What are GreenGeeks NameServers DNS?

Based on a real hands-on experience, GreenGeeks is indeed one of the best web hosting providers available today. They’re offering a great value for money. In this article, I’m shedding more light on the GreenGeeks Nameservers and how to set up your domain name DNS settings.

Basically, you’ll need two services aligned together here; a web hosting account and a domain name. You’ve almost made it all by purchasing a web hosting account from GreenGeeks. And now it’s time to do the nameservers part. It’s pretty easy and won’t take more than a few seconds.

In this article today, I will show you how to set up the DNS nameservers for your domain name. This way you can point your domain name to your GreenGeeks web hosting account.

First: Sign Up For GreenGeeks Web Hosting

If you’ve already purchased a web hosting account from GreenGeeks, then you can skip this step and proceed with the other technical steps related to Nameservers and DNS changes.

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Server Locations:

Well, It’s pretty simple and straight-forward. You now have got a fully functional GreenGeeks web hosting account. The company has got 4 main data centers where they’re offering their services.

The idea here is to serve your data from different possible locations. For me, I would always recommend choosing a server location that is as close as possible to my target audience location. Let’s say I’m targetting English customers; a web hosting location in UK or Amsterdam will perfectly fit here.

In here, I just wanted to stress on the fact that whichever the server location you choose, Nameservers are global. And they should perfectly work without any issues or delays.

GreenGeeks Nameservers:

Now, you will need to login to your domain registrar account. And choose to set up custom DNS nameservers. In there, it will ask you to enter the nameservers associated with your web host.

Here, you can use the following NSs:

Primary Nameserver: NS1.GREENGEEKS.COM
Secondary Nameserver: NS2.GREENGEEKS.COM

Once you set this up, it may take a few minutes up to a few hours for a complete DNS propagation. After that, you should expect your website to work perfectly worldwide.


That was exactly my detailed answer on; What are the GreenGeeks Nameservers? After propagation, you should be able to start using your domain name along with your new GreenGeeks hosting account.

Let me know in the comments below shall you require further assistance with GreenGeeks Nameservers. I’m here to help you get it done just the right way. Don’t forget to share this article with everyone on social media.

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