HostGator Baby Plan Review (+ Incredible 61% OFF)

Most of the hosting plans that allow unlimited addon domains will cost more. But not the HostGator Baby plan. This article is all about my honest HostGator Baby plan review. Due to money restrictions, I started off on the HostGator Hatchling plan a few years ago.

A few months later, I wanted to host additional domains. At that point, I decided to upgrade to the Baby plan. Most of the beginners and newbie bloggers may think of starting on Free Web Hosting. It works fine for a personal hobby blog. But if you’re into running a business and make money online, you should avoid this mistake.

Literally, Web Hosting could make or break your blog’s success. According to Google’s statistics, most visitors will abandon your website if it takes more than 2 seconds to load. That being said, Working on a free or cheap web hosting could potentially end your blogging career before it even starts.

If you want a web host that will allow you to host an unlimited number of websites without problems with downtime, you ‘re at the right place.

The trouble with certain providers of hosting is that they cost you a lot of money. This is the first reason why most beginner bloggers go for free or cheap hosting (under $1/Month). Make sure that you don’t make this mistake if you want to make money from blogging.

HostGator offers the cheapest hosting plans, particularly with regard to shared hosting. The best thing about utilizing HostGator shared hosting is that it gives you a host of amazing prices. We recommend you seek HostGator Baby Plan if you are searching for budget-friendly hosting.

Here’s our in-depth analysis of HostGator ‘s baby package where you’ll find both characteristics, costs, benefits, drawbacks, options, and a 61% discount. Without much ado, let’s go into the details.

Sign Up For HostGator Web Hosting

If you’ve not yet purchased web hosting, then let’s do it with a 61% exclusive discount (for a limited time). To grab your discount, You will need to use our promo link. This is an exclusive discount for our blog readers. I’m sure you don’t want to miss it.

Best DreamHost Alternatives

HostGator is offering a wide range of web hosting services. If you’re just getting started, I would recommend grabbing a shared hosting plan. Baby plan suits me very well and allows me to host unlimited domains.

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HostGator Shared Hosting Plans

And this exactly how HostGator is standing out among the crowd. They’re offering a wide range of web hosting services. As for shared hosting, they do offer; Hatchling, Baby and Business plan.

  • Hosting One Domain? Go for Hatchling Plan.
  • Hosting Multiple Domains? Go for Baby Plan.
  • Business Website with eCommerce? Go for Business Plan.

I’m positive you’ve heard about HostGator earlier. The company is proudly serving 9 million websites across the globe. It also has received much appreciation from many clients.

HostGator Baby plan is a rich web hosting option for you. It gives you access to host unlimited domains along with additional features and extra addons. Furthermore, You will enjoy an irresistible 61% Discount.

Before going any further, I would instruct you to read my previous related posts on HostGator plans. These articles will definitely walk around HostGator options and how to make the maximum savings.

When you intend to start a site, the Hostgator Baby package is an ideal option for you as Hostgator offers a one-click WordPress download and hosting/domain management tools.

You will save a lot of time by switching the domains to Hostgator if you own several pages. Another reason for purchasing the Hostgator Baby Plan is that managing multiple websites on a single server is easy rather than managing sites on different servers.

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HostGator Baby Plan Review

This plan should be an ultimate shared hosting package for your website. Nevertheless, It allows you to host unlimited additional domains on the same account.

This means you won’t need to purchase a new hosting account for any additional domains you’ve got. You can simply add them as addon domains via the cPanel Dashboard.

Furthermore, let’s see the HostGator Baby plan features below:

  • Unlimited Disk Space.
  • Unmetered Monthly Bandwidth.
  • Host Multiple Domain.
  • Unlimited Sub-Domains.
  • Unlimited FTP accounts & MYSQL Databases.
  • Site Builder with Ready-Made Templates.
  • 45 Days Money Back Guarantee.
  • Free $100 Advertising Credit.
  • Instant Backups.

Now let’s proceed with checking the features in detail. I will also show you how to claim the maximum discount with the Hatchling plan coupon code.

Claim Now: HostGator Coupon Code for 61% saving.

HostGator Baby Plan Features

The baby plan is offering; Unlimited Storage and Unmetered Bandwidth. You will alos get access to add unlimited addon domains, parked domains, and sub-domains.

With the Site Builder “SohoLaunch“, you can design a professional website in a few minutes. The software comes with 4,500+ ready-made templates that are all based on CSS3, HTML5, and Java.

The company has got friendly helping staff. They’re offering technical support via multiple channels; Ticketing System, Live Chat, Phone, Blog, and Community Forums.

And it all comes Risk-Free. HostGator offers a “45 Money Back Guarantee” policy. Within the first 45 days after purchase, you can request a cancellation and full refund. This should be processed right away with no questions asked.

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HostGator Baby Plan Pricing

I’ve previously published a step-by-step guide on how to buy web hosting from HostGator. You can follow that guide to make your purchase.

Furthermore, I will mention below a few steps on how to sign up for HostGator Baby Plan. Now, check the steps below to start creating your awesome website.

Step #1: Go to (%61 Coupon Added) & Click “Get Started!“.

Step #2: Click “Sign Up Now” for Baby Plan.

Step #3: Coupon Code will be automatically applied (41% OFF).

That was it. Make sure to cancel all the extra add-ons and features you don’t need. The following screenshot should be very helpful here.

Once completed, HostGator will send you an email with all the necessary login information. Just make sure to keep this information safe. And now, you should be able to proceed with installing WordPress.

HostGator Add-ons (Optional)

HostGator is offering additional add-ons to their web hosting services. These extra options are completely optional and you definitely can deselect them all without affecting your web hosting account. Instead, you can use additional WordPress plugins that offer the same features.

Sitelock Security: Hostgator periodically monitors your website for malicious code when this service is active. Hostgator can make you aware of malware when it detects malware on your website.

Professional Email: When you manage a web platform, you will get an email address by adding this add-on. Driven by Google Email Hosting, this operation.

SEO Tools: Hostgator has built a range of SEO resources. To access these tools, during the purchase of the Hostgator Baby Plan, you can select this addon.

Backup Service: Hostgator can automatically back up your website and database if this feature is allowed.

HostGator Hatchling Vs Baby Vs Business?

All packages are based on the same HostGator web hosting platform. While they all perform great, the service limitations and pricing vary. So now, Which is one to decide and go for. With Hatchling, you can only host one domain name. And this makes it very suitable for hobby bloggers that are aiming at starting one website (one domain).

HostGator hatchboard package is HostGator ‘s lowest hosting scheme that costs only $2.75 a month, but just one domain or website is accessible through this scheme (in addition to that, you’ll get all other features).

Alternatively, Baby and Business plans allow you to host unlimited additional domains. Cool, isn’t it? But yet, both cost more money.

For me, I love the HostGator baby plan as it allows hosting additional domains. The Business plan is also great. but only for eCommerce websites (due to the fact it offers additional features; Private SSL, Dedicated IP & VOIP).

HostGator Business Plan includes all the functionality of Baby Plan, as well as special characteristics including an automatic update to successful SSL and a dedicated IP, which cost you $5.95 a month.

Baby service charges $3.98 a month for building free SSL certificates on open domains. The main difference between the two plans is the “dedicated IP.” A unique IP Address is an address that is not associated with any domain names and which you only have access to and which is connected with our domain name.

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Host Unlimited Domains

One of the benefits of utilizing HostGator ‘s baby program enables you to build limitless domains and websites on a single hosting account. That means you can install any number of domains or install WordPress sites you want without any additional payment when signing up with their baby plan.

However, web hosts, such as HostGator, always set a maximum cap on storage, bandwidth, resources, etc (although they claim to offer everything unlimited). Therefore make sure a few sites you use instead of hosting one of your own are enabled, else loading times on all the websites you use on a single hosting account would interfere.

HostGator 45 Days Money Back

With a traffic limit up to 10,000 page-views per day, the HostGator baby plan is the ultimate choice for you. If you’re a little worried, you can try the special $0.01 first month offer for a test-drive.

Furthermore, you can try HostGator web hosting services risk-free. If you’re not satisfied with the service at any time within the first 45 days, you can cancel and receive a full refund.

Both the trial and 45 Days refund policy are great for newbie bloggers. As the involved costs may hold you back from starting off the ground. Now, HostGator is simply telling; Let’s do it! Nothing to lose here.

Free SSL Certificates

SSL guarantees the contact between the web server and the user to the internet is secured. While your website just has no harm or impact, Google declared a few years ago that HTTPS is now a slight indication of classification.

Frankly speaking, it is complicated to manually mount and update SSL certificates. Unless you have not properly installed the redirects and credentials, the performance of the search engine would be seriously affected.

Hostgator Baby Program offers a GUI-based platform that allows and handles Authentication on a website. If you turn from HTTP to HTTPS, Hostgator sends a code fragment that needs to be copied and pasted in the (.htaccess) file in the root folder of your website. This application will redirect HTTP traffic to HTTPS on your web.

You will not have to think about renovating a certificate or keep an eye on the expiry date of the certificate until you trigger an SSL certificate. Hostgator manually renews SSL certificates. This option would not be paid by the hosting company

Unlimited Bandwidth

A bandwidth is nothing except the data sent or obtained from the website. For eg, if the size of the page of your website is 786 Kb and if you have not allowed Gzip encryption, or set the expiry date to HTTP static file headers, the server must pass 786 Kb of details to the user.

You don’t have to think about bandwidth or configuration if you use the Hostgator Baby program. That is because your organization requires unrestricted data sharing on your web. Hostgator also applies the text of the website and expiration date to the static file headers of the website to allow the loading of the website pages faster.

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Influential Control Panel

Once you understand the function, you should understand what happens when you use a single-click installer tool. The application can execute commands to build a database table or database consumer, set up the setup file of the site server, etc. while you use the single-click script installer.

You would have to mount and customize your own site server, database system if you don’t use this tool. You can access Interface dependent applications from the Hostgator Baby program which you can use to install the apps you want without typing any commands.

The device configures the program for you in parallel to the deployment of the app. You may also access log files from your website, allow hotlink security, redirect URLs, block IP addresses, etc.


HostGator offers strong, very inexpensive web hosting services beginning from only $2.75 a month but we encourage you to take note of their Baby package (costs $3.98 / month) with limitless domains, free SSL, 45 days money back, etc.

HostGator is receiving many appreciations from clients worldwide. They’re proudly hosting 9 million websites with a very nice market share. Hostgator is one of the 10 world’s largest web hosting firms. The business has outstanding facilities and well-trained service workers.

Check HostGator Baby Plan (61% OFF)

If you want to compare HostGator with other providers, see posts below:

This HostGator Baby Plan review is based on my own personal experience. And I found it great to recommend. If you’ve got questions or concerns, please let me know in the comments section below.

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