How To Remove WordPress On BlueHost? (Updated)

I used to share my experiences with different web hosting providers. Today, I’m up to explaining how to delete WordPress on BlueHost (step by step). I’ve an active account with BlueHost for testing & tutorials like this one.

Why you might need to remove WordPress? Well, there are a few different reasons for that. It might be BlueHost reporting that your site is utilizing more server resources.

Or it might be a hacking attempt that corrupted your website. And you want to restore it to an older version before the attack. You may also have got something wrong and want to correlate on a fresh WordPress installation.

Reasons are many! Today, I will be showing you how to remove WordPress on your BlueHost account. You may also be interested in checking good BlueHost alternatives, just in case.

Server Performance Warning:

Before heading into the technical steps to remove WordPress, I wanted to discuss a common problem. Sometimes when your website is using extra server resources, the performance degrades.

Furthermore, you may receive an email from BlueHost notifying you about the problem. This could be a malicious code utilizing additional server resources.

You may think that BlueHost is scamming you to charge for an upgrade. But it’s not the case! Running an outdated WordPress installation with complete ignorance may mess it up and cause issues. The BlueHost email service is really working very well.

For me, I would do the following:

  • New website with no content: Remove & re-install WordPress.
  • Working website with content: Ask BlueHost to run a scan & patch the site.

Overall, you should set up your WordPress website with auto-backups. Regular backups will always keep you safe and secured with all your data in place. It’s highly recommended!

How to Uninstall WordPress on Bluehost cPanel?


The process is quite easy and straight-forward. You can always install WordPress with a one-click. And you can always remove the installation with another click. It’s as easy as that!

Now, you should be able to see all your website options and configuration buttons. All these options allows you to run and manage your website with ease.

  • Click on “Settings” tab.

In there, you will see a red button says “Delete All site files permanently”. On clicking, it will ask you for a final confirmation before proceeding with a complete deletion. Confirm and you’re done!

That was it all. It will take a few seconds up to a minute for a complete deletion. It’s all automatically managed by Mojo Marketplace WordPress Installer.


While it’s always better to do a fresh installation, it might not be the case for working websites. If this is your case, I would recommend asking BlueHost to run a scan and fix your website.

Their team will happily assist you in finding the faulty script causing the problem. And like I mentioned, make sure you’re securing a regular backup for your WordPress installation to avoid losses.

That was everything about how to remove WordPress on BlueHost. Don’t forget to share this article with those who may find it useful. Let me know your thoughts and experiences via comments below.

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