How To Fix “Comments Closed” In WordPress (Quick)

Blog commenting is such a great way to receive feedback from your audience. Furthermore, It helps building a strong relationship with your site visitors. But what if comments are closed on your blog entry? In this article, I will show you the exact approach to fix that issue on WordPress.

When it says “Comments on this entry are closed”, It means that visitors won’t be able to comment on those blog posts. And it happens even if you didn’t disable comments on the WordPress general settings.

I’ve experienced that issue myself for a couple of blog posts that I wrote here. And today, I’m sharing the exact solution for this error message and how to get comments allowed again on these blog posts.

Fixing “Comments are Closed” in WordPress:

With WordPress, we’ve got everything ready and in place. With a few clicks, you can setup settings and customize your blog platform options right away.

There are two steps required here. First, you will need to enable comments in the WordPress general settings area. Second, you will be required to go on each blog post and allow discussions.

Let’s see how to achieve that:

#1. Enable Comments in General Settings:

Here, you will need to change a couple of settings to get this issue corrected. Now, login to WordPress dashboard and follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings Tab > Discussion.
  • You’ll need to do one “check” and one “uncheck” here as follows:
  • Then, click on “Save Changes”.

By doing this, you’ve set up your system to allow comments and never close it timely mannered. This option should be enough for new installations. But for already-working site, one more step will be required.

#2. Check “Allow Comments” in Post Settings:

Now, It’s time to go over the blog post that is having the “comments closed” problem. We will need to enable comments on that particular post to fix that issue.

Here are the steps:

  • Go to PostsAll Posts.
  • Choose particular post & Click “Edit“.
  • On the top right section, Click “Screen Options“.
  • There, check on “Discussion” to show their settings.
  • Scroll down & check “Allow Comments“.
  • Hit “Update” to save changes.

Furthermore, check the screenshots below:


I think that blogs thrive with readers’ comments. By allowing this feature, you’re open to your gates to hear back from your site visitors. And potentially, they could turn into paying customers or lifetime subscribers.

Blog Commenting is a great channel of communication between the post author and the website visitors. For me, I think it’s a necessity to keep it always “Enabled“. Hearing back from the reader will help to give you a better idea of what they want to read from you.

That was all! Please let me know in the comments below shall you require any further assistance. Also, don’t forget to share this article with those who may find it useful. Happy blogging!

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