Affiliate Marketing Success Rate: Does it Really Work?

Have you ever thought about making online passive income? Everyone would be happy to earn while sleeping, traveling, or even not doing anything. Is affiliate marketing worth it really? What is the affiliate marketing success rate? And does it really work anymore?

Most bloggers make money online through affiliate marketing. The whole thing looks easy and achievable. As much as making passive income may seem like easy money, it has never been easy without significant efforts.

In this article, I’m covering it in detail. Starting from the “Affiliate Marketing success rate” definition all the way down to “how to make affiliate commission”. It’s all based on top marketers’ tips and insights. So follow a long.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Basically, Affiliate marketing means promoting other people’s products for a commission per each sale you generate. Reaching customers can be daunting! And that is where affiliate marketers step in to make money.

Affiliate marketers help companies to promote and sell their products. Most companies would be happy when you help them sell their products. They wouldn’t even mind sharing the profit with you.

There are many ways on how to promote affiliate products. The best way to market a product is to give potential customers detailed information about it. Most bloggers do write product reviews.

For me, I would only recommend reviewing a product that you’ve used yourself. You still can write reviews without trying the product. Yet, It will need thorough research on what customers have got to say about it.

Top Affiliate Marketers:

Don’t take my word for it. In this article, I’m answering the question; Is Affiliate Marketing success rate worth it? Further below, I’m sharing important tips from the world’s top affiliate marketers.

Top affiliate marketers did not just wake up and start promoting products. They have got certain strategies in action for marketing their affiliate products. Below are the top affiliate marketers and their insights about it.


Pat Fynn is a well-known author and blogger at Pat discovered his passion for affiliate marketing at a very tender age. Since then, he started to make a sustainable monthly income.

Pat has got excellent business ethics. And for that, he quickly become a reputable blogger. To be specific, He appreciates two critical rules in affiliate marketing:

Only recommend products you’ve used: It’s better to only recommend products you used of have helped you to achieve something. If the product did not help you, there is a high possibility that won’t find it useful.

Don’t tell customers to directly buy this: Try to find other convincing ways. Show your customers exactly how this product helped you to overcome a certain pain point.

Overall, Pat is making six figures per month via affiliate marketing success rate. It’s pretty doable, but you still need to stick to the general ethics and business honesty. Your customers are always smart, don’t try to fool them!


John Chow is an aged blogger with years of experience. He founded the TTZ Media Incorporation back in 2005. And he is the professional blogger behind

John is a writer, speaker, and blogger. Due to his exceptional skills, he has appeared in radio and TV shows to showcase his skills. His blog is so with more than 200,000 unique visits everyday.

And when it comes to affiliate marketing success rate, John has got many secrets to say about. Here, I’ve tried to compile the most popular tips by John Chow to succeed in affiliate marketing:

Enough Traffic = Better Conversion Rate: You need to have enough traffic to make passive sales. Therefore, you need to make many people visit your website. People who visit should turn into buyers.

Attractive Website Helps: You still need to get an attractive website design along with high-quality content. You should only promote products which offer real value to customers. Don’t just try to sell any product for money!

John is a leading affiliate marketer with a ton of experience. I would really recommend visiting his website and reading his inspiring articles and income reports. You’ll be truly inspired.


Mark Ling is the “King” of Affilorama Marketing Network. Mark is an internet marketing guru, product development, personality development and affiliate marketing.

He also created his 12-week training course called AffilioBlueprint. In his course, he offers steps of how to earn income online through affiliate marketing success rate. His strategies are so simple and beginner-friendly.

Mark teaches people his secrets to make a sustainable income online. Here, I’ve brought his top insights to help you along the way. Let’s see what Mark recommends:

SEO, SEO & SEO: Mark believes that SEO is a huge success opportunity. He always recommends creating a great website design, chooses keywords correctly, and create top-notch content along with on-page optimization.

Like what John Chow mentioned, Traffic equals better conversions. For that, you need to always think how to get noticed. Mark not only mention the above strategies, but also teaches how to do each step via his course.


Affiliate Marketing Success Rate

Ian is the founder of He has got a long journey on affiliate marketing and making money online. His blog primary focus is teaching people what to do and what not to do with affiliate marketing.

Ian is a specialist in PPC Marketing. He started doing this while still in school years ago. He has been featured in “Internet marketing by Real Experts” book.

Accept Criticism: Ian says it clearly. If you won’t accept criticism, then don’t do anything interesting. A strong part on your affiliate marketing career is to accept people opinions and suggestions.

He has also got many treasured advices on internet marketing. He also agrees that marketers should not only market products they know, but also have used themselves. He also encourages marketers to do product extensive research.


Rae is both a blogger and an affiliate marketer. She also audits and writes at the same time. She is the founder of Sugarae. Rae is a viral marketing and SEO guru for two decades until right today.

Her marketing strategies have helped her survive the most challenging and competitive market. She had sufferings in her life. But instead, she decided to defeat them and succeed on her own.

Email Marketing: It’s indeed one of the best ways of making it through affiliate marketing success rate. She thinks that you should start building your mailing list as soon as you start a business. It’s a magnificent way to build an audience.

Along with that, she founded her own agency called “PushFire“. The company specializes in digital advertising services such as; PPC Marketing and Paid Search.


Affiliate Marketing Success Rate by Zac

Zac has a blog called He is also the CEO of MoneyReign. In his blog, he gives tips on how to succeed in life with zero failures.

He made millions of dollars online via affiliate marketing. And that’s what he is after. Zac teaches people how to start blogging and how to make a significant sustainable income online.

With years of experience, Zac managed to put himself as an authority blogger. Many beginners reach out to him for insights and information about affiliate marketing. Furthermore, He has got additional blogs like;

Let’s see what Zac recommends the most in affiliate marketing business:

Black Firday sells well: Zac suggests using email marketing regularly. Furthermore, He says that you should write great blog posts before Black Friday weeks. That sells very well and pays good commissions.

Besides blogging on a regular basis via his different websites, Zac maintains a podcast along with an active Youtube channel. If you’re seeking insights and information, his channels will be the ultimate resources for you.


Shawn is a well-known blogger and one of the successful affiliate marketers. He is also the Co-CEO of the Affiliate Summit. Furthermore, he founded other businesses such as; GreekCast FM podcast and FeedFront Magazine.

Shawn is a remarkable figure in the affiliate marketing world. He spoke across the nation in many summits and conferences. His blog and Youtube Channel has got a significant value for bother newbie and advanced marketers.

Networking matters: Shawn recommends networking as the most-effective marketing Technic. He says that affiliate marketers should network and promote each other’s products for higher conversions.

Shawn writes a blog on affiliate marketing at his Affiliate Tip website. Furthermore, he posts regularly to his Affiliate Tip TV channel on YouTube.


Affiliate Marketing Success Rate

Matthew Woodward is a famous blogger based in UK. His blog is He has worked for more than 40 websites. Matthew has won many awards for his contributions in the affiliate marketing industry.

Matthew is blogging regularly about SEO and Traffic Generation. You can follow and replicate his successes by following his income reports. His blog is – literally – an insightful library to build a business from zero.

From Zero to Hero: Matthew always strengths on how it’s always doable to achieve success. Even when you’re starting from zero. Following Matthew’s tips, you should start blogging as soon as possible. With hard work and dedication you will get to where you want.

And on finding affiliate products t promote, Matthew clears that you can market products that you have used on your blog suc as; Web Hosting, Domains, Image Creator, Website Templates, ..etc.

Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It?

You must have heard stories about the affiliate marketing success rate. Most are featuring naive success. However, that does not mean there are no challenges. Challenges and Hard Work are always there. And you should know that!

Most affiliate marketers struggled on starting their websites from the ground zero. Some even got to lose the traffic because of a Google Penalize.

Over the above list, I’ve included many successful affiliate marketers along with their suggestions. If you follow these mentioned tips, you are likely to go far.

Is affiliate marketing worth it? Yes, It does worth it. And here my reasons why:

  • You can promote as many programs as you wish.
  • There are no cap for maximum earnings. The sky is your limit!
  • You’ve got to develop authority.
  • You can potentially tap into Public Speaking.
  • No Pre-Investments required to Start Blogging.
  • A global marketplace with tons of products to promote.
  • With growing traffic, you can make money 24/7.
  • No operating costs Required.

Affiliate marketing success rate programs enable you to create measurable results for your affiliate marketing campaigns. This will help you to predict future outcomes along with developing advanced marketing skills.

Affiliate Marketing Success Rate

While many bloggers and internet marketers are showy about it. It’s not an easy mission to promote other’s product. The whole game is about generating targeted traffic. An a fraction would likely convert.

While it does worth the effort and could potentially pay off. Affiliate marketing requires time, efforts and time. But the prettiest thing here; you’ve got no responsibility on the product manufacturing or delivery.

Basically, you’re connecting buyers to sellers and make commissions hand over feast. Affiliate marketing can cost you some money to generate leads. Yet, the rate of getting significant losses is comparatively less.

With affiliate marketing, you are less likely to suffer losses since you are marketing other people’s product. In case the products get spoiled or have got any damage, it is the manufacturing companies’ responsibility.

Is Affiliate marketing hard? Yes, it is. And here is why:

  • It’s sporadic & may not generate sales regularly!
  • The industry is very competitive with many marketers.
  • You only get paid per sale for the cookie lifetime.

In simple words, Affiliate marketing is still profitable and could potentially change your life. Everyday, new affiliate programs are launched. And new marketers join. For me, the industry is getting bigger.


As an affiliate marketer, you should treat the affiliate companies as business partners. Without them, you will get nothing to promote. Choose the products wisely and make sure to try them yourself before writing a review.

The greatest tip about affiliate marketing is educating your readers about a particular product and helping them make an informed buying decision.

In closing, Affiliate marketing does worth it. You need to put enough efforts on it and focus on the pain points of your customers. Your mission is ultimately to solve people’s problems and teach them how to defeat their pains.

That was my thorough research and ultimate answer for “Is Affiliate Marketing worth it”. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to share this article with everyone on social media.

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