How to Install GreenGeeks SSL Certificate (100% Free)

GreenGeeks is rapidly becoming one of the best web hosting providers available in the market. In this article today, I will show you how to install GreenGeeks SSL certificate. The process is pretty easy and straight-forward.

Honestly, I don’t imagine how come a website is running in 2018 without a secure HTTPS connection. The SSL certificate should be an important requirement on starting your business website.

The idea behind SSL certificate is to have a safe environment for all your website transactions. Basically, the SSL certificate will encrypt the information passage between you and your website visitors. And luckily GreenGeeks is offering a free SSL certificate along with your web hosting account.

First: Sign Up For GreenGeeks Web Hosting

If you’ve already bought web hosting from GreenGeeks, then you can skip this step and proceed with the other technical steps to point Godaddy domain to BlueHost.

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After visiting our promo link, Click on “Get Started Now” to get your hosting account. GreenGeeks offers three different plans. EcoSite Starter plan is what I recommend in the beginning. You still can upgrade later anytime.

SSL Certificate Importance:

Google has announced SSL Certificate as a ranking factor. Thus, those websites with HTTPS connection are more luckily to rank higher in search engines.

Simply, the way SSL works ensure establishing a secure connection between the visitor and the server. Thus, the process ensures information security.

Google has taken it seriously from there. For a website that doesn’t have an active SSL, you will find “Not Secure” on Chrome browser tab. It’s now clear that it’s becoming mandatory to have an active one for your website.

GreenGeeks & Let’s Encrypt:

GreenGeeks is now offering free Wildcard SSL Certificate; thanks to Let’s Encrypt! Its free SSL Certificate is an ideal product for those who have personal websites, online business assets, and blogs.

Let’s Encrypt is a piece of software that has been developed by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG). Once installed on the server, it offers free SSL certificates to website owners to help promote a safer and more secure internet.

How to Install GreenGeeks SSL Certificate?

GreenGeeks has been late to introduce Let’s Encrypt to their clients. Usually, you can install a free SSL Certificate on your domain name directly from the cPanel.

Unfortunately, it’s not yet the case for GreenGeeks as of yet. Let’s Encrypt is not fully implemented on their servers, but it will be soon. Accordingly, the SSL Certificate will be applied manually on your domains.

You’ll have to follow these steps to request an SSL Certificate:

Once they receive your support ticket, they shall proceed with a few adjustments on your account. And then, you should be able to access your website on (HTTPS protocol). It’s that easy!


While it’s not yet automated or could be done from the control panel, it worth it really. GreenGeeks is offering a fully operational WildCard SSL certificate that doesn’t need manual renewals or any hassles with sub-domains.

Once it has been enabled on your account, your main domain and any additional sub-domains will be automatically served using HTTPS. I found this very awesome and worked perfectly for my heavy traffic websites.

That was all about how to install Let’s Encrypt SSL on GreenGeeks. Please let me know in the comments below shall you require any further assistance. I would love to help.

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