Unbiased Review: Is It Really Free? is indeed a perfect tool to create a good-looking website within a few hours. It’s more of a simple solution than being powerful in terms of features and tools. Yet, It works! In this article, I will be reviewing and whether it could be reliable for you.

Bottom line, SiteBuilder is a great tool for beginners, newbies, and startups. Furthermore, It’s a part of Endurance International Group “EIG”. This is the same umbrella company that owns other brands like; BlueHost, HostGator, iPage, HostMoster, ..etc.

With SiteBuilder, you can easily build your own website without any coding experience, professional knowledge or any background required. It’s all has drag-and-drop buttons to build your website exactly as how it looks like in your mind. It’s as easy as that!

What is SiteBuilder?


SiteBuilder is the most comprehensive website builder available in the market. It simply allows you to build an influential site within a few hours. And you don’t have to have any technical background or coding knowledge. It’s as easy as 1,2,3 to build a website you’ve always dreamed of.

SiteBuilder has got a lot of premium templates that you can easily use for your website. These templates are covering many niches and industries. Whichever your business is, SiteBuilder has got a ready-made template for you. Furthermore, you can an additional access for elite templates on upgrading to the Professional Plan.

You can indeed use SiteBuilder via your smartphone, tablet, or any other device. It’s all responsive and optimized. Furthermore, They’re providing tons of free high-quality images that you can use right away.

How to Start Making your Website?

The process is quite easy and straight-forward. All you need to do is to go over the following three steps. And you should be able to launch your website in a matter of a few minutes. Yes, just a few minutes..

# Domain Name: SiteBuilder requires you to choose a domain name for your website. You can either use yours (if you’ve got one) or you can buy one via their platform.

# Choose a Template: It allows you to check the templates and choose one for your website. SiteBuilder has got a huge list of responsive templates that will definitely fit for your business.

# Launch Your Website: Once you’re done with the above-mentioned steps, it’s time to hit the “Launch” button. And right away, you’re website will be live and ready for visitors.

The process is very simple. And this is awesome for beginners and those who might not be having the technical knowledge. How’s it? Have you built your awesome website?

SiteBuilder Customization Features:

Building a website with SiteBuilder is exactly like working in a small space with limited options. You need to know that you won’t take everything in there. It just gives you the basics to build an acceptable website for your business.

However; you still can turn your website pages into something more powerful and creative by paying for the professional plan. The package gives you additional features with more abilities.

Efficient Photo-Editor:

SiteBuilder has got you a very efficient photo-editor. You can use it in your work and use it freely on your website. The platform is fully supported by Adobe and the PhotoShop creator program.

The photo editor was created for you to get all you need in one place only. Also, it helps a lot to reduce using the fixing snaps or using a separated program to edit photos without any hassle.

Integrating Social Media:

Through, you can integrate your social media channels in your website pages with ease (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, ..etc). You can also add social sharing buttons wherever you want.

Furthermore, you still can add your own description and specific formats for social sharing. You can also add your contact information or any other details to get your visitors to engage with you on the social platforms.

Mobile Responsive:

SiteBuilder platform is offering a wide range of ready-to-use templates to build your website. These templates are fully customizable and responsive to mobile and other devices.

Even the website builder program is fully responsive. And this allows you to build your website easily on your mobile. While it’s not the ultimate option, it still counts if you want to build something simple and quick.

Furthermore, it includes an interactive mode that fits every template. You can scroll and click to test how menus and other features work on different size screens. And instead of waiting, SiteBuilders offers you an already-loaded template in the editor before you get a mobile preview.

SiteBuilder Plans & Pricing: Plans & Pricing

Impressed? let’s clarify the pricing and included fees here. One of the most important disadvantages here is that you will pay for every single feature you may want to add. Thus, it’s not a perfect fit for a growing website.

Overall, if you didn’t build a website before, will be a very good option for a simple website. If you’re aiming at building an advanced website with eCommerce feature, you should consider WordPress & BlueHost.

While it really offers a wide range of free features, it’s not 100% free. You will need to pay a monthly to maintain a professional website on their platform. Simply, they’re selling simplicity; a simple way to build a professional website for beginners.

Here you go; the pricing structure in there to use the service:

PRO – It costs $3.84/mo. You’ll receive a domain name, web hosting, & Advertising Credit. Furthermore, your website will be completely Ad-Free.

PREMIUM – It costs $5.99/mo. you’ll receive a domain name, web hosting, Advertising Credit, & a professional email setup. And your website will be completely Ad-Free.

E-COMMERCE – For $9.22/mo. you’ll receive the above features along with the ability to open an eCommerce store with all of the necessary features. Customizable eCommerce templates are included.

And they offer an additional basic package for FREE! While it’s not under their main bran, it’s being offered on their other branded website

FREE – It offers free hosting along with the ready-made templates to build your professional website. You’ll also get access to their drag-and-drop website, builder. But it does serve ads on your website.

Is SiteBuilder Legit?

SiteBuilder is a very good and safe solution to build your basic website. While it works perfectly for beginners, It has nothing to offer for advanced users who need a professional website built right away.

Legitimacy wise, SiteBuilder solution works perfectly. And it has tons of features to give you within their online builder tool. Furthermore, they’ve got different pricing tiers that will definitely fit your needs.

HostGator Vs SiteBuilder

Another professional solution to build your awesome website is to use a decent web hosting provider; like HostGator. If you’re really serious about your online business, a web hosting account from HostGator is indeed your ultimate choice.

The company will not only give you a professional web hosting account with a website building tool access. But also, HostGator will give you the ability to create official email addresses And this is indeed a great bonus for those looking for a brandable web presence.

Luckily, HostGator is currently offering a massive promotion of $0.01 only for the first month. This massive discount will let you try their service along with their powerful site builder without breaking your wallet.

Go To ($0.01 Offer)


SiteBuilder is a not-bad solution to start a webpage saying about you and what your business does. But if you’re really serious about starting a real online presence with a growth potential, HostGator will be an ultimate choice.

Please let me know in the comments section below shall you require any further assistance. I will be very happy to help you decide which works better for your business; or HostGator.

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