Payoneer Egypt: Get Paid Online + Free $25 Bonus!

Since I’m considering myself as an online digital nomad, how to get paid was an important question for me since ever. The reason behind it is that I’m not based on a first-world country where I can easily open an Authorize.Net or a Stripe account and get paid via them with ease. Payoneer Egypt has simplified the debate of how to get paid online!

Recently, PayPal offered their full services to send and receive money online for Egyptian users, though you cannot withdraw your PayPal funds to your bank account. The only option left available is to withdraw your PayPal funds over to your Credit Card.

This option works perfectly for me; however, what if there could be another parallel option allows withdrawals to my bank account directly?

A few months ago, I got introduced to an efficient payment processor that allowed me to transfer my online funds over to my local bank account in Egypt. This payment processor I’m talking about is Payoneer.

I’m not saying that Payoneer allows you to transfer your PayPal funds over to your local bank; however, it offers an alternative parallel way to get paid online. I’m using both services PayPal, and Payoneer separately based on the client’s preferences and the job’s needs.

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What is Payoneer?

Payoneer is an alternative online payment method, or you can call it your online banking friend. It allows you to get paid online from clients, and gives you access to your funds via the ability to withdraw your money to your local bank account.

What’s seriously amazed me about this cool service is that it gives you $25 USD bonus credit upon signing up and verifying your account with them!

It also gives you the option to receive a Payoneer ATM card delivered (FREE) to your local address. This card is linked to your account, and can be used to access your available funds as if a real bank account with a debit card provided!

Payoneer Egypt: How Can I Get Paid?

Payoneer Egypt is mainly delivering its services for those online digital nomads who are not from the main top first world countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada, etc.

The idea behind it is that once you create an account with them, and verifying it with a government issued ID or a valid passport, it instantly gives you the access to a virtual US or EU Bank account with a valid account number and a routing number.

Not just that! Payoneer Egypt also gives you the option to receive an ATM MasterCard (FREE) to access your available funds. Once the money has been loaded to your account, you can use the card to withdraw the funds from any ATM around the world.

Isn’t it seriously amazing!

This way you’re ready to get paid via Bank Transfers from US-based companies or clients with ease. Fortunately, Payoneer is available in most of the countries where PayPal is not available or available with limitations including Asian and Middle Eastern based counties.


Who Can Pay Me via Payoneer Egypt?

It works totally different than how PayPal works. It doesn’t allow sending and receiving money from one account to another or connecting PayPal to your website to work as a payment gateway.

Payments via Payoneer Egypt have to be for some kind of work conducted between you and your client. It has been specifically designed for online nomads and freelancers. It allows them to receive bank transfers and online payments from companies, clients, marketplaces, etc.

As a breakdown, let me go over who can pay you via Payoneer Egypt within the following list:

  1. Overseas Clients: If you’re like me a freelancer working with different clients and companies over the internet, figuring out how to get paid easily is a tough debate. With Payoneer, all you need to do is to create an invoice via your account and send it to your clients. Once the invoice has been paid, Your account will be loaded up with the money paid. Congratulations, it was that easy to get paid!
  2. Companies: Payoneer Egypt allows you to get paid as if you have US, UK, or EU bank accounts with complete access t account number, routing number, etc. So if you’re working for a company, while you’re living in a different country. It is your banking friend to get paid easily by giving you access to virtual bank accounts that works like a charm!
  1. Online Marketplaces: If you’re a freelancer chose UpWork, Fiverr, 99Designs, or any other online marketplaces, then Payoneer Egypt is an optimal way to get paid from these global marketplaces.
  1. Amazon Associates: I’m using Amazon Associates for a couple of our blogs to recommend certain products we’re using. It is a perfect sync tool to get paid via Amazon Associates. All you need to do is to choose the US Bank Transfer withdrawal method, and then add your virtual personal US bank account provided by Payoneer Egypt and Viola!

This is why it is perfect for getting paid online. It gives you an access to a virtual bank account as if it’s your personal US, UK, or EU account to get paid with direct deposits. Whatever you’re doing on the internet, Payoneer Egypt simplified how to get paid with ease.

Furthermore, You can use Payoneer to get paid from the following companies and websites:

  • Amazon Associates
  • Infolinks
  • 99 designs
  • ClickBank.
  • Truelancer
  • eBay
  • Elance
  • GetttyImages
  • Groupon
  • UpWork
  • People Per Hour
  • and many other companies!

Payoneer Card Fees:

Talking fees, Let me share with you what I’m paying so far:

Sign up: FREE
Yearly Registration Fee: around $29.95
Loading ATM Card Fee: ranges from $1.00 – $5.00
ATM Withdrawals Fee: ranges from $1.00 – $5.00

Get a Payoneer Account:
(+ Free $25 USD Bonus Credit)

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Are looking to start making money online? Did you already make money but wonder how to withdraw them to your local bank account? Are you looking for an instant access to your money via an ATM Master Card to withdraw your online earnings from anywhere in the world with ease?

Then, you don’t have to look further. Payoneer Egypt has simplified the process of getting paid online especially for those who are Non-US Residents. All you need to do is go ahead and sign up for an account with them.

One of the great things about Payoneer Egypt is that if you got referred by someone who already has an account and using it, you’ll be eligible to receive $25 bonus on your first earned $100 onto your account.

Don’t postpone it any longer!


10 thoughts on “Payoneer Egypt: Get Paid Online + Free $25 Bonus!”

  1. Hi Ayham.
    Were you able to open a payonner account without having an actual bank account?
    This is something, I definitely need at the moment.
    Ant advice would be great!
    Thanks alot.


  2. Hi Karim!
    Thanks for sharing such a useful information .
    I just got my payoneer MasterCard today and I want to know which ATM I’m supposed to use to withdraw my funds as my card currency is in USD .
    Would you please guide me ?
    Thanks in advance!

  3. Hello Karim,

    Thank you for this helpful post first of all. Secondly, is it possible that someone sends me money from a certain website in dollars to this Payoneer bank account and I then withdraw it to my local Egyptian bank account? With no issues?
    And upon creating the Payoneer bank account, when would I receive my Payoneer MasterCard?
    Also, is it possible that I email you directly? As I still need to ask for more details that can’t be shared here.
    Thanks in advance.

  4. Dear Karim, thank you for the explanation on how payoneer works. This site is extremely helpful considering our banking regulations in egypt. My question is as follows : to request a card i have to have at least 30$ in my account i am having problems depositing money in my account is the another way to deposit the first amount other than going to the bank and requesting a transfer to my us bank accout “payoneer”
    Thank you

  5. Hi Kareem..
    I have been reading many of your useful articles here for more than three hours now,,, yeh, three hours without a stop! And you are the one to be thanked in real…

    Where would you like to have your shisha next Frieday?

    to my dilemma.

    As a Syrian citizen living in Egypt with legal touring visa, I am not qualified for any bank account with any bank in Egypt, not even a prepaid debit card:They are too demanding. Employing with the army sounds easier than all these paper the banks request!

    Hence, I was recommended by one of my relatives who was in Turkey to check Payoneer. My relative had actually been able to get his plastic Payoneer ATM card delivered for free to his address in Turkey and without him having any real bank account in anywhere. Yet, to me, when I came to register with Payoneer past week, they requested me to provide a bank account information, which obviously I did’t have, and which more obviously if I did, I wouldn’t be chasing a Payoneer account or any other third party service.

    So, do you have any idea or help for me regarding this point? Do I really need to have a bank account in order to be able to signup for an account with Payoneer?

    My relative still insists that it doesn’t need a bank account to register an account with Payoneer and get your ATM Card delivered to door for free; he finds it so strange that I’m being requested for a real Bank Account.

    anyway… he has been taken to Canada by an NGO and he received great amazing support from both the NGO and the government; he no more needs any of these workarounds of us unlucky Middle-Eastern. He can do whatever he wants, today… He’s luckier than me, I guess.


  6. If I have a US bank account in Egypt… can I get the money transfered by Payoneer to this bank account ? Or it has to convert the dollars to EGP and transfer them to an eguptian bank account since i am an Egypt redident? And If it does allow dollars transfer without conversion would the fees be higher?

    1. Yes, You should be able to withdraw money from Payoneer to your USD bank account in Egypt in US Dollars.
      As for Payoneer Fees, They charge a withdrawal fee along with their annual fee of $29.

  7. Hi Karim, I just gave Payoneer a try. Everything was good until I tried to receive money from an individual outside the US. But Payoneer doesn’t allow me to select individual as a payment request option, also, doesn’t allow to change country other than the US. I contacted their customer support and they said they have usage restrictions for Egyptian customers, as they are allowed to deal with companies in US or partner companies such as and .. etc. A result, it will not be a 100% as Paypal Egypt.

  8. Yes, Poyoneer could work good for some but it would be nice to talk on fees as they are not low. There are fees to load a card (plus a currency conversion/cross border fee), withdraw money at ATM and as I know there is annual fee. But the worst thing about Payoneer is that they HIDE fees from you – you must have an account to access the pricing and fees information.

    1. Jack,
      Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts about payoneer.

      You’re right, their prices may seem a little bit hefty but considering the service they offer I think prices are too reasonable and affordable. Since I’m a non-us alien, I had limited options to get paid online, until paypal recently opened it’s doors to egyptian users.

      Payoneer is my second option to get paid online and get money transferred right to my local bank account with ease. so frankly, payoneer solved the myth and thus their fees are very acceptable to me and many others!

      Talking fees, Let me share with you what I’m paying so far:
      Sign up: FREE
      Yearly Registration Fee: around $29.95
      Loading ATM Card Fee: ranges from $1.00 – $5.00
      ATM Withdrawals Fee: ranges from $1.00 – $5.00

      So all in all, for example if I got a sale of $300 from my client, then I will receive them around $290 (in the worst case) to my ATM MasterCard. I think it’s not that bad facing the truth that it seriously solved the myth for mme and many others.

      Looking forward to hear back from you,

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