And let me know for further inquiries, I would love to help you further.

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