PayPal Egypt: How To Send & Receive Money?

Since the online freelancing career has been evolved and became very popular among Egyptian users, the presence of an effective commonly-used online payment method became a necessity. Does PayPal work in Egypt? Yes, it does. PayPal Egypt allows you to sell your products or services to customers and clients from around the world.

You may use your credit or debit card to make payments online with ease, but to receive payments from companies or clients the only available option was Bank Transfer. PayPal has been one of the oldest and most trusted online payment methods that have been used worldwide.

Back in 2009 when we started our online freelancing career on sites like Upwork (formerly oDesk), we were getting paid via a bank transfer. It worked like a charm but with higher fees than if PayPal Egypt was available and functioning for Egyptian users at that time.

Lately, in 2014 PayPal Egypt has been introduced and made available to Egyptian users with a limited access to send money only. Recently, PayPal Egypt accounts have been enabled to send and receive money worldwide.

UPDATE: You cannot use your PayPal balance to pay or send payments to other parties. You’ll need first to withdraw your available balance to your prepaid card/virtual card/credit card or U.S Bank account, then send payments from your credit or debit card.

How to Use PayPal in Egypt:

paypal-egypt-paypal in egypt

Does PayPal work in Egypt? Yes, It does. In order to open an account with PayPal Egypt, you’ll need to go to the PayPal website. You will need then to click on Get Started. It will then ask you whether you want to open a business or a personal account.

I would recommend that you start with a personal PayPal account. Later on, if you like to go for a business account, you will be able to upgrade your personal one to a business account with a click of a button via PayPal Dashboard.

You’ll be asked then to fill in your personal details like Name, Address, Phone Number, etc. Once done, you will be asked to fill in your credit card information which you want to use to send or receive money.

As a PayPal Egypt User, You may be able to add a debit or credit card to send payments via PayPal, but in order to receive your money; you need to add a credit card. After opening up your account with PayPal Egypt, you need to follow the following steps to lift the limits and start receiving money into your PayPal account:

# Confirm your Email Address.
# Add a Credit Card (Issued by a bank in Egypt) and Verify it.

After adding your credit card, PayPal will attempt to charge your card a little amount. You will need then to contact your bank to ask about how much the amount charged by PayPal was. Then, you will need to go back to PayPal and enter the amount in digits and click Verify.

Congratulations! As now, your account should have been created, verified, and ready to send and receive payments online without any limitations or restrictions. You can always add a new card, edit or remove the old card.

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How to Withdraw Money from PayPal in Egypt?

Does PayPal work in Egypt #PayPal #Egypt

Kindly be noted that you can use either a debit card or a credit card to send payments via PayPal without any issues at all. In order to receive payments from PayPal Balance to you, It could be done via two ways:

  • Withdraw to a VISA Credit Card (Issued by any bank in Egypt).
  • Withdraw to a US-based Bank Account.

PayPal Egypt is not yet allowing their Egyptian users to withdraw to their bank accounts in Egypt. You can alternatively withdraw the balance amount to your credit card with the national currency.

  • Can I receive Money on PayPal without a card?
  • Can I receive Money on PayPal without a bank account?

Yes, You can. Instead of using a bank-issued credit card or a bank account, You can use Prepaid VISA cards as an alternative solution to receive funds without the need to open a bank account or to deal with banks at all.

Here are two different providers which I – personally – recommend. These prepaid cards below will help you to verify your PayPal Egypt account. Nevertheless, It will allow you also to send and receive payments worldwide using PayPal easily and hassle-free.

## DixiPay Prepaid Visa Card
allows you to pay online and receive funds via ATM. Doesn’t work anymore!

## EasyPay Pre-Paid Card (issued from Egypt Post).
allows you to withdraw from PayPal and receive funds via ATM

## VISA Credit Card (Issued from NBE or QNB).
allows you to withdraw from PayPal and receive funds via ATM

The other available method to withdraw your balance is US-based Bank Account. It may not be available for many users to open a US-based Bank account.

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Credit Card Issuance:

Many banks in Egypt issue credit cards based on a fixed deposit. For example, when you make a certainly fixed deposit of 7,000 EGP, The bank can issue you a credit card with 5,600 EGP limit.

I got my very first credit card this way with the same limit and it worked perfectly fine for me. I strongly recommend that you get your credit card if you’re serious about building your online career.

UPDATE: It costs $5 USD fee to withdraw money from PayPal Egypt to your credit card in Egypt. For example, If you’re withdrawing $100 from your PayPal balance to your credit card, The net amount you will receive is $95 USD in your credit card local currency EGP.

PayPal Egypt: How To Receive Money?

Okay, I showed you how to withdraw money from PayPal in Egypt. Furthermore, Receiving payments on PayPal has never been easier. There are a couple of different ways to receive money to your PayPal account. Here we go:

  • Give PayPal email address to clients & ask them to send money.

  • Create invoices on PayPal & Send them to your clients.

  • Request a payment from a client via your PayPal account.

  • Use PayPal Me and get a personalized professional payment URL.

30 – Day pending balance:

paypal-in-egypt-30-day-pending-balance paypal in egypt

Now you’ve verified your PayPal account with your credit card and it’s ready to receive payments from companies and clients worldwide. PayPal will send you another email with the subject: “30 – day pending balance“.

It means that any payments you will receive to your PayPal account will be subjected to pending balance rule until you create a successful seller history with PayPal. The payments you receive belong to you; however, they will be added to your pending balance for 30 days or less. After that, they will be released to your available balance.

The reason behind this rule is that PayPal Egypt wants to verify your identity, selling activity, and transactions before you’re having an instant access to the money received.

In the email, it’s mentioned clearly that after you have a successful selling history with us, we will make all your payments available soon after customers send you payments.

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-$0.01 USD per day:

As PayPal Egypt user, when I click on See how much you can send with PayPal link in the Dashboard. It redirects me to another page where it’s saying the following:

Your daily card withdrawal limit is: -$0.01 USD per day
-$0.01 USD Remaining

I messaged PayPal Egypt customer service about this issue, and they stated that upon checking my account, they couldn’t find any issues or limitations to my account. They also mentioned that my account has no withdrawal limitations at all and this text above shouldn’t indicate any problem or issues.

Furthermore, on my latest withdrawal experience, I had no issues or limitations at all. I could successfully withdraw different amounts each time without any issues.

Here’s the reply I received from PayPal Egypt Support Staff when I messaged them about it: Your account is in a very good standing, eligible for sending, receiving and withdrawing funds.

Transfer Money Online To Egypt:

Transfer Money Online To Egypt

Many others asked me about the possibility to transfer money online to Egypt. Maybe you’re outside the country and wants to send money to your family and friends in Egypt. Well, PayPal is a perfect solution for that purpose too.

You can use your PayPal account to send direct deposit to anyone worldwide with an active functional PayPal account. The recipient will be able to see the amount as available balance and can transfer it using the methods mentioned above.

PayPal Egypt Fees:

Understanding the associated fees with any service is crucial. Here, I’m mentioning about the applied fees when you open and use PayPal Egypt. Please chgoogeck below:

Receiving Payments Fees:

Monthly Sales: $0.00 USD – $2,500.00 USD.
Price Per Transaction: 3.9% + $0.30 USD.

Monthly Sales: $2,500.01 USD – $10,000.00 USD.
Price Per Transaction: 3.4% + $0.30 USD.

Monthly Sales: $10,000.01 USD – $50,000.00 USD.
Price Per Transaction: 3.2% + $0.30 USD.

Sending & Withdrawal Fees:

Withdrawal To Credit Card: $5 USD.
Send Payment: FREE!

And it’s completely FREE to open a PayPal Egypt account!

For more information about PayPal Egypt fees, visit their site page here and contact PayPal Egypt customer service. They’re always available to answer your questions and inquiries.

Does PayPal Work in Egypt?

So it does. PayPal works in Egypt perfectly now. It helps many bloggers and entrepreneurs to send and receive money worldwide. All you need to do is to head to their website and make a PayPal account in Egypt today.

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  1. Hello,

    I would like to ask if it is possible to send money via friends and family from Egypt to any other country?

    thanks in advance

  2. I have a US Dollar Saving account in Bank Misr.
    When I try to connect that account to Pay pal they give me 2 fields
    1- Routing number (which no body in bank Misr have an idea what the hell is it including 2 branches mangers)
    2-Account number which I have it in the local form and IBAN form
    Goal is to transfer my pay pal account money IN US/EU to my US/EU bank accounts in Bank misr “WITHOUT” transferring them into the local currency.
    1-How can I do it?
    2-I have noticed in your article that you stroke out the DIXIPAY Prepaid Visa Card as a solution, Does this means it is not working any more?
    3-what about sites like or
    Do they really work?
    Thank you Karim

    1. You can not connect a us dollar account in Egypt with your paypal account, this option isnt available at the moment, you can try Alexandria bank, their credit and visa cards works normally fine with Paypal, also credit agricole’s debit card works fine in Sending money through paypal

  3. Hi there,

    It seems HSBC Egypt have stopped accepting PayPal payments to their credit cards. I know it used to work, but this month I had a couple of payments rejected by the bank and so I can’t access the funds.

    Any update as to which cards are still working in Egypt please?


    1. Same issue here with HSBC Egypt. I asked them and they confirmed that they don’t allow it because they can’t trace where the money is coming from :/

  4. hi…so can i link the debit card issued by NBE that requires only an egyptian id and is internet enable to my egyptian paypal and if so can i use it to the paypal with the nbe card linked to pay for stuff online via the nbe card balance and can paypal automatically at the end of each month withdraw the paypal balance to my nbe debit card and which currency exchange fee from us dollars and euro to egyptian pounds. and if nbe debit card doesnt work what other cards can i make without a bank account in egypt…like maybe will the post office one work and what other ones will work if nbe debit card will work

    sorry for this long list of question and thanks in advance

  5. Hi,

    Never thought it would be this complicated to withdraw funds to a card in Egypt! I’ve tried with a Credit Agricole debit card, but they dont allow it. Now I’m thinking of getting the Easy-Pay Pre-Paid card. Can anyone confirmed that this has worked for them recently? Thanks

    1. This article is misleading and contain false information. You Cannot transfer money from PayPal to any bank account in Egypt!! Even though the customer service in the bank will assure you that you can. I tried with several bank accounts (debit cards) to no avail.

  6. Is there any third party providers that are able to manage payouts to PayPal accounts? Since PayPal is not allowing the Pay Out service in Egypt.

  7. Hi. Do Banque Misr credit cards work well with paypal? I’m a foreign national and I find it difficult to withdraw my funds here in Egypt.

  8. Hello, Karim thank you so much for this post it helped me understand more about paypal since i live in egypt and im a blogger. The problem is someone tried to send me money by my email/paypal URL it didn’t work but when i requested money it was sent successfully but when another person tried to send me money with email and paypal URL It didn’t work out again and i requested money but this time it said to them “your payment was denied” and i lost a v imp client for that so is the issue with my account or theirs? Mine is fully verified and i used a visa card and everything should be great. Both of the people who sent me were from US and if you please tell me how to contact Paypal egypt help center it would be great. Thanks

  9. Hello Karim,

    Firstly thank you for your hard work appreciate it 🙂

    Im in the process of opening a bank account for the purpose of starting my online business. The bank I am opening with is Credit Agricole, they confirmed that their credit card works with Paypal without limits but I am not able to withdrawal any funds to my card, any refunds will result in cancellation of the card.

    Currently I want to buy online stuff for my business through Paypal.
    I have yet to add the card to my Paypal and confirm it, from what I understand Paypal refunds back the money they charge for the confirmation proccess, I am fearing this will result in the bank cancelling my card when they see money is coming from Paypal.

    Any idea on this issue or am I missing something?

    Also when to know will credit cards from banks work with Paypal or should I consider buying the Post Visa card?


  10. Hi there!
    Thanks for sharing such a valuable information.
    Regarding the Easypay visa card.
    I went to the Alexandria Post Office today and asked about this type of card ,they do have ,but only for Egyptian residents with a national ID.
    I’m a foreigner living In Egypt with a resident visa and in the process of receiving my Egyptian nationality next year as i’m married with Egyptian guy.
    What piss me out is the lack of bad information the post office have. my husband and I called the Egyptian Center Post office from Cairo and they said to us that foreigners can buy the easypay card with their passport and residence visa,then I went to the Post Office located in Alexandria and they said this type of card is only for Egyptian residents.
    We called the Center Post office of Cairo one more time complaining about it and they still say foreigners can get the easypay card .
    So I don’t know who is giving to us the right or wrong info ,I just wasted my time there.

    Please if you know something about it I would really appreciate if you can help me out.
    Or if you know another way to buy any type of prepaid card that can work with Egypt PayPal and withdraw funds to it.
    Thanks in advance.
    Waiting for your kindly response.

    1. For your case, I would very much recommend investing in bank certificates and getting a real credit card. I’m not sure about any other kind of pre-paid cards for non-residents. the credit card solution may work nicely for you!

  11. Hi Karim , I saw this answer from you on Quora regarding Egypt Post Visa and paypal
    ((( Is Egypt post visa card still work with PayPal?
    The pre-paid card of the Arab African bank is working too, but the downside here is that you won’t be able to withdraw the funds in it except after closing the card. Otherwise, You’re able to use this card for online purchases. )))
    My question is , the Arab African bank has five different types of 4 U`s Prepaid Visa cards , with none mentioning receiving funds, I am assuming it is the Internet Card I would need, just wanted to see if do you could direct me as to which one of the five would work for me with Paypal ? Thanks for all the helpful information you have provided in your article.

    1. Yup. It’s the 4U internet pre-paid card. Your best bet for the right now would be the Egypt Post Easy Pay card. Many have been using it recently. And many successes in transferring funds from PayPal have been reported. Highly recommended!

  12. Mohamed El-Fallal

    Hi Mr Karim, first of all, thank you for this informative post, it is really helpful, but I have a specific question!

    Knowing that I want to open a dollar bank account in Egypt which I can send and withdraw easily from PayPal to my bank account and withdraw the money in cash, which is the best bank to open an account in with the minimum amount of dollars and with no HR letters since I am a freelancer?


  13. Hi, I recieved my first payment from my freelancing work to my verified paypal account which i linked a debit credit card [ visa ] which is named by ABC bank in Egypt.. the problem here is that the money wasnt transfered to my visa card or anything.. it stayed in my paypal account.. what should I do in order to withdraw this amount of money please?

  14. Hi Karim, first I would like to thank you so much for the useful information you are sharing with everyone. I had a question regarding the retrieval of the money. Now after transferring the money i have earned on paypal from my Paypal account to my associated cc. Is it possible to withdraw this money fron my cc through an ATM? Because i heard that this is not possible!

  15. muhammed salah

    Hello karim,
    Thanks for the useful information. i have got my prepaid credit card from credit agricol with 20,000 LE limit and when i asked the costumer service if i can receive from paypal to my credit card he said its not possible and this visa just to pay not to receive on it and if that happened the bank will close the visa card.

    can you please tell me what i can i do, its a series problem for me cause all my work outside egypt.

    Thanks in advance.

  16. Hi. I have plans to setup an online store selling goods to Egyptian customers in Egyptian Pounds.
    My question is, if I use PayPal gateway for accepting payments with major credit cards, is there anyway to receive the money in my PayPal account in Egyptian Pounds and then credit my visa card in Egyptian Pounds? Because if I receive it in USD then I will loose money in the transfer rate from EGP to USD then when I credit my card I will loose money again because it will be transferred back to EGP. So is there anyway to avoid all this loss?
    Thank you.

  17. Hi, i have a question. Can i transfer money from my paypal in uk to another paypal account in egypt? And what is the limit and how much is the fee? Thanks

    1. Yes, you should be able to transfer money from PayPal UK to PayPal EG without any problems. As for the limit and associated fees, you may want to ask PayPal support on this.

  18. Further to my previous questions asking about how can I send a friend some cash in the US from Egypt. I put my nationality as UK as I am British living in Egypt and it has made the paypal balance in 0 Euro as primary currency and 0 dollars. Could this be the problem? If I put Egyptian as nationality would it make the currency in Egyptian pounds. I can use my visa credit card to buy things from abroad in foreign currencies eventhough my visa account is in egyptian pounds.

    1. I figured out how to do it. I had to go to pay for goods and services and put her email account linked to paypal and she received the email immediately informing her she received money. Great that is fast and cheap!! When I check my visa I will be able to see if I was charged anything for this transfer. Minimum in bank transfers regardless of the amount is $60 so this is great.

      1. So my friend was charged $4.7 and apparently she says I will not be charged anything. This is using goods and services. However, she says if one uses friends and family it is for free but I could not find friends and family on my paypal page.

  19. Hi, I have just set up a pay pal account here in Egypt with a visa credit card. I want to send some cash to a friend of mine in the USA. However, I do not see the option send money to a friend at the top of my screen. All I have at the top of my screen is from left to right: Summary/activity/send and receive/wallet/shop/help. Is it not possible to send money to a friends email abroad. Appreciate any help as my friend is in great need of help.

    1. You should be able to use “Send & Receive” link. While for PayPal Egypt, It will only allow you to pay someone for work, But the option to send for a friend is not available in there yet!! You may need to contact PayPal support about it and whether you can use that feature (paying someone for goods) to send money to friends. I’m not sure if allowed !!

  20. Hi, Kareem. I hope you’re doing great.
    I have an NBE debit card which allows me to pay Egyptian websites only. I was relieved to know from you that only credit cards that work on platforms like Paypal and google play. For 3 years I’ve been asking NBE customer service representatives with no clear answer at all and tried to get an IT employee on the phone but wasn’t able too. so thanks. Now, I have an NBE account (the one that my debit card is linked to), so what do I need to get a credit card for that account ( I opened it with 1100 EGP deposit)? do I need to be a governmental employee? do I need to make another big deposit? I hope to know from you because the bank has such an ignorant and arrogant customer service representatives. Thanks in advance.


  22. Hello again Karim,

    After struggling with credit cards and banks for months, I was able to come to a good solution!

    So, I’m coming today to share my final experience that worked so far, and give back something to this great website for having this rich content and information.

    QNB Dollar Card is the solution!!
    It is the only card that worked with me so far without any problem over the past months, and the limit is pretty large (I guess $2000/month).
    I’m using it for any sort of internet payment from Facebook Ads to Paypal withdrawal and payment. It works very good with Paypal and I have not encountered any problem in withdrawing the money so far.

    Another solution I had before getting the QNB Dollar Card was Dixipay. It’s a good alternative if you cannot get the QNB card but it has high fees on every operation and the customer support is not reliable at all.

    Hope it helps anyone still struggling!

    1. Hello Maged, Firstly thank you for sharing you’re experience,

      I have a couple of questions if you don’t mind, can i receive payments from paypal with QNB?

      and can i use a debit card or credit card or do both work?

      It would help a lot if you could answer this🙏

  23. Susan Møllerskov

    I am in Denmark trying to send money to a friend in Egypt who has just set up a paypal account. I keep getting an error message that Paypal cannot send the payment right now. When I try to send to other people both in and outside of Denmark, I do not get that message.
    My friend says Paypal does not accept his card, but I understood that Paypal would still go ahead and start to send the payment even if the recipient doesn’t have a paypal account. They would just hold it until an account is set up to receive it.
    But since my friend had just set up an account and hasn’t been able to get it verified with a card, would that be the cause of not being able to even send the payment?

  24. Hi thanks a lot for the info it is great and rare, i have a master card from CIB and you mentioned in the other article (not here) that mastercard does not work in receiving money from paypal it has to be electron card ? can you please advise/clarify ? do i have to go to another bank and get another credit card as all my history and account and transactions has been with CIB for a while

  25. Hello,
    I think all the banks stopped accepting paypal money withdraw to credit cards, I have tried 3 different cards and they were all declined, and when I called paypal they said bank declined the transaction, do you have any information?

  26. Can you tell me where’s your credit card from? Which bank i mean?
    I have a Visa Credit Card from Banque Du Caire and Paypal can’t accept the card!
    Can you please help me? Thanks in advance.

    1. Dahlia,
      Thanks for your comment,

      I’m not sure why PayPal is not accepting your VISA CREDIT CARD from Banque Du Caire as it should work as long as it’s a credit card and VISA ! I’m using National Bank of Egypt (Al-Ahly Bank) for a classic Visa Credit Card and it’s working perfectly.

      Hope that helps.

      1. hello sorry to bother you , but i really don’t know who else to ask ^^; i haven’t made the credit card yet ,i use the same bank as you,i just wanted to ask how do we contact the bank to get the amount charged by PayPal so i can Verify the account ?
        and does the ATM card they give us work or do i have to make a credit card,because it need us to pay monthly fee to have a credit card… i think !! i’m not sure about this ,and bank employees are no help at all! but someone told me the ATM card works ,it’s says “master card” on it ,so i would really appreciate any help,thank you

        1. Thanks for your comment.

          Well, Mastercard Cards won’t work on PayPal to receive funds via it. The only working card is of VISA-type. Have you checked DixiPay PrePaid Card? It will help you to verify and use your PayPal account with ease and hassle-free without the need to create a credit card or dealing with banks at all.


  27. Can you please help !! If i have to send money to U.S. And its my first time to use it what are the steps that i have to follow?

  28. Shareef Abd Elrazak

    I have a PayPal account and have linked a Dixipay prepaid Visa card to it. I am however unable to receive funds. Every time someone attempts to send me a payment they are unable to. I activated the account in 2015 using this QNB Debit card, and I know that is not eligible for withdrawal and this card has since expired which is why I linked it to my DixiPay card and verified it. I wonder what the issue is as I need to receive the payments. Do you have any ideas?

  29. Do you think it would be a good idea to use a USA PayPal account from Auction Essistance to avoid some of the restrictions in Egypt?

    1. Although it seems legitimate, I won’t AT ALL recommend using sites like Auction Essistance to open fake PayPal accounts. I’ve been using PayPal Egypt for almost a year now, and I extremely happy with the service and the outcome.

  30. Hello karim ,
    Well my comment will be abit long so i hope u dont sweat too early …
    I own a small business and i used to sell in amazon few years back and i also have an ecommerce website . The past few years i used to withdraw my funds thru my friend’s paypal based in the UK . Lately , i started to sell in egypt as well and i’ve made another ecommerce website to expand my values so i decided to make my own paypal here in egypt as well. Cut the long story short > i created a paypal business account , verified my e-mail , i got a credit card from NBA bank issued in egypt and i paid a deposit of 7000 EGP , verified my card with th 4digits etc . Congratulations now you can receive funds from anywhere ! paypal said. Now when i open my withdraw limit i see -$0.01 USD . This absolutely made me jump , is that really the amount i can withdraw per day ? LOL . Well i’ve red your post completely and i know that you’ve included this in your article and you said that its not a problem at all and i hope you’re right so yea thats my first question . Is it really no problem to see this withdrawing limit ?

    My second question is : Can i get the option in my website to accept funds from visa or credit cards to my paypal from the ” non -paypal users ” without having them to sign up for a paypal account ? . For example , when you go to my website & click add to cart and then you get redirected to paypal payment page , can i activate the option which says (dont have a paypal ? pay with credit card ) . Because i’ve tried to activate this option many times but it seems not available in website preference settings for paypal in egypt and yes i’ve tried to make a sandbox paypal test account for it .

    Thank you for reading all that lot and being helpful to all peeps.

  31. Thanks for this valuable info. Can I use a debit card for withdrawing from paypal? I am in the process of getting a debit card from UNB. I have read that only credit cards can withdraw from paypal though it is stated on paypal that you can either use a debit or credit card.

    1. Hala,
      Thanks for your comment,

      Please be noted that Debit Cards WON’T work to withdraw your earnings from PayPal. I would recommend using a VISA Credit Card instead. And it should work perfectly for you.

      Happy to help,

  32. Hi karim,
    Thank you for your helpful article,
    I opened an american PayPal account, and I activate it by payoneer Us bank account, and I revived some money on it, However before I withdraw the money to the bank account , the account stopped working and , it is limited know, What can I do to get my money, Please help.

    1. Khaled,
      Have you opened an American PayPal account from Egypt? Please be noted that PayPal won’t work using the Payoneer US virtual bank account service. And I think this was the reason why you’re account has been suspended.

      I would say it’s better to contact PayPal support for more details about how to restore your account’s active status.


  33. Hey karim how’s is it going i got a huge problem that i have been trying to solve for months!!! and im hoping that you will be the key to my misery i got a big balance on my paypal account and i cant withdraw it because im 18 and i cant open summit for a credit card to receive my money on so i heard about the Pre-Paid VISA Electron and when i tried to add it was blocked do you get a solution for me ?

    1. Monzer,
      Thanks for your comment,

      I would recommend using Dixipay Prepaid Visa Card. It will allow you easily to withdraw your PayPal balance in USD to your card, then you can use it via any ATM to receive your money. It’s pretty straightforward.

      Let me know shall you require any further assistance,
      Happy to help!

  34. Hello Karim

    Thanks for your post, i wanted to ask you about what is needed to open NBE credit card ? any special requirements and what is the fees to open it ?

    Thanks in advance

  35. hey karim
    i just send a message and i cant find a reply in my email so can u please answer te message or if i contact u on facebook or something, that would help alot

  36. Hi Karim,
    I found this while I am searching and it is very helpful, Thank you for the efforts. Now I’ve got my Dixicard Visa card and activated my PayPal account. I tried to withdraw 30$ from but process failed and they send me an email and highlight that “Note that PayPal does not allow withdrawals to Egypt unless the account has the “Auto Sweep” feature turned on. Please ensure the “Auto Sweep” feature is enabled in your PayPal account.” . I contacted Paypal and no reply yet. I appreciate if you can help with that.
    Another question, I am comparing Dixipay and Payoneer, which has lower rates. as for and they recommend Payoneer to avoid third party charges (Paypal) but on the other hand, there will be currency exchange fees at local bank ATM which is not announced. While for Dixipay, there will be accumulated charges (Paypal charges + Dixipay charges). It would be great if you can give me your advice too. Thanks

  37. I need to know which bank is using paypal since i m a freelancer and i need to recive the money by USD as the company i m working on now will send to me the salary with USD

  38. Great article Karim,

    I face problem in my withdraw from paypal,
    I have one card credit card (MasterCard) from NBE, and another card Depit-card (VISA) from ABK,
    both are connected and verified with my paypal account, the only option to withdraw from my account to cards is Depit-card (VISA), and the bank not accepted that
    I see that paypal only withdraw to VISA cards only (don’t know why that!!)
    what should I do to can withdraw without problem (TESTED method)?

    1. Eshak Ezzat,
      Thanks a lot for your comment,

      Well. The proven tested method is to use a credit card (VISA) issued from the NBE and it should work perfectly without any issues. Another good solution is to use DixiPay card. Both suggestions are working very well.

      Let me know how it will go,

  39. I have created a paypal account and everytime I write the shipping address which is in the States the word مصر appears and the transaction stops. I do not know what to do. I need your phone number to call you. Thanks

    1. Mona,
      Thanks for reaching out,

      So sorry to hear about your experience with setting up an account with PayPal. I would say there might be an issue with your browser or so, Would you give it a try from another browser (Chrome for example) or even from another device?

      Feel free to shoot me an email at shall you require any further assistance.

      Happy to help,



  41. Hello Again Karim,

    I think there is a problem now in issuing a credit card from a local bank in Egypt.
    I’ve checked QNB and CIB and they are telling me that the credit card can be issued guaranteed by a number of deposit certificate BUT you will not be able to use it in international transactions online until one year passes ! (so it’s not useful now) .. They are telling me that these are new rules applied from a month or 2.

    I don’t know if any other banks have these rules or not. But if you know any further details please let me know!

    I also heard about opening an USD saving account with a minimum of 500$ and it can be used online with Debit Card and linked to Paypal. I don’t know if this is applicable. How can use Debit Card online and many stores does not accept it. Also I think Paypal cannot be linked via Debit Card.

    Correct me if I’m Wrong.
    Btw thank you for your awesome blog, It is really INSPIRING!

    1. Maged,
      I’m so sorry to hear about your experience with QNB & CIB.

      The following cards are working with PayPal very well: Classic Credit Card (NBE) – DixiPay Card – Visa Electron (QNB) – Prepaid Card (Egypt Post). I’m not pretty sure about the USD bank account, but I would recommend that you try using the above options. DixiPay is a promising option too, worth giving it a try.

      Always here to help,

      1. Hello

        I was thinking about opening a USD bank account in CIB and link it to paypal through its debit card

        So, could you explain why you aren’t recommend this solution?

        Thanks for your very usefull and updated information

  42. Hi, do I need to have a bank account to issue a credit card ?? And an Egyptian credit card will work now on PayPal to withdraw money or it is just dixipay that is available now?! Can you please tell me the easiest way for me to withdraw my money from PayPal in case I don’t have a bank account or dixipay card??

    1. Marwa,
      Thanks for your comment,

      In order to get a credit card issued from a local bank in Egypt, it should be guaranteed by a number of deposit certificates. For example, If you made deposit certificates for 7,000 EGP, you should be able to receive a credit card with a 5,600 EGP (80%) limit.

      Egyptian Credit cards are a perfect way to withdraw your money from PayPal Egypt. DixiPay is another good solution, but the fact is that it comes with multiple fees included with each transaction and each ATM withdrawal.

      Please let me know shall I can be of any further assistance,

  43. Paypal & Egypt has been always a dilemma due to Egypt’s shady financial system and PayPal zero tolerance restrictions. But your article cleared this dilemma, I think I will encourage clients to start using Paypal as an optional Payment method to accept payments on their websites.
    Thank you for the detailed information Karim. Blog more!

    1. Amr, Thanks for your comment.

      I’m so glad it turned to be useful. PayPal is currently expanding in the Arab countries and the middle east which I think will be a good push to the Arab Online businesses. I’ve been using them for a couple of months now and I’m very satisfied with their services and their customer support.

      All the best!

  44. So what is the available solution now to withdraw my money from PayPal? I heard that the Central Bank in Egypt ceased the transactions held by Electronic Banks like PayPal, Is it right? How about DixiPay? Thanks a lot for all your efforts Karim.

    [Translated From Arabic]

    1. Islam,

      Thanks so much for your comment.
      It was my pleasure to speak with you on the phone about it.

      Once more, You still can withdraw your available balance from PayPal Egypt to your Local Credit Card without any problems. DixiPay is another great solution and many Egyptians reported that it’s working perfectly for them.

      Please let me know if you still have any further questions or inquiries. I would love to help you further.


  45. Maged,

    I believe so. Since you’ve got a verified PayPal account, You should be able to receive payments without any issues. Furthermore, You should be able to withdraw these payments to your Pre-Paid card.

    I would also say try to contact PayPal customer support. They’re seriously helpful and willing to walk the extra mile to help you out. Plus, They’ve Arabic staff to talk to you which is really awesome.

    Feel free to shoot me an email shall I can be of any further assistance.
    All the best for you and your business.


  46. Thanks very much for this information,
    I have a question, If I have a Paypal account, Can I receive money on it without adding a credit card ?
    I mean that these money will be on the Paypal balance until I add a credit card to withdraw them. Is it possible? or I have to add a credit card first.
    Thanks again.
    Note that I tried before to receive money from someone but I didn’t succeed!

    1. Thanks Maged for your comment,

      Please be noted that you need to get your Paypal account verified first before being able to receive payments onto it. As a part of this verification process, Paypal is charging your credit card a small fee, and then refunding it back as a credit balance.

      They want to make sure you’re a real person, and this process is verifying you. So my answer is Yes! You will need to get your card added in order to be able to get the Paypal full range of services. as a verified member.

      All the best,
      And Good Luck..

      1. Thanks for your instant reply.

        I just found it’s already verified as I added a Prepaid card to it earlier this year (but not credit) and I got 1.5$ balance after adding it.

        Now I can receive money without adding extra Credit card, correct me if I don’t get it?


  47. Hi Karim,

    Thank you for this very useful post.
    I have my Paypal Egypt account linked to a visa credit card issued by an Egyptian bank. I have a query you may be able to help with:
    If my Paypal balance is higher than my credit card balance and/or limit, can I still transfer the whole Paypal balance in one transaction without the card being blocked by the bank? I tried asking the bank but they seem to have a different answer depending on who I speak to, so not very reliable.
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for your comment.

      I have a credit card with NBE. A couple of months ago, I tried to withdraw an amount from Paypal which was actually greater than my credit card limit. And yeah it worked fine.

      I remember that I asked one of their staff previously about such a case, and they reassured me that it should work very fine as long as it’s not too much over the card limit. They didn’t say it clearly but he mentioned something like a few Thousands over the limit should be fine.

      Thanks again,
      and Yeah welcome to Growcheap.
      Keep tuned for updates!

  48. Kareem ,

    What are the Paypal limits to pay from Egypt now in USD from an EGP currency Depit card !? , I want to send 700 USD from an EGP card . is that possible now ?

    1. Hello,
      Thanks for your comment.

      It should be possible, however It still varies according to your card and the bank. It’s better to use a credit card instead of a debit one as instructed by paypal.

      Also, I would recommend that you give it a try and see whether there will be any associated limits. If any, feel free to contact the paypal support staff. They’re so helpful and seriously willing to help their customers. In less than 24 hours after I place any support ticket, they call me to discuss the issue further and make sure I’m 100% satisfied. Great Support A+

      Good Luck,

  49. How high is the fee of such a PayPal-CreditCard withdrawal for example at an ATM in Alexandria, if the currency of the money on my PayPal account is Euro?
    Many regards

    1. Hello,
      Thanks for your comment.

      Paypal charges $5 USD for each withdrawal from your paypal balance over to your credit card. For example, If you withdrawn $200 from your PayPal balance to your card, the net amount you receive will be $195.

      Alternatively, You can keep the balance and PayPal will withdraw any remaining balance in your account to your credit card free of charge by the end of each month.

      Since your account’s currency is Euro, I believe the fee will be around 4 – 5 Euros. If you prefer, You can change your account’s currency to USD by heading to: PayPal Balance in your account’s Dashboard > Manage Currencies.


      1. dear karim,
        paypal doesn’t allow Egyptian paypal users to use their paypal balance instead it makes us use our crad’s money or bank. is there any way to solve this problem ?

        1. Hello,
          Thanks for your comment,

          I called the PayPal customer support about this few days ago and they informed me that it’s not yet available for Egyptian users to use their PayPal balance to pay invoices or send money to others. Instead they can withdraw it to their credit card then pay from the credit card directly.

          The PayPal Staff member mentioned that this is usual when PayPal opens in a new country. It go via phases, and they continuously improving their services to the Egyptian users to enjoy the most out of PayPal.


        2. Hello Karim,

          Thanks for the help you are offering. You’re doing a great job.

          I read your reply to that question asking about if online purchasing is allowed in Egypt using one’s PayPal credit and apparently this option still not available.

          Although it seems like there’s a PayPal limit of $350,- per month to transfer from PayPal balance to my credit card to be able to withdraw it in cash. Do you have any idea why is that? And is this limitation is set by PayPal or by my bank?

          Another thing, I’m a German citizen living in Kairo, do you think that makes a difference? To be specific, do you think there are more limitations considering my Egyptian bank account?

          Thanks a lot for your time, and help.

          M. Hummel

      2. Thank you very much for your quick response. 🙂
        So, if I understand you correctly: the amount of Euros on my PayPal account will be transferred for free at the end of each month to my Egyptian (Visa) credit card account? And the whole amount of Euros will also be exchanged into Egyptian Pounds then? And the used exchange rate for this monthly transaction will hopefully also be strongly influenced by the actual currency exchange rate of that day or month?

        Many regards,

        1. Hello,
          Since your credit card has been issued from a local bank in Egypt, then YES, you understand it correctly now.

          Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance. Always here to help.


          1. Hello Karim,
            May i know which bank are you dealing with? (If you ever withdrew money from Paypal to your visa credit card), and does that bank still, to this day, allows Paypal withdrawals to your credit card?
            Thanks so much in advance.

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