FastComet Hosting Review: A Good WordPress Host?

Have you been looking for a good shared hosting? But keep getting disappointed? In this article, I’m sharing a cornerstone FastComet Hosting Review that will reveal all the myths around how good FastComet is.

I’ve been using FastComet for testing purposes over the past 10 months. And honestly, the uptime results are outstanding. They even surpassed my expectations in terms of quality support and technical assistance.

Until a few years ago, FastComet was a company that no one heard of. But surprisingly, They’ve been growing rapidly over the past three years. Yes, They’re becoming a leading well-known provider you can rely on.

FastComet Hosting Review:

There are many shared hosting providers out there. I’ve been using BlueHost and HostGator heavily for a few other projects of mine. And I’m pretty happy with the results I’m getting with them.

If there is one thing that made me decide to give FastComet a shot, It will be the FastComet recent hype. Many bloggers and entrepreneurs have been using & recommending it recently. Thus, We’re here doing a complete hand-on review about their services.

Based on my own personal experience as a paying customer, Let me share with you the top reasons why I think FastComet is a better shared hosting provider.

1. Blazing Fast Loading:

For me, I used FastComet SSD web hosting + W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin. And surprisingly, I used to get my website loading time under 2 secs. You can verify that result with the screenshot below:

Having a website is having an ultimate priority; getting found on the internet. How could people find about your website if it’s very slow with multiple hiccups per day?

Yes, Google is delivering the search results based on the website loading time. Accordingly, having a fast web hosting account is a must to help people find you.

FastComet is following the industry’s updates and applying them correctly. They’re using the Pure SSD storage disks. There are guaranteed to give a speed boost to your website by more than 300%.

Nevertheless, FastComet is of one of the first companies that started offering SSD-based storage. While it was not common for most other providers, FastComet took the leap and did that for their clients.

Check FastComet Sale Price ($2.95/mo)

2. Dedicated Server Resources:

Usually when a hosting company is offering dedicated server resources, they charge more. Bu this is not the case with FastComet Hosting. Their shared hosting are already equipped with a highly performing dedicated server resources.

FastComet shared hosting plans are guaranteed to offer better CPU and Memory resources. These resources along with the SSD Storage will have a great impact on your website performance.

This kind of plans make this company one of the best shared hosting providers available. On a another scenario, One should be billed excessively for this additional dedicated resources!

3. Advanced Features & Better Caching:

FastComet is also supporting PHP7. When using WordPress on a PHP7 environment, You’re getting the great benefits of an enhanced updated code. This will significantly boost your WordPress site performance.

Furthermore, FastComet recently announced a full support to HTTP/2. This is an extra layer of server upgrade to decrease the server latency and loading times. It’s another site speed boosting blast.  The HTTP/2 is enabled by default on StartSmart and ScaleRight plan.

And in terms of caching, they’re using one of the most Advanced Caching Mechanisms. It’s a caching methodology of five elements in place:

  • Varnish Caching.
  • CloudFlare CDN Caching.
  • Google PageSpeed.
  • OptimumCache: PHP7 + APC.
  • Memcached System.

All these technologies in place are proved to make a huge boost to your website speed. Here is how they work together; The overall setup improves Time to First Byte (TTFB) significantly. Thus, It’s delivering very fast loading websites.

Check FastComet Sale Price ($2.95/mo)

4. Same Renewal Price:

This is alone is a great deal here. The pricing is fixed for the first-time purchase and renewals. For example, Using our promo link will give you a special rate of $2.95/mo (20% OFF). Prices will never go up. You will keep renewing your package at the same rate $2.95/mo.

That is really awesome and will allow you to make the ultimate savings. Can you name a hosting company offering same renewal price? That’s exactly why I love to recommend FastComet to my readers.

Be noted that FastComet regular pricing starts at $3.95/mo. But using our promo code here will give you a special rate of $2.95/mo with 20% exclusive discount.

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5. Eight Data Center Locations:

Choosing the server location is another blast here from FastComet. On writing this review, the company is offering their services from eight data center locations worldwide.

On the Signup process, You can check which location you would prefer for your hosting account. Here are the available FastComet locations:

  • Chicago, US – North.
  • Dallas, US – Central.
  • Newark, NJ – North.
  • London, UK – Europe
  • Frankfurt, Germany – Europe
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands – Europe
  • Singapore, Asia – Pacific.
  • Tokyo, Japan – Asia.

You may be wondering how multiple locations could be of a benefit here!

If your website is intended to serve clients from Asia, then it’s not wise to get a web hosting located on a US server. because having your website served from a server in Asia will boost the loading time for your visitors.

And getting a fast loading website for our visitors is what we’re all after. This ensures a better user experience. many of your visitors will just leave if your website is taking longer than 3 seconds to load.

6. Free Domain Name for Life:

Usually a domain name registration will cot you around $15/year. While hosting with FastComet, You’re getting a free domain name registration included for life.

So even if you’re getting a web hosting for a few years, the offer is included. They will keep renew your domain name as long as you’re an active web hosting customer with them.

What’s more awesome here is that you can also transfer your domain to FastComet for free. Usually, Domain transfer will cot anywhere between $15 up to $50 fee. FastComet Hosting Review is here including it for free. If you’ve a domain name already, you can transfer it right away without any extra charges.

Sign Up with FastComet & Get Free Domain for Life >

7. Free Website Migration:

This is the first thing I look at when I consider migrating from a company to another. Basically, This service will save me time and money. And will get my website up and running in a few hours.

The free website migration service is another great feature here. If you’re already having a website somewhere else, FastComet can migrate it for you without any extra charges.

This way you can just focus on managing your business. And they will take care of the migration hassle for you. They will also walk an extra mile to ensure that everything on your website is working perfectly before mark the migration case as resolved.

Check FastComet Sale Price ($2.95/mo)

8. Free Automated Backups:

Furthermore, They are having everything in place to always keep an updated copy or your website. Automated backups is configured and optimized on your account to ensure data safety. For this FastComet is using JetBackUp.

You can control how frequent you want to automate backups. You can also download recent backups at anytime in case anything went wrong. And these are all included free of charge.

9. Almost 100% Uptime:

While this value is not very common in the web hosting market, It’s a fact here with FastComet. Their services are based on the cloud which is guaranteeing almost 100% uptime for the hosted websites.

Overall, their servers are highly performing. The uptime is exceptional. All that makes me uper certain that FastComet is a great web hosting povider. Grab the discount and give it a shot right today!

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10. And they’re STRICT:

Unlike many other providers, the ultimately say no to scam, spam, exploits, Porn, Violance, Malwares, ..etc. They have a great policy in here to only host legitimate websites.

It’s still a shared hosting service! Your website is being hosted on a server where other accounts are being served too. So it won’t be great to have your website on a server that hosts other scamming or porn websites. This alone may crush your website rankings and SEO!

FastComet is very strict about this ensuring that their servers are clean and green. You will never need to worry about your website at all. It’s there on safe hands; FastComet.

11. Outstanding Customer Support:

Based on my own experience, I see FastComet is having one of the best customer support team. They’re always there to answer any questions or inquiries. They reply within minutes after opening a ticket with them.

They pipe their support requests according to your request. Like for example, I can choose a certain option if I need assistance with WordPress. I can choose another for SSL support and so on. This way, you can easily reach the designated department without any hassle.

Check FastComet Sale Price ($2.95/mo)

FastComet Review – Main Features:

Let’s have a quick look on the benefits and features for FastComet hosting review. Here, I’m compiling many reasons why this company is really great value for the money paid. Here we go:

  • Full SSD Hosting.
  • Free Domain Name for Life
  • Same Renewal Price
  • 45-Days Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7/365 Technical Support.
  • Almost 100% Uptime.
  • Free CloudFlare CDN.
  • Free Automated Backups
  • 8 Data Center Location
  • Free SSL Certificates Included.
  • Free Website Migration.
  • Dedicated Server Resources (CPU & Memory).
  • Advanced Security.
  • Advanced Caching Techniques (Boosts Site Speed).
  • And more..

Many more features are there. Overall, FastComet Hosting Review is proving to be eating up the competition with all these features. Their pricing is exceptional starting at $2.95/mo.

FastComet Review – Conclusion:

That was my hands-on FastComet Hosting Review. Their services are exceptional with all these features in place. Honestly, I would parallel their services quality with other top providers like WPX Hosting. With FastComet, its starting at $2.95/mo while WPX Hosting is starting at $24.95/mo!

Overall, Thanks for reading my FastComet Hosting Review. I hope you found it useful. Please let me know in the comments below shall you have any further questions or concerns. And don’t forget to share this article with everyone on social media.

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