EntroPay Egypt: Get A Free Prepaid Credit Card

Many bloggers and freelancers in Egypt often want to make online payments for services like web hosting or online advertising. In this article, I’m introducing EntroPay Egypt. Your definitive way to get a free prepaid credit card!

While having a REAL credit card is a must nowadays, The requirements to get one issued are a bit hard for newbies and beginners.

And PayPal Egypt is not allowing direct usage of your PayPal balance. Instead, you will need to withdraw your funds to a Credit Card, then use it to make purchases and online payments.

I’ve been asked numerous times about the requirements to get a credit card issued from a bank in Egypt. Well, Requirements vary depends on which bank you use. But still you need to lock deposit certificates as a guarantee.

And Even if you managed to get one issued, you may not want to use it online.

Welcome to Easy Free Prepaid Credit Card. The online payments process for Egyptian bloggers and Freelancers is no longer difficult as it used to be.

What Is Free Prepaid Credit Card?

Virtual Prepaid Credit Cards are considered to one of the safest ways to make payments online. Well, It’s an online service where the provider gives you access to create a free credit card. Then, you can load it with the amount of funds you want to use for your online purchase.

It’s very safe because it’s a prepaid credit card to be used ONCE. It will automatically expire after 24 hours. This way the merchant cannot overcharge you. Your merchant won’t be able to reuse the card credentials after the first use.

Many banks in Egypt are offering physical Prepaid Instant Credit Cards. Typically, you load the card with funds and use it online right away. While this works perfectly, You still need to work with banks and get lengthy paperwork done.

Let me introduce EntroPay Egypt!

How to Use EntroPay Egypt?

With EntroPay Egypt, You can create disposable virtual cards on the fly and pay online like a local. This is – literally – the fastest way to get a Visa card which can be used for international transactions.

Follow the following the steps & You will get your card ready in less than 5 minutes:

  • Head over to EntroPay & Sign up for a Free Account.
  • Login to Dashboard & The first option you would see is “Create Card”.
  • Click on it & Follow the screenshots below:

EntroPay: Create a Free Virtual Credit Card Egypt

  • You will then be asked to Top Up your card:

Free Prepaid Credit Card in Egypt

  • After that, It will ask you to choose the “Top Up” method to add funds.

  • You may need to use a Credit or a Debit Card to add funds to your virtual credit card. The card you will use doesn’t have to be yours. Note: You can also top-up money from your Egyptian Bank Account.  For that click on My Account > Settings Icon > Wallet Settings > Bank Accounts > Add New.

  • After adding the source of funding, You’ll be asked about how much you want to “Top Up” your Virtual Credit Card. I opted in for $5 and it showed as follows:


  • Here, you should revise the transaction summary and hit “Top Up”. Once there, your Virtual Credit Card number will be generated. And you will be able to use it right away to make purchases or online payments.

EntroPay Egypt

  • Please be noted that: Adding funds will cost you 4.95% of top-up amount. I see it’s a bit high but EntroPay Egypt is a perfect solution for Egyptian Bloggers & Freelancers who are getting started and don’t have a physical credit card yet.

Create a Free Account on EntroPay!


Where Can I Use EntroPay PrePaid Credit Card?

Well, Needs vary from a person to another. If you’re looking forward to paying online bills, buying web hosting accounts, or purchasing travel tickets online, This Virtual Credit Card from Entropay Egypt should be perfect for you.

And here are more reasons why it’s so perfect:

  • No fees associated.
  • Any extra money are to be deposited into your account after card expires.
  • No need to do the paper work hassle with banks.
  • Instantly activated.

The only downside of the virtual credit cards is that you cannot use them anywhere else except online and over the phone. This means that you cannot use it in places. Only online merchants work.

Where Can I Get Instant Credit Card in Egypt?

Well, The instant credit card is a physical card which is to be issued from banks. These are different than EntroPay Egypt Free Prepaid Credit Card. The instant credit cards are of the same idea but it’s a physical one instead.

What’s awesome about these instant credit cards is that you can use them over the phone as well as online. You can also use it physically in places like restaurants, cafes, ..etc.

In order to get one, you will need to walk to your local bank and ask for “Prepaid VISA credit card”. I would recommend: National Bank of Egypt (Al-Ahly Bank), or Credit Agricole.

Free Prepaid Credit Card in Egypt:

For me, EntroPay Egypt is of a great benefit for online purchases. I’ve tried their services many times and it has been working perfectly so far.

My recommendation to you is that if you’re starting your freelancing online career, it’s a very good idea to get a credit card. This will make your life so much easier, especially if you’re looking forward to reinvest your earnings into a real bigger online business.

Although nothing will beat the REAL credit card issued from your local bank, This EntroPay prepaid credit card solution will help you a lot until you’re able to get a real one issued.

If you have more credit card, related questions feel free to ask us via comments. In case you are already using one of the above do share your reviews with our readers.

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  1. I want to buy DIXIPAY debit visa card.
    I have no visa card to buy online.
    Can I pay after delivery or can I pay in cash to someone in Cairo?

  2. ahmed shafea

    Now dixpay is hold the cards … and i looking for any way to withdraw money cash from Paypall… could you pls advise me ?

  3. Im 16 and i live in egypt i was wondering is there a way for me to buy physical prepaid card or anything like that i don’t have credit card so this didn’t help me waiting for your answer thanks.

  4. Hello, great post. I need to know if it’s possible to withdraw money from Entropay to my bank account? or is it just for online purchasing only?

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