MyThemeShop Affiliate Program: Learn How I Made $525

It has been almost 6 months now since I started to affiliate with MyThemeShop Affiliate Program, One of the high paying affiliate programs. I’m very happy with the program quality and the associated earnings potential. I made $525 and counting..

In this article today, I’m going to show you how I made $525 with MyThemeShop Affiliate Program. And how you can do too. I will also show you a couple snapshots from my affiliate account as an income proof.

MyThemeShop is the high paying affiliate programs for WordPress themes and plugins. They are serving 355,909 happy clients till this current moment. They’re offering 109 premium themes and 27 plugins that are made for your website prosperity.

These numbers are just prooving one thing; Their products are super cool with strong landing pages and calls to action. All these facts are making your mission a lot easier to make more sales and accordingly more money via MyThemeShop Affiliate Program.

What If I told you that your affiliate commission is a whooping 70%? Yes, That’s REAL. So when you make a WordPress theme sale at $59, Your commission is $41.30. Isn’t it really awesome?

Before going any further, let me share with you my earnings from MyThemeShop Affiliate Program over the past 6 months:

MyThemeShop Affiliate Earnings

Furthermore, Let me share with you my recent MyThemeShop Affiliate Payment below:

MyThemeShop Affiliate Payment (My Income Proof)

The above screenshot is from my PayPal account and it’s for REAL. I made that amount money by one month. Every month I make good money from that one affiliate program. And you can make it too.

In this post, I will reveal the secrets of MyThemeShop Affiliate Program and How you can us it to make an additional passive income stream onto your bank account. Let’s dig deeper into MyThemeShop, One of the most high paying affiliate programs.

Join MyThemeShop Affiliate Program

MyThemeShop Affiliate Program Benefits:

MyThemeShop Affiliate Program

Okay, So I will assume that you’re interested to make more money. Let me dig deeper into MyThemeShop Affiliate Program benefits and features to show you how lucrative it is.

I’m sure you will love it for the following reasons:

  • Flat 70% Commission: That’s for real. When you make a single WordPress theme sale at $59, Your commission is $41.30. See how lucrative it is?
  • No Minimum Payount: It means that you don’t have to make a specific number of sales or to reach a specific threshold to withdraw your earnings. If you just made one sale in a month, you still got paid for that one sale commission.
  • Up To 60 Days Return Cookie: That is a real GEM. If your visitor clicked your link today and made the purchase within 60 days later, you still qualify to earn the referral commission. That’s a strong guarantee that you got paid for sending them leads.
  • 2nd Tier Lifetime Affiliate Program: Even referring affiliates will earn you more money. You will basically earn 10% of your referred affiliate earnings for lifetime. Let’s say your referred affiliate made $100 in a month, Your passive commission for that month is $10. Not bad at all, Right?
  • High Conversion & Strong Sales Funnel: That’s what MyThemeShop has been known for. Their website and sales pages are optimized for the highest conversions. I’ve seen up to 3% conversion rate with them which I think is so awesome in comparison to other affiliate programs.

Join MyThemeShop Affiliate Program

How To Make $1,770 a Month With MyThemeShop Affiliate Program?

Here, Let me show you how it is possible to make up to $1,770 a month with MyThemeShop affiliate program. The following math has been calculated as if you’re generating 2 single theme sales per day.

High Paying WordPress Affiliate That Coverts @ MyThemeShop

I’m saying that if you’re making only one sale per day at $59 (with 10% Discount), your total commissions in 30 days will be $1,770. See? Even with one daily sale, your potential earnings is relatively high.

Please be noted that it’s not a get rich quick model. It will take time until you’re able to make one daily sale. So my advice is do not expect so much earnings right from the beginning.

It will take more and more time before you reach that level of earnings. Only work hard for it 🙂

How To Promote MyThemeShop Products?

I would say the best way to promote affiliate offers is to start a blog and work hard for generating more traffic to it. Simply, More traffic to your site means more sales.

Furthemore, let me share with you how you can promote MyThemeShop products in order to make more sales and more affiliate earnings:

  • Write a Review: I would say give their products a try and write a review about your experience with them. Make sure to outline why it’s important to claim the affiliate offer and use their WordPress products. As an example, You can check my MyThemeShop Review here: MyThemeShop: Blazing Fast Loading WordPress Themes
  • Write a Listing Article: This is the commonest type of posts and luckily they’re the most profitable. All you need to do is to create a blog post listing and reviewing MyThemeShop themes and plugins. Such articles are receiving a good traffic from search engines and potentially will make you more sales.
  • Promote on Social Media: This method is profitable too. Spread your MyThemeShop affiliate links on different social media platforms. Interact with potential clients and help them out by recommending the perfect WordPress themes and plugins for their sites.
  • Use Banners & Graphics: MyThemeShop is offering it’s affiliates tons of banners and graphics which you can use on your promoting assets to initiate more sales. I would say combine these graphics with the above mentioned methods to get the ultimate exposure for your affiliate offerings.

I hope it’s clear now. I made sure to include different ways on how to promote MyThemeShop Products and how you can initiate more sales and reach $1,770 a month from MyThemeShop Affiliate Program.

Join MyThemeShop Affiliate Program

How To Join MyThemeShop Affiliate Program?


All you need to do at this point now is to join MyThemeShop affiliate program and start making money. Make sure to follow the steps below in order to get started:

  • Go to MyThemeShop Affiliate Program page.
  • Click on “Signup” on the top bar.
  • Enter your First Name, Email Address, & click “Sign Up“.
  • Confirm your Email Address and Login to your account.
  • Congratulations, You’re ready to make money!

That was it, You’re now a MyThemeShop affiliate and your account is ready to make money. The first thing to do after logging in to your account is to set up you payment method.

Go to Affiliate Info > Payout Method. Choose your country, add your PayPal account, and click “Save”.

And you’re all set.

High Paying Affiliate Programs:

Affiliate marketing is very lucratie. Although it’s not kind of getting rich quick scheme, your earning potential is increasing every day. My ultimate recommendation here is to start blogging right today and start making money online.

Thanks for reading the article. Please let me know in comments below about your experience or if you’ve any inquiries. I would love to help you further.

Also, Do not forget to share this informative article with everyone on social media. 

3 thoughts on “MyThemeShop Affiliate Program: Learn How I Made $525”

  1. Hi Karim,

    Great stuff about MyThemeShop affiliate program.

    I recently signed up with them and have been able to generate a few sales. I like their generous commission rate and the fact that they have no minimum payout restrictions.

    Also, MTS products are of the highest quality so it’s easy to recommend them.

    1. Thanks for your comment.
      I totally agree with you! MTS is a leading provider with high quality products that sell like doughnuts.
      And we affiliates can easily spread the word and help people out getting a decent WordPress site.

  2. I already using ‘Newspaper’ theme from themeforest for my blog.
    It has impressive design and Very easy to use, especially for newbies whose don’t familiar with coding.
    The best part is, now I will start to promote theme forest affiliate program and get another passive income through my blog post.
    Thank you for the inspiration and all the best.

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