How To Get Free Domain With SiteGround Hosting?

SiteGround has been around for a few years now with strong positive feedback. In this article, we’re going over the steps on how to get a free domain with SiteGround hosting. The short answer is; No, SiteGround doesn’t anymore offer a free domain name registration along with its web hosting services.

The company is offering a reputable web hosting service from different server locations around the world. Thanks for their exceptional caching technique, your website is much faster on SiteGround hosting servers.

Some other companies are offering free domain name registration with their web hosting companies. While these companies are offering this to their clients, SiteGround chose to offer you above-average web hosting services and charge a little extra for the domain name

In this article, we’re explaining further what is a domain name and how to claim yours with SiteGround web hosting. Read along and let us know your feedback or questions in the comments section below.

SiteGround Free Domain

The process of actually reserving your name on the internet is called Domain Name Registration. Doma names are coming at regular renewals (Usually every year). This means that you still need to make annual renewal payments to keep your domain name registered on the internet.

Please be noted that SiteGround doesn’t offer a free domain name. Though, their domain name registration and renewal pricing are exactly the same as the market rates with any additional fees. I actually recommend this practice as long as the company – like SiteGround – is maintaining a higher level of web hosting service.

There are tons of domain name extensions available to register for your website. The most common extensions are .com, .net, .org, ..etc. These are the extensions you can see in every popular domain name around you. Use the link below to find your domain name availability.

Besides the very original domain extensions mentioned above, SiteGround has integrated the ability to register other trendy domain name extensions recently such as; .blog, .shop, .company, .technology, .store, .xyz, .guru. and many others.

And definitely, you can choose your preferred domain extension while placing your web hosting order on SiteGround. The domain name will be instantly registered for your site and you can start using your new web hosting account + domain name in a few minutes the same day.

SiteGround Domain Pricing

SiteGround Domain Pricing

Since SiteGround is offering a wide range of selections when it comes to domain name extensions, I decided to list some of the prices for you down below. The following table will give you a clear idea about the SiteGround domain pricing.

Interested? Here we go:

  • .com – $15.95 per year
  • .net – $17.95 per year
  • .org – $17.95 per year
  • .biz – $17.95 per year
  • .info – $17.95 per year
  • and more!

Besides, there are additional domain name extensions that are called Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs). IANA is managing these new domain extensions ( TLDs and ccTLDs). There are several peculiar extensions for the domain name (available from SiteGround).

gTLDs Pricing on SiteGround:

  • .online– $15.95 per year
  • .shop – $15.95 per year
  • .blog – $34.95 per year
  • .company – $17.95 per year
  • .technology – $17.95 per year
  • .today – $17.95 per year
  • .estate – $25.95 per year
  • .guru – $19.95 per year
  • .photography – $19.95 per year
  • and more!

Again, the domain name registration pricing at SiteGround is comparatively less costly than competitors. This could be a very decent choice if you’re purchasing web hosting services from SiteGround and don’t know much about DNS settings and pointing domain nameservers.

Moreover, on this Generic / Private Domain Name Extensions SiteGround often provides unique discounts as the first term registration price is very limited and quite competitive. Thus, this could be a very good chance as well to register your new gTLD domain name that ends with an exclusive extension.

How To Register Domain from  SiteGround?

At this point, I only instruct that you register a domain name from SiteGround when you ONLY purchasing a web hosting account from them. Otherwise, there is no point of getting a domain name from a web hosting company without purchasing a web hosting account.

If this is your case, I would instruct that you use NameCheap or NameSilo to register a domain name (as long as you’re not into getting web hosting at this time being). On the other side; If you’re serious about your website plan, go ahead and get SiteGround web hosting with a domain name from them.

The best part of getting both services from the same provider is that you won’t worry about pointing nameservers or connecting both services together. Unless you’ve got basic knowledge, you will need to hire someone to do DNS stuff for you (if the domain and hosting from different providers).

Let’s dig deeper and see the exact steps to register a domain from SiteGround with a web hosting plan:

  • Go To SiteGround website
  • On the plans given, click on Web Hosting
  • Choose your plan and click Order Now

SiteGround Shared Hosting Plans

As a quick explanation; the StartUp plan is your best bet if you’re into hosting one website with one domain. If you’ve got multiple domain names and you want to host them all on the same account, it’s better to go for the GrowBig plan. Learn which SiteGround plan to choose here.

  • Afterward, enter Payment Information
  • Check/Uncheck Domain Privacy and SG SiteScanner
  • Confirm Terms of Service
  • Click Pay Now


I would say; you don’t need the domain privacy or SG SiteScanner. Both are extra optional services that will add up to the total cost. SG SiteScanner is a malware scanner tool which you can substitute with a WordPress plugin and get the same benefits securing your website.

The domain privacy addon is to protect your personal information from showing up in the domain name public lookups. You may need to check this if you want to hide your personal information from being publically fetched on the interest (associated with this particular domain name).

Which SiteGround Plan To Choose?

I’m very confident that you already understand which SiteGround hosting package would better match your needs. You may need to carefully consider the pricing and features available. And based on your requirements, the right package will stand for itself.

You can select SiteGround’s StartUp hosting package ($3.95 / month only) to operate a basic website and only a novice who is pleased to continue with a single website. The plan is very nice and very accomodating if you’re just getting started.

When you would like to host a number of websites on a stable network, so SiteGround’s GrowBig hosting package is for you ($5.95 a month only). Similar to the StartUp program of SiteGround, this shared hosting package is even cheaper! I firmly suggest the SiteGround GrowBig plan.

You should select a SiteGround hosting package for the GoGeek Hosting Program ($11.95 a month) if you have a high-service website or an eCommerce shop. A very efficient SiteGround hosting plan that is very affordable as a semi-dedicated alternative.

Free Domain With SiteGround Hosting

Overall, I suggest the SiteGround GrowBig Shared Hosting Plan. The package is the greatest value for money because it comes with all the premium features along with the ability to host an unlimited number of websites on the same plan.

If you’re on a budget and only want to start one website, the StartUp plan is very nice for you. What matters the most now is getting started instead of just waiting and comparing. While the GrowBig is the ultimate recommendation for any future needs, the StartUp plan is very affordable and awesome!

That was it all about how to get a free domain with SiteGround hosting. Let me know in the comments section below if you have got any questions or inquiries. And don’t forget to share this article with everyone on social media.

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