SiteGround Refund Policy: How To Cancel My Account?

SiteGround shared hosting plans are all backed up with their 30 days refund agreement. On the other side, their cloud hosting plans are coming with up to 14 days money-back guarantee. In this article, we’re discussing the SiteGround refund policy and how to cancel your account.

The SiteGround refund policy offers you full peace of mind when purchasing your SiteGround web hosting account. You can definitely change your mind later if you wanted to and still receive a full refund back. This feature alone will satisfy your demand!

The Money Return Policy from SiteGround includes the original orders of shared and cloud hosting plans. It also includes many of its customers’ extra apps. If you’re not satisfied with the service quality, you can ask for service termination and a full refund within 30 days after the actual purchase date.

The same holds true for Cloud Hosting services in SiteGround. You can ask for service termination and cancellation within 14 days of the activation of the hosting account for a complete refund. Let’s dig deeper and see more about the SiteGround refund policy.

SiteGround Refund Policy

SiteGround Hosting

Cancelation requests from the account hosting should be posted via the SiteGround client area. Please be noted that there some other services that are not refundable such as; domain name registration, renewals, and domain name transfer.

You still can keep your domain name on the SiteGround client portal even after a hosting plan cancelation. You definitely can point your domain on SiteGround to any other web hosting plan using the power of DNS nameservers.

Failure of customers to keep their hosting accounts in conformity with SiteGround terms of service may also result in service suspension, limitations of use, or termination of a non-refunded account. And that’s a very good point to keep spammers away and maintain a safe hosting environment for legit clients.

The SiteGround is featuring an internal e-Wallet as well. This will let you have a credit balance on their website for any future purchases or renewals. The balance available on this Wallet may expire after one year. SiteGround may also refund users in the form of an e-Wallet credit balance.

Reseller hosting services are not refundable. Thus, the money-back guarantee doesn’t work on these plans. Domain name fees are not reimbursable and must be charged on cancelation of the household account (even though if you’ve already canceled the associated web hosting account).

Let’s have a closer look at what is refundable and what is not refundable below:

Siteground Refundable Services

The organization has a time-dependent repayment scheme. The following service is refundable and you may receive your money back within 14 days and up to 30 days. Let’s have a closer look at what is refundable.

  • Shared Hosting Plans (Within 30 Days)
  • Cloud Hosting Plans (Within 14 Days)

Non-Refundable Services

You need to operate the website alongside a range of other resources. There is not adequate networking alone. You never register for a plan to cancel it with the intention to do so, so you will finally buy the extra services. Here are the SiteGround non-refundable services:

  • Reseller Account
  • Domain Registrations & Renewals
  • Dedicated Servers
  • SSL Certificates
  • Backup Services & Restorations
  • Service Renewals
  • Domain Privacy Fees

How To Cancel SiteGround Account?

To you, I’ve got some positive stuff on how to delete your domain on SiteGround. Through a step-by-step guide, you can now instantly cancel a SiteGround account. There are no complicated phone calls or live chats needed at all. It all can be done from your SiteGround client portal right away.

Please start off by heading to the dashboard page on the Siteground website. In there, you will need to go to the “Services” tab and then the “Service” tab on the right side-bar. The SiteGround support team handles account cancelation requests through your User Area directly.

SiteGround Refund Policy

By clicking “Cancel”, you’ll be redirected into certain steps to complete your cancelation request. The system will also calculate the refund amount and automatically process it for you. You can also contact their support staff to take care of the cancelation process for you.

SiteGround Alternatives

After canceling your SiteGround account, it could be a suitable time to choose another web hosting provider. And here, I’m listing the top web hosting companies that could work as good alternatives to SiteGround.

SiteGroud has been widely known across the internet over the past few years. Yet common is not always fine. The business quickly became one of the most successful WordPress hosting providers. Furthermore, I’ve been reading too many good comments regarding their service level and uptime.

And I decided to give it a shot myself. Touching wood, their operation is great. Our caching system helps very well at maintaining my website as consistent as Google expects. Their service is great & always on time.

Yet, if you’re still looking for the best SiteGround alternatives, here is your list below:



Centered on very personal experience, I can assure you that this business is truly one of the strongest! BlueHost is currently supporting over 2 million domain names and counting. Their hosting platform is 100 percent Optimized and ready to run a super-fast WordPress site.

BlueHost is a top brand that is indeed owned and operated by EIG (Endurance International Group). The support is top-notch. And their service level is beyond fine. The only downside I’ve experienced was the Live Chat delay. I had to wait for a few minutes until anyone picked up my help letter.

The company is featuring three main shared hosting packages; Basic, Plus, and Prime. The Simple kit is your best choice if you ‘re up to host a single domain. In case you wanted to host multiple domains, the Plus package would be even cost-effective

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This company is featuring a superb web hosting performance. They’ve been recognized as the world’s # 1 renewable energy web hosting service. Who doesn’t want to save the planet? GreenGeeks is offering three major plans; Eco site Starter, Eco site Pro, Eco site Standard.

Beginning from only $3.95, they ‘re providing an unparalleled package with unrestricted features; Media, Connectivity, Communications, and MySQL Databases. They’ve recently announced the Wildcard SSL Certificate. This helps you to mount a free SSL certificate on your website.

Their software supports PHP 7 along with SSD Drives, SSL Certificates, and Cloudflare CDN. Overall, GreenGeeks is a top-line provider with everything you would need to operate a good online business. Their pricing begins at $3.95 a month. And they ‘re willing to offer a Free Website Transfer.

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InMotion Hosting

This is a fantastic shared hosting provider. And it ‘s great for newcomers because it provides the BoldGrid WordPress Website Building tool. This platform can allow you to set up your WordPress website in no time.

They certainly can support super-fast websites; thanks to their SSD Drives and Layered Caching technology. Based on the global indicators, it can run up to 200 percent better than any other cloud hosting service.

They ‘re offering three key sets. And their pricing starts at $2.95 /month (with up 57 percent off). Their services come with infinite storage space and unrestricted bandwidth. Automatic Backups are being produced every 24 hours. Your details were held off-site and it’s completely Secure!

Go To (60% Discount)

Wrapping Up

Despite the number of measures involved, SiteGround hosting account cancelation and reimbursement are fully automatic, convenient, and simplest to do. You can take about 10 minutes to complete the whole SiteGround cancelation phase.

You should actually think twice before canceling your SiteGround account. The hosting plan comes up with tons of features that you certainly don’t want to miss. Alternatively, you may seek other web hosting alternatives to SiteGround.

I always recommend you consult their Terms of Use before you sign up. You can also speak with SiteGround’s 24/7 support staff to hear more about the cancelation process. That was it all about the SiteGround refund policy and how to cancel the SiteGround account. I hope you find this guide helpful.

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