GreenGeeks EcoSite Starter Review: Lite Plan Update

GreenGeeks is a well-known web hosting company that is offering reputable green services. In this article, we’re reviewing their shared hosting plans and specifically; GreenGeeks EcoSite Starter Review.

GreenGeeks is a robust website providing various hosting plans for companies and individuals; shared hosting, reseller hosting, servers, and cloud hosting. Their shared hosting provides the best value.

Comparatively to other competitors in the market, GreenGeeks is offering one of the most affordable shared hosting plans for their customers. Also, the service quality functions very well from the technical perspective.

The GreenGeeks EcoSite Starter review is the basic traditional web hosting plan. This popular plan is featured on GreenGeek’s website homepage. It’s the most popular and most loved plan.


In this article, we’re discussing the GreenGeeks EcoSite Starter review. GreenGeeks is also offering two additional shared hosting plans which you can upgrade to in case you needed additional features and resources.

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If you’re already a GreenGeeks client, you can skip this section forward to see the complete GreenGeeks EcoStarter review below. We’re going over features and the plan’s technical aspects.

GreenGeeks is offering three different shared hosting plans. The EcoStarter is the most basic plan that is affordable, powerful, and very sufficient for you to get started with your new website.

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GreenGeeks EcoSite Starter Review

GreenGeeks prides itself to be an environment-friendly web hosting provider. Besides getting a powerful web hosting service for your website, you’re also having a good impact on the environment which is a great feel. GreenGeeks is one of the most popular green providers.

According to their website, they’re using wind and carbon-neutral fuel to power their datacenter. Their notes on these green techniques are really interesting. While some other haters may think they are just claiming to be green, the company really knows what they’re doing.

The GreenGeeks EcoStarter review is the perfect shared hosting plan to get started with your own website dream. Their servers are packed up with PHP 7, MySQL, HTTP/2, SSD Drives, and LiteSpeed Caching. Furthermore, their plans are scalable which means you can always upgrade your package for further growth and success.

The LiteSpeed web server is one of the best features offered by GreenGeeks. LiteSpeed helps to cache your website professionally which significantly decreases the website loading times. In today’s world, running another website is not enough! It should be light-weight, fast, and secure.

Fees & Pricing

GreenGeeks Plans & Pricing

GreenGeeks is offering three different shared hosting plans; Lite, Pro, and Premium. The plans are almost identical except for a few additional features. One of the most important differences is the number of domain names to host on the same plan.

You can see the differences in this below:

  • Lite plan: One Domain
  • Pro plan: Unlimited Domains
  • Premium plan: Unlimited Domains

So if you’re getting started with a plan to launch a single website, the Lite plan should be very sufficient. If you’ve future plans to launch different websites, then it would be wise to invest in the Pro or Premium plans. This will allow you to host additional domain names on the same package.

Unlike many other companies, GreenGeeks allows you to pay month to month. But you’ll have to pay an additional $15 installation fee. With the monthly billing term, you’ll not get the free domain name.

GreenGeeks allows you to choose from 3 different server locations; United States, Canada, and Europe. All their world locations deliver the same features, functionalities, and rates.

There is also a 30-day guarantee, meaning you can leave without paying anything more than you have to spend your time with the company unless you are happy with the services provided by GreenGeeks.

Several hosting companies give low introductory rates. It’s a normal procedure pretty much. However, GreenGeeks’ renewal rates are higher and you need to be aware of this.

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Technical Support

GreenGeeks staff are always available to assist. From personal experience, they’re always around to help with your website. Shall anything went wrong, you will just need to contact them. And they’re offering different methods to call for help.

You can contact their technical support department by telephone, live chat, or their ticketing system. If you’ve got general questions or simple tasks to ask for, the live chat and telephone support are the ultimate channels. Tickets are preserved for advanced issues that require level-2 technical support.

Their regular response rate is always immediate. In some other situations, it takes an average of 10 to 20 minutes to receive a response. This makes you assured that someone is always available to help you shall anything went wrong.

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Features & Premises

GreenGeeks cPanel Hosting

The package has a lot to offer for your website. First of all, the plan is very affordable and will secure a decent web hosting service for your website.

Fast forward, let’s list a few exclusive features below

  • Included Website Builder
  • Free Website Migration
  • Free SSL (Let’s Encrypt)
  • SSD Drives
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Overnight Backups
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • One-Click Installer
  • Free Domain Registration
  • PCI Compliance
  • and more!

Yes, the plan gives you a free website builder tool. Even if you’re not familiar with WordPress, GreenGeeks got you UI software that you can use to build a responsive website in minutes.

And if you’ve already got a website somewhere else, GreenGeeks staff are always available to migrate your website to their servers for free. That’s completely free and will be done perfectly to ensure your website will have no downtimes while changing hosts.

Basically, the Eco site Starter Review is exactly ideal for people who launch a personal website. Or business owners and entrepreneurs who want their business to expand as they move up the chain to an easy, cheap location.

The characteristics are normal and impressive at such a low price, but two other levels are available. It is important to take a look at all features that the company provides its customers as part of any fair GreenGeeks review.

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Service Quality & Uptime

Any hosting platform has one of the most important aspects: excellent uptime, ideally 99.99%. The bad news is that, for reasons beyond their control, even the strongest channels often slip. Uptime is one of the places where it is remarkable if an organization can combine many 99.99 percent months in a row.

GreenGeeks is maintaining an exceptional uptime rate. Some other months, their uptime may reach 100% without a single downtime, thanks to the cloud solutions. Overall, you should expect an average uptime with excellent service quality from GreenGeeks.

Overall, I believe GreenGeeks is the best option for environmentally friendly users. However, their renewal rates are a bit higher than other businesses. They are a solid choice in general and are comparable to other providers worldwide in my above-average portfolio.

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Free Domain Name

The free domain name is one of GreenGeeks’ most interesting features. While domain names are not so costly themselves, it’s good to pay as part of your hosting platform. Both domain and hosting services are now available at one discount. You will maintain the domain name when using the GreenGeeks services.

Another advantage of the platform is that they can do it free if you already have a website and want to switch to GreenGeeks. For persons, business owners, and entrepreneurs who are not comfortable with their current service, it is, therefore, possible to migrate to GreenGeeks without paying any migration charges.

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GreenGeeks EcoSite Starter Review

That was it all about the GreenGeeks EcoStarter review. The Lite plan is a perfect choice for you if you’re getting started with a single website. However, I would recommend getting a bigger plan for additional domain names in the future.

The prices are shown in different ways. One is that they allow you to start and develop your company in the first year at a low price. But if your website does not generate revenue, it can be regarded as a big con. However, the renewal rate rise must be taken into account by prospective customers.

I hope you’ve found this GreenGeeks EcoStarter Review guide useful and helpful. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve got any questions or inquiries. And I wish you the best of luck with your website.

3 thoughts on “GreenGeeks EcoSite Starter Review: Lite Plan Update”

  1. So I still don’t know what is EcoSite Starter. That’s the name of the hosting plan I have with Green Geeks. You started talking about that, but then switched to comparing Lite, Pro and Premium. My hosting plan isn’t called any of those things tho.

    This is so confusing. Did Grren Geeks recently change the name from EcoSite Starter to Lite? Or is that a totally different thing?

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