How Do Bloggers Make Money Online [Case Study]

Blogging has been developed as a vital tool which had gone a long way since its initial appearance in the mid-1990’s. People were experiencing new opportunities in the online world. In today’s article, I will show you how do bloggers make money online and how you can do too.

Blogging was initially a unique source and key platform to spread your valuable personal thoughts, inner feelings, self-perceptions, self-derived ideas and your previous experiences about any event you have attended.

It has been made extremely easy for everyone to become a publisher and publish his own productive materials online with easy to access platforms.

There’s no technical IT knowledge needed to publish your blog.  If you have something to sell, or news to express, just log-in to your blog platform and post your blog entry right away.

How To Start Blogging?

Marketers and entrepreneurs are extremely busy in using blogs for promoting their products and witnessed the usefulness of blogging as a very powerful marketing tool.

There are entrepreneurs which are working from home, and even others who quit their 9 to 5 jobs to dedicate their time to the blogging business.

How to make money with a blog for beginners? It’s never too late! Starting up today is way better than tomorrow, than next week. All you need for a good start is a hosting account and a domain name. The journey has been simplified, In this guide I’m walking you through how to start your very own unique blog in less than 3 minutes.

Blogging made it easy for everyone to reach the public more efficiently. blogging became a necessity for developing a successful marketing strategy for any business’s growth. And today, Let me show you how do bloggers make money online.

Blogs allow you to communicate with customers to interact in products customization by posting their comments. Blogs have become a very popular medium for garnering feedback and researching consumers’ opinions.

Many people have great ideas to start their professional business with blogging. But the question arises in many opportunity seekers’ minds that:

Top Money Making Blogs:

In today’s post, I will illuminate the last question on how to make living from online blogging as the other questions have been well discussed earlier in other posts.

For the sake of understanding the different schemes on how do bloggers make money via their blog, I will mention three of the top bloggers on the internet and how do bloggers make money from their blog.

I will walk you through their online income reports – published on their blogs – and find out with you what are their different sources of income.

The reason behind this post is to give you a list of different opportunities and ideas on how do bloggers make money online? I will discuss the different programs: affiliate programs, selling e-books, teaching courses, ..etc.

Thus, You can see it possible.

And you too can hit the records with your blog!

Before starting, let me make it clear that I made it on purpose to choose a few examples of bloggers who are making around or less than $30k per month from their blog.

I didn’t see it a very good idea to talk about those bloggers who are making over 100k right from the beginning.

As for me personally, I would like to see close examples and put closer targets to reach instead of making high targets right from the beginning.

I don’t like to set dreams with no actual real steps to follow. Instead, I get myself overwhelmed, surprised, and interested, then disappointed that it didn’t work for me!

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ShoutMeLoud | Harsh Agarwal:

harsh-agarwal-shoutmeloud-crop-bloggers-make-moneyBlog Niche: Blogging, & Making Money Online.
Major Income Sources: Own Products, Affiliate Marketing.

The first example I would like to personally talk about is Harsh Agarwal, the man behind ShoutMeLoud.

What really made me surprised about this young guy is that he is a non-us alien who managed to get things working for him since lately back in 2008.

I’m a non-us alien. And I’m into a niche where I can see all the top influencers who are making hit records are based in the United States. It makes me feel sometimes that I need to be there to succeed, however; it’s not at all.

I’m sure that there are a lot of successful bloggers who are not necessarily based in the US and still could make a sustainable passive income via blogging, however; I’m talking about the majority found out there

Something seriously bad happened to Harsh Agarwal years ago that made him dedicate around 14 hours per day working on his computer for around 6 months. During that time he managed to blog, learn new stuff, and contribute further to the internet.

He got his leg broken, and he had been instructed by doctors to stay in bed for longer times for an optimal healing process.

Those 6 months changed his life and made him discover new opportunities online, dedicate some more time to his blog, plant more seeds for the future.

Back to the main lane, Upon checking the latest Income Report for Harsh Agarwal [ June 2016 Income report ], We found out that out of dozens of ways he used to monetize his blog he managed to make $29,659 USD during this month.

Here’s the breakthrough copied from his June 2016 Income report:

  • Affiliate Marketing: $23,535.81
  • Best WordPress Affiliate Programs Referrals: $652.89
  • ElegantThemes Affiliate Program: $534
  • Ahrefs Affiliate Program: $117.38
  • YouZign 2.0: $60.30
  • eBook sales [PRODUCTS] : $267.84
  • AdsOptimal: $100.29
  • VigLink: $30.66
  • NativeAds Direct Ads: $2,000
  • Recovered Affiliate Income: $164.82
  • InfoLinks: $90.97
  • Get Site Control: $12
  • LeadPages: $22.20
  • LongTailPro: $42
  • Clickbank: $456
  • com: $170
  • ShareASale: $1,000
  • AdSense: $466.19

# TOTAL INCOME: $29,659

Aside from depending on his E-Book product [ Affiliate Marketing from A to Z ], I see that Harsh is doing a great job out of the affiliate marketing channels ClickBankCommissionJunction, and ShareASale.

These are affiliate networks which have been made as a meeting point between the publishers and advertisers. I would strongly recommend them if you’re seeking a wide variety of affiliate products and thus a wide range of difference income sources via different products.

I’m sure you get a feel for what generally works for Harsh Agarwal and how he makes his monthly income out of his blogging career at

Your mission now can be looking at the above-mentioned programs and distributed ways to see what may work for you as well. Then you can start implementing the same techniques on your blog. Got Inspired?

Got Inspired?

Just a Girl and Her Blog | Abby Lawson:

abby-justagirlandherblog-crop-bloggers-make-moneyBlog Niche: Blogging, Organization, & Productivity.
Major Income Sources: Own Products, Affiliate Marketing.

Abby is another elegant unique example who managed to get things working for her via here online blog Just a Girl and Her Blog. Back in 2013 she planted her seed and started up her own blog. Let’s see Abby’s

Back in 2013 she planted her seed and started up her own blog. Let’s see Abby’s income report, and How do bloggers make money online.

At this point, she had no point what this blog is going to be all about. It wasn’t very long time for her to catch up with blogging. After a while, she turned it into a full-time business for her and family.

Calling the blog Just a Girl and Her blog, make you feel like she is working on that blog on her own while she’s not.

Her husband is also taking another huge part of the business and they’re together making an ideal partnership getting things working the right way for both of them.

Upon checking their recent Income report [ June 2016 Traffic and Income Report ], She also implemented several sources for income out of her blog that she made a total income: $32,913 in this month June 2016.

Let’s go through the break-through she published on her website and see what may work for you too so you as well can get it rolling:

  • Building a Framework eBook and course [PRODUCT] – $11,362
  • Bluehost [Web Hosting Affiliate] – $7,410 –> How to Start a Blog
  • Ultimate Bundles – $5,359
  • ConvertKit – $1,814
  • AdThrive – $1,674
  • SimplifyeBook – $1,316
  • BookBoss [ PRODUCT ]– $788 –> Build your launch list!
  • Genesis Framework – $706
  • Paperless HomeeBook [ PRODUCT ] – $584
  • Amazon Associates – $508
  • Restored 316 – $260
  • Media Temple [ Web Hosting Affiliate ] – $250
  • 2016 Intentional Life Planner [ PRODUCT ] – $170
  • Make Over Your Evenings / Make Over Your Mornings Affiliate: $164
  • Siteground [ Web Hosting Affiliate ] – $150
  • PicMonkey – $128
  • Pretty Darn Cute Themes – $103
  • Affiliate Income – $45
  • – $47
  • Flywheel Hosting[ Web Hosting Affiliate ] – $45
  • Food Photography School – $30

# TOTAL INCOME: $32,913

At this point and upon checking many other bloggers monthly income reports, I got to include that one of the best monetization methods to get money via blogging is to create your own product.

Abby Lawson created Building a Framework course [ written, plus video ] on how you can start your own blog.

In her product landing page, Abby made it simple that you have no choice but to get highly motivated, inspired, and ready to purchase her ebook product and to start your own blog.

While Abby is making income via different affiliate programs, I see it’s not the main share of her monthly income. It’s all about her products [ E-Books, and Video Courses ]. I see it seriously smart to sell you own products instead of affiliating for others.

As a reminder, This post is intending to walk you through different bloggers and their monthly income reports to see how do bloggers make money.

I – as a blogger – had a lot of questions about how to get started, and how to get a blog monetized the right way for a sustainable passive income every month.

Show Me The Yummy | Trevor and Jennifer:

jennifer-trevor-showmetheyummy-bloggers-make-moneyBlog Niche: Cooking, Styling, & Photography.
Major Income Sources: YouTube, Sponsored Content, Affiliate Marketing.

Regardless of how much they’re making on monthly basis out of their blog Show Me The Yummy, What made me consider them here is their passion and love to what they’re doing and – the most important – to each other!

The first thing you will obviously realize once you step in to their blog is that they’re a perfect couple doing something they’re truly enjoying together.

Show Me The Yummy is all about cooking, styling, and photography. Trevor quit hist corporate job to focus on their online businesses and building their own big dreams online.

They made it very clear on their blog that despite not being the couple preparing yummies on Food Network for example, anywhere close to making enough monthly income from their blog, they decided to leave all behind and take the risk towards success.

Upon checking their monthly income reports for July 2016 – Fortunately, they updated their blog with July’s report at that time I’m writing this post down – They managed to make $7,205 in this month. They’re implementing fewer techniques as far as I see to monetize their blog.

I think that they can get it way better than that and accordingly increased monthly income revenue, However; the big hitting step there is that Trevor took it forward and established The Blog Village.

The blog Village is a membership coaching site where Trevor is helping others to create, grow, and monetize their blogs. Let’s break it down and see how do bloggers make money online!

This is an amazing move forward and important seed they managed to plant at the current time which will drive back much of success opportunities years after.

Their Income report for July 2016 breakthrough is as follows [ copied from their Blog’s Income Reports ] :

  • AdThrive: $4,709.79
  • Sponsored Content: $2,275
  • Amazon Associates: $41.63
  • Swoop: $87.62
  • YouTube: $26.34

# TOTAL INCOME: $7,205.38

I see they are making the majority of their income via Adthrive Network. It’s a great way to plant seeds for future out of your blog.

They simplified the process of connecting with the high paying advertisers for the best opportunities that can be available for you and your blog when it comes to earning cash.

As of now: Don’t you think it’s time to start-up your own blog?

Personal Conclusions:

As have been discussed before the reason behind writing such a blog post is that to go over other bloggers and how do bloggers make money out of their online blogs.

There are different ways as shown above but the main structure has been simplified ranging from profitable affiliate programs to web hosting referrals, and own products, ..etc.

What I have personally concluded via this case study is that the perfect way to monetize a blog is to create your own product.

This product can be an E-Book, Video Courses, or any other materials that are related to coaching and helping other’s to establish their own thing.

How Long does it Take To Make Money Blogging?

This blog has been abandoned for over the last 6 months without a single new piece of content since March 2016, as I was really excited about starting the blog out. But by time, I lost this interest somehow upon the first obstacle.

At the beginning, I took the time to go over everything on my own, establish and setup the technical structure, and then automating my email marketing campaign.

After few months, I wasn’t sure what I really need to accomplish here, and what it’s all about. I believe at that time it was a spark generated from these too many resources and successful stories that are compelling on why you don’t start-up yours too.

I get back to be dedicated to this blog with a higher motivation level than it was before. My advice is before being too surprised about starting up your own blog, take a while to think what it will be all about.

Earning Money From Blogging: 

Okay, so after going over such the above mentioned inspiring examples on how to monetize a blog, what we’re going to implement and work on during August 2016 as regarding to GrowCheap Monetization?

  • Design Own Product:

As of now, I’m thinking of integrating a membership section on GrowCheap to be dedicated to video courses on how to start-up your own blog.

I will detail it to cover it all from choosing your domain name and finding a reliable hosting company, and setting up the WordPress theme.

I’m thinking also of covering the top important required plugins, and scheduling and automating the whole process to get everything just ready for your first blog post, first guest’s comment, and in return your first Email List subscriber.

  • Discovering Affiliate Programs:

Since affiliation marketing is one of the best sustainable ways to monetize a blog, I’m intending by this month to discover what may work from the following affiliation programs for me:

Genesis framework.

  • Reaching a Target of 16 Monthly Blog Posts:

Since it’s called making money blogging, I have to blog. Thus, I’m looking forward to reaching a target of 16 Published Blog Posts during this month.

As I showed you what I’m looking for to achieve during August, I have to make it clear for you where I’m currently at. So if you admit that these zeros are considered to be a declared income report then here you go [ Breakthrough of July 2016 Earnings ]:

  • Adsense: $3.34
  • Amazon Associates: $0.
  • BlueHost Affiliation Program: $0.

—- TOTAL INCOME: $3.34.

Heads Up: However we’re making $0 per month out of this blog, we managed to plant a couple of seeds back in 2010 which is currently paying us very well, and that’s where we’re kind of making living from. The goal here is to grow the blog from $3.34/motnth to sky’s limit if we could. 

How Do Bloggers Make Money?

How Do Bloggers Make Money Online? [Case Study] #Blogging #MakeMoneyOnline #Content

Most bloggers just utilize Google AdSense to adapt their destinations. AdSense is an awesome income source choice, however; Affiliate advertising can undoubtedly get double, triple, or even way more than your AdSense income, without affecting your AdSense profit.

Setting up your own product as well will be like planting a seed that will keep being sold for years coming. Think about it!

At the beginning, you won’t see that much profit rolling in but as far you go with your blog and your blogging career, the sky is your limit.

Remember, The first best time to plant a seed is 20 years, and the second best time is now.

Ready to Plant your own seed? It’s never too late! Starting up today is way better than tomorrow, than next week. All you need for a good start is a hosting account and a domain name. The journey has been simplified, In this guide I’m walking you through how to start your very own unique blog in less than 3 minutes

This case study helped to get the image brighter for me, and helped me to set up goals for august as well, However It’s not yet complete.I’m really looking forward to hearing back from you how you monetize your blog, and what are the top three inspiring bloggers for you in your niche.

I’m really looking forward to hearing back from you how you monetize your blog, and what are the top three inspiring bloggers for you in your niche.

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