How To Get Your Blog Noticed: The Ultimate Guideline

Today, I’m sharing my ultimate guideline on how to get your blog noticed. I wrote a new blog post today, Then what? How to get people to read your blog?

I kept asking myself this question every time I hit publish on each new blog post here. Upon expanded research and several trials, I concluded an optimal guideline which I used to follow after publishing a new blog post.

I’m a part-time blogger, and I have a day-to-day job on the other side. It took me such a long time to complete this research and find this optimal step-by-step guideline.

I’ve made a well-organized schedule and an editorial calendar with month-to-month goals and expectations from this blog. I will share with you more about how to setup the schedule for blogging business success later.

At this moment, I’m sharing with you how to get your blog noticed, what to do after hitting publish and how to promote your blog content.

HEY, Don’t have a blog yet? It’s never too late! Starting up today is way better than tomorrow, than next week. All you need for a good start is a hosting account and a domain name. The journey has been simplified, In this guide I’m walking you through how do you start a blog

Below are 25 different ways to do timely-mannered after publishing a new piece of content on your blog. In this guideline, you will get to find what makes a blog popular.

1. Social Media Shares:

promote blog content social media

You hit publish, and your new blog post is online. The first thing to consider at this point is to share this new blog post’s feed on different social media channels.

This will require you to create an account for your blog on each channel, Make it a habit. I will recommend the following channels: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, Path.

I usually prefer and recommend using Jetpack by right from the beginning. The plugin has been developed by WordPress staff and is very popular.

The plugin gives you different tools for enhancing performance, security, and traffic growth via the WordPress powerful cloud system.

Jetpack by includes a powerful tool when it comes to social media sharing. The tool is called Publicize. It will help you not only to publish content on the social media networks but also automate the whole process.

As another alternative for a professional social media posting automation, I recommend using the amazing tool ViralTag. By using this tool, you can schedule posts on social media platforms for a week or even a month ahead.

Furthermore, I’ve used this tool myself to triple my Pinterest followers in a week. Make sure you check it out and remember time equals money. Save time and get the whole process scheduled today

Now that you’ve used ViralTag or Publicize to auto-publish your blog posts, so how about spreading the functionality for your blog readers? So that they can as well share the post on their social media channels.

Here, I recommend the #1 most efficient WordPress plugin SumoMe. It contains a wide variety of marketing tools and apps. One of these tools is the Share App.

P.S: Make sure to setup the floating sharing buttons bar via SumoMe, It’s one of the most efficient ways to collect shares and likes on social media from your visitors.

2. Blog Posts Aggregator Sites:

Blog posts aggregator sites or news aggregators are one of the best ways on how to get your blog noticed. Aggregators are similar to the social media sharing, however; it’s dedicated to articles and blog posts.

Exactly Like you, There are tons of people sharing their website’s content. Basically, It’s related to blog posts, news, articles, etc. Aggregator sites are the best strategies on how to bring traffic to your blog.

These directories won’t only drive traffic to you blog, but also will help you connect with influencers in your same niche.

Make sure that your new blog post has been aggregated and indexed on such networks. It’s a must if you’re seriously looking to increase your blog traffic.

There’re tons of such sites to promote blog content, but let me share with you what I like and use frequently:

These bookmarking directories can simply deliver your content to millions of potential viewers. Make it a habit to sharing your posts there. Everytime you publish a new piece of content, go ahead and get it syndicated.

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3. Blogger Communities:

promote blog content blogger communities

Blogger communities allow you to get a direct contact with influencers and other bloggers in the same niche as yours. The target here is to amplify your blog content by getting it in front of a much larger audience.

This is how to get your blog noticed. There’s nothing bad like seeing your new blog post dying before even being read or at least viewed, Isn’t it?

These social clubs will widen your circle and give you better opportunities to promote blog content. I’m a member of and always recommending the following networks:

4. Q/A Networks:

I personally see it a perfect chance to spread awareness to your own brand. What could be better than answering someone’s question with you blog post URL? There are multiple Q/A Channels out there, the most popular one is Quora.

Let’s say you wrote a blog post about how to start your online blog, and you published it. You go to Quora website, and you found out that someone is asking for the easiest way to start a blog.

This is your chance, I mean all you need to do is to reply back to this question with some useful information on starting a blog and at the end include your blog post URL. So If that user wants to find more, he will go over to your site.

Furthermore, Quora is one of those platforms that give you “DoFollow” backlinks when you mention your site URL. This way you will earn a huge SEO boost for your blog rankings.

The quality answers you share, the more views and visits back to your site will occur. Make it a habit too, I’m doing the same thing every time I publish a new post.

I go to the Q/A site, find questions related to my new blog post, write down a trustworthy quality reply and include a link back to my newly published blog post.

I use the following Q/A Sites:

Drag it within your routine checklist for how to get your blog noticed.

For example, I will find 2 relevant recent asked questions on Quora and will write down actual quality valuable answers to these questions with a link back to your blog content at the end.

5. Contribute to Forums:

promote blog content forums

Being an established member on different forums gives you the ability to put in a signature. The signature simply means two or three sentences (could be linked back to your site) published under each post/thread you contribute to this forum.

Prepare a catchy signature linking back to your blog or your blog’s landing page and set it active on your preferred forum. Each time you publish a new post, why not contributing to the forums back for like 1/2 posts each time you put in a new article (maybe on daily basis).

What’s great about Forums is that: Some of them allow sharing links to external sites (like your blog) if relevant to the thread. And what’s really awesome here is that: Many of thos forums are offering “DoFollow” Backlinks. Isn’t it really an amazing chance to boost your site traffic?

Isn’t it really an amazing chance to boost your site traffic?

By doing this, you’re simply driving attention to your blog which will result in more clicks, more views, more traffic, and increased revenue.

I personally would recommend the following top forums to be a part of:

6. Commenting on other blogs:

This strategy couldn’t be overlooked at all. Blog commenting is literally the best free way to promote blog posts.

I made a list of favorite top blogs in my niche. I kept following them on my mobile phone application Feedly. Every time I see new blog post published on these top blogs, I make sure to participate in the comments section.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be on daily basis or every time you publish a new post, but you have to put it into your schedule and do it from time to time. This will simply raise awareness around who’re you and what you’re doing so far on your blog.

This way you are getting to know how to get your blog noticed. Why not including this strategy as well to your routine checklist when you publish a new blog post?

I make sure to comment on the most recent article published on these blogs every time I hit publish. And it really works. Now, Have you got my complete scheme on how to get your blog noticed?

P.S Make sure to add your blog’s URL to the website section while you’re adding the comment. This way you will be having a backlink (NoFollow) to your blog. LEAVE VALUABLE COMMENTS ONLY!

How To Get Your Blog Noticed

How To Get Your Blog Noticed (The Ultimate Guideline) #Blogging #Marketing #SEO

The mission is not yet done by hitting publish. More work needs to be done on how to get your blog noticed on the busy crowded internet.

Above I made sure to share my checklist of what I use to do. You too need to make your own checklist. You need to research it your way to find out what works.

Let me wrap the checklist up for you in a focused and to-the-point way. I hit publish, then I will do the following:

  1. Social Media Shares:
    Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, Path.
  2. Blog Aggregators submission:
    Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious, BlogLovin’, Medium.
  3. Participate in Blogger Communities:
    Triberr, Social Buzz Club.
  4. Answer Questions on Q/A sites:
    Quora, Yahoo Answers, Google Communites.
  5. Contribute to forums:
    DigitalPoint, WebHostingTalk, Worrier Forums, BlackHatWorld,  V7n Forum, SiteOwners forum, Affiliate Marketing forum.
  6. Commenting on Top Blogs.

Furthermore, I would like to share with you other useful articles on ways to promote blog content:

40 Places To Share, Promote And Distribute Your Blog Content – Marko Saric.
– 9 More Steps to Become a Social Media Guru – Ian Anderson Gray,

It’s your turn now to share with me your to-do-checklist when you publish a new post on your blog.

I reply to every single comment published here, so let’s fire up the discussion in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you, See you in Comments!

5 thoughts on “How To Get Your Blog Noticed: The Ultimate Guideline”

  1. Hey Karim,

    I am really enjoying your site. This post helped me to include more things I should be doing for my own blog site
    I really like the checklist. I have already been doing some of the social media automation stuff with buffer but really like the Blog Aggregators idea. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for all of this information – there are a lot of social media and corners of the Internet to promote a blog that I didn’t even know about. My question is.. how do you find to share it to all of them? 🙂 Right now I’m focusing on the main ones (especially Pinterest) but it’s hard to keep up with a marketing schedule!

  3. Hi Karim, I came here from /r/blogging. Thanks for the insight. I’m pretty new to the blog/growth thing, and have been experimenting with a few of your suggestions already. Looking forward to see how the rest goes! Good luck!

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