DIXIPAY Egypt: How To Withdraw Money From PayPal

DixiPay Egypt has been resolving many issues for Egyptian netizens especially for Withdrawing Money From PayPal in Egypt. Today, I will show you how to get started with DIXIPAY.

Although sending and receiving money worldwide is not anymore a problem with services like PayPayl Egypt and Payoneer Egypt, DixiPay has been working great for Egyptian netizens and online shoppers.

In this article, I’m unveiling all the secrets. And answering all those questions you may be searching about:

  • How to sign up for free with DixiPay?
  • How to order and receive your DixiPay Prepaid Visa Card?
  • How to withdraw money from PayPal Egypt to DixiPay Card?

What Is DIXIPAY Egypt?

DIXIPAY is basically an online e-wallet payment processing platform. It allows individuals and corporates to send and receive money worldwide. It also allows you to have a Prepaid Visa Card synced with your DIXIPay account.

DIXIPay is not a bank, however; it’s an online financial institution offering payment services and processing solutions.

If you’re a business it also allows you to receive payments online from your clients via their merchant account capabilities.

What Are The Advantages Of Using DIXIPAY Egypt?

Well. DixiPay has resolved many issues for Egyptian netizens and online shoppers. It also worked great for many Egyptian online marketers, forex traders, and freelancers to withdraw their profits from PayPal.

Furthermore, Here are many advantages of using DIXIPay Egypt:

  • Send and Receive Money Online anytime anywhere.
  • Secure online payments to sellers who accept Visa.
  • Withdraw money from PayPall, Skrill, & Payza to your DixiPay Visa Card.
  • Receive your money from any ATM around the world via DixiPay Card.
  • Accept DixiPay payments on your website securely (Merchant).
  • And more.

How To Use DIXIPAY Egypt?

Using DixiPay has never been easier. You can start using DixiPay wide range of services in two simple easy steps. Here we go:

You can start using DixiPay wide range of services in two simple easy steps. Here we go:

1. Create a Free account on DixiPay:

This is yet the very first step you need to fulfill in order to start using DIXIPAY Egypt.

– Visit DixiPay website here, and create a free account on their website.




  • Here, you will need to fill in the form below with your personal information.


– After creating your account, a temporary password will be sent to your email address. It will then ask you to change the password to your preferred one.


– Now, You should be able to login to your DixiPay account with your new password. Once logged in, You will verify your account in order to be able to unlock all the service features.

– Now, Click on “Unverified” link like the screenshot below


– It will then ask you to to upload two kind of documents: 1. National ID, or a Passport Scanned copy / 2. Utility Bill, Bank Statement, or a Credit Card Statement Scanned copy.


– After uploading and submitting the documents, your account should be verified within 2-3 business days.


You’ve now created and verified your DIXIPAY account.

This account will be your e-wallet where you can manage your balances, transfers, and withdrawals. Make sure to enter correct legit information as it will serve as your online billing friend.

2. Buy DIXIPAY PrePaid Card Online:

After creating your DIXIPAY account as I showed you above, you will need to order a DIXIPAY Visa Prepaid Card. This is a plastic Visa card which will be delivered to your home address.

You can order this card (with a special discount for Egyptian Residents) for $27 including Free Premium Shipping to your home address. You will receive the card within 2 – 4 days.

Get DixiPay Prepaid Visa Card (Discount)
(The ordered card is pre-loaded with $6 USD for PayPal Egypt Activation)

This card will help you to:

  • Withdraw your money from any ATM around Egypt and the world.
  • Pay for products from worldwide stores that accept Visa.
  • Shop online and pay remotely for any website accepts Visa Cards.
  • Verify you PayPal Egypt account and Withdraw money to your card.
  • Withdraw Money from other electronic banks like: Payza, Skrill, ..etc.

Let me show you how to buy DIXIPAY preaid card online:First, Go to

– First, Go to CardXpress store from here:


– Upon clicking “ADD TO CARD”, the product will be added to your cart. Follow the screenshot below and click on the “CHECKOUT” button to complete your purchase.


– Here, It will ask you about your preferred payment method. You can pay using PayPal, Credit Card, Bitcoins, CashU, and Cash on Delivery. I would recommend using Cash on Delivery as shown on the image below:


– After that, You will need to complete your personal information, shipping information, and hit “CONFIRM ORDER”.

– The card will be shipped to your address within 2 – 4 business days.

3. DIXIPAY Card Activation:

After you receive your card in the mail, you will need to go to DIXIPAY login page. Once logged in, you will need to complete DIXIPAY Visa Card Activation and sync it with your account.

– Login to your DIXIPAY account or Create a New Account here (if you didn’t yet create your account).

– After logging in, click here on this link to activate and verify your DIXIPAY prepaid Visa card online.


– Then, It will ask you to enter the DIXIPAY PrePaid Visa Card CVV Code.

– After completing this step, it will give you the PIN code for your card to use at any ATM around Egypt and the World. After a successful activation, It will look as follows:


– Congratulations, You’ve now activated your DIXIPAY Visa Prepaid Card.

UPDATE: When you receive your Dixipay Visa card, you will not be able to activate it directly from activation page unless you find it linked to your account in Dixipay first. Go to your Dixipay E-wallet -> Credit card -> DIXIPAY Visa Card List. Once you see your Dixipay Visa card number listed here, then you can go to activation page to activate it (Listing may take up to 5 working days). (Khalid – Comments)

4. Use DIXIPAY Card To Withdraw Money From PayPal Egypt:

That being said, now it’s time to link your DIXIPAY prepaid card with your PayPal Egypt account. By doing so, You will be able to send, receive, and withdraw money from your PayPal Egypt account with ease.

You also can use your DIXIPAY prepaid card at any ATM around the world to withdraw your PayPal earnings.

– First, you will need to login to your PayPal account.

– Then, click on “Add a bank account or card” on the left sidebar.


– After adding your card, PayPal will make a small transaction from your card as a verification step. It will then ask you to put the PIN code to verify the card ownership.

– Now, You will need to login to your DIXIPAY account. Go to Visa Transaction Histoy, and get the code as shown below:


– Congratulations, Now you should be having a Verified PayPal Egypt account.

Using DIXIPAY Card Egypt:

That was all to get a DIXIPAY account and link your Visa Prepaid Card with your PayPal Egypt account. You’re all setup and ready to receive your earnings.

Now, you will be able to receive and withdraw your money from PayPal Egypt account to your DIXIPAY card and receive the money from any ATM.

DIXIPAY Egypt: Read the associated fees here.

Thanks for reading and following the guide. Please let me know in comments below shall you still require any assistance. I would be very happy to help you further.

Also, Don’t forget to share this article with everyone on social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

50 thoughts on “DIXIPAY Egypt: How To Withdraw Money From PayPal”

  1. PayPal never accepted payoneer bank account with me , I have 3 USD bank account on payoneer and no one working with paypal

  2. Dixipay now is dead
    yesterday my account is closed
    and they email me that account will close and I have to destroy my card by cutting it
    also all my available balance in my card will go to my e-wallet on dixipay account

    after that I asked them to got new card
    they reply me,
    sorry, but the card will not work anymore, and we will transfer the current balance t your account

    what is alternative method for dixipay
    and it has VISA card to able to upload fund to paypal and withdrown from ATM in Egypt

    1. Same here like Ezak.They suddenly stopped the service and when I emailed them, they emailed back saying, to be compliant with EU regulations they can no longer serve countries outside of EU.Very disappointing and unprofessional that there was no notice sent before stopping the account to give a chance for their customers to claim their funds.They shut the account with any money that was in it, now I have to wait and find out how I will get my money.

      1. Khalid Nashat

        Hi All,
        Same for me. The best alternative now is Payoneer which their rates are a little bit high but still more professional and reliable than Dixipay

  3. Hi Karim,
    Thanks a lot for your helpful article 🙂
    I just have one question which is already asked previously in the comments but I didn’t find the answer to it.
    Banks in Egypt doesn’t allow people to have an ATM for a USD account, So if I want to receive my money in $ not egp can I withdraw the money from dixipay to my USD account? or I have to withdraw it only to an account that have an ATM which means the currency will in EGP?! and if yes how can I get my money in $ in Egypt this way?!
    Thank you so much

    1. Heidi,
      Thanks for your comment.

      DixiPay itself allows you to get funds in USD. On withdrawal, it all depends on which ATM you’re using. If you’re trying to withdraw funds from a DixiPay card using an ATM in Egypt, the funds will be in EGP. Instead, you can use DixiPay in a foreign country that allows ATM withdrawals in USD.

      In case you want to build a balance in USD, I would recommend using Payoneer. It allows you to bill your customers and get paid using major credit cards. After a certain threshold, you can withdraw your balance from Payoneer Wallet to your USD bank account in Egypt. And it works!


  4. I m thinking of earning online will dixipay alow me to get payed in us dollers.using dixipay card in egypt using any
    Atm ?Or how can I get payed in us dollers .Or using dollers current account or do i simply go abourd ?and I don’t need a wallet can I just link it to my paypal .is it only 27 us D per year only or are there service charges or %sercharge per transaction fee?

    1. Tarek,

      Yes, DixiPay card will allow you to withdraw your earnings from PayPal to it. Then, You can use the card to receive your funds from any ATM worldwide. The $27 cost is a one-time fee to purchase the card.


  5. Hishaam Braimah

    Hi Karim, thanks for all the information it’s a relief to know there’s a work around, what I need clarity on is your reference to Egyptian netizens and Egyptian residents as being able to use these steps. Am I right in concluding that this excludes other nationals legally resident in Egypt? Are legally resident non Egyptians covered or there is another method that they can use? Thank you.

    1. As long as you reside in Egypt, You should be able to use PayPal Egypt without any issues. Actually, That’s exactly what PayPal recommends when you move to another country or in a situation like yours.

      All The Best!

      1. Hishaam Braimah

        Thank you for responding. These are the current developments in relation to my activities. I have followed the directions in your blog on ”DixiPay Egypt: How To Withdraw Money From PayPal” and I chose ‘cash upon delivery’ when ordering the Prepaid Card from Card Xpress. It finally arrived one month and a week after my order date. Upon arrival however the courier received only his fees for the delivery. I thought I was going to pay the $27 when the was card delivered. So how can I pay for the cost of the card or will the cost of the card be taken from my balance with Dixipay?
        Two weeks after delivery the card was subsequently listed and I went ahead to activate it. Ten days ago (10/01/18) I went ahead to link the card to my PayPal account and PayPal as you correctly explained went ahead to make a small transaction as a way of verification. I am still waiting for this transaction to appear in my account but when I log into my Dixipay Account I have no opportunity to access the ‘Visa Transaction History’ which should allow me to get the code and supply to PayPal in order to get me verified. My Dixipay Dashboard has : Accounts, Currency Conversion, Deposit Money, Send Money and Payments, Withdraw, Credit cards, Invoices, SMS, and Mail as the headings contrary to your screenshot which has : Overview, Transaction History, Card 2 Card Transfers, Balance, Customer Profile, Pin Code Retrieval, Change Pin. Please am i missing something? Thank you very much, hope to hear from you again soon.

        1. Hishaam Braimah

          Hello, I just received this email from Dixipay Ltd. yesterday 1st May 2018.

          Dear customer
          According to Visa rules, we are obliged to close the customer cards outside of the European Union

          You should receive your remaining funds in your ewallet account within 7​ business days

          Best regards,
          So my account is being closed and that is final. Does anyone know of other cards I can use to get verified by PayPal? Dixipay unfortunately was plagued with numerous challenges top of all an unresponsive support centre which led to unnecessary delays in correspondence which did not enable me get my verification status on PayPal. Thanks.

  6. Mohamed Salama

    Hi Karim,
    I transfer money from my paypal to my dixipay card in usd but paypal change to gbp why ? and why money not receive yet in my card after 5 days the completion of the transfer from Paypal .

    1. You can update your PayPal currency to whatever you prefer via the settings page. Furthermore, DixiPay main currency is the USD and that is exactly why I recommend it all the time.

  7. Thanks Karim for this article , its really helped me to use dixipay card
    I confirmed dixipay card is working fine, but its just matter of time to get and activate the card.
    I want to ask about if I have 500$ in my card, how to get them from ATM in Egypt, I think there is no way to take them from ATM as USD money !! , but I want to confirm that .
    also I think there is limit when using ATM in EG like max 5000 LE, how to take all my have from my card, is that possible or not , also if I have more that this amount ex 1000$ , how can I take them from ATM in Egypt ?

  8. Hi Kareem , i have recieved my card 10 days ago and till now does not appear , even contacted them for 8 times and no answer , what should i do ?

  9. Hello Karim,

    Thanks for the helpful article.
    I need to know the last update on dixipay because I have withdrawn money from PayPal, who confirmed that the withdrawal was successful and that I should contact the card issuer.
    My card balance on dixipay was 0.48 and now this message appears “No records found ”
    I’ve tried to contact dixipay via Email, telephone in Egypt, England, Latvia but no luck.
    Does anyone have a similar experience and what do you advise me to do?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi,Same exact problem with me.I withdrew an amount from Paypal to my Dixiepay Visa card and when I log in my Dixiepay Visa card account all my information disappeared and showing the message “no records found”.All my information disappeared from my account.No balance no transaction history,not even my customer profile is there anymore,everything is showing as “no records found”.This is the 3rd or 4rth time I make a withdrawal from Paypal to Dixiepay Visa.I was able to check my balance and transaction history until only a few days ago until all my information disappeared from my account.All there numbers are not working numbers in Egypt except 1 mobile number that is always switched off or does not answer.What kind of customer rep is that?! No one ever answers on their UK numbers and their US Delaware number is not a working number.Even the UK number that you call if your card is lost or stolen is not a working number.I sent 4 emais with my problem and no response.I called the Moscow office which is the only office that has a real phone number that answers and they said they cannot help me.I don’t understand how come they are putting not working numbers all over the internet;on their website and on Facebook and everywhere.I can not reach anybody there and I don’t know what happened to my money.This service sucks and I am starting to be very suspicious about them.They look like they stole my money and there is no way i can reach them.

  10. Hii karim, I am really amazed by your efforts here and expalnation is really clear and flawless but I had one question is it available to withdraw funds in egypt using a paypal check istead of credit cards because on large amount of money the visa interest will be huge thats beaide its limits which migh be irritatating in some cases and thnx in advance 🙂

  11. Hi kareem
    I have read a lot of articles mentioning that dixipay is not working , i just want to be sure is it working or what have you tried it recently ??
    i have read facebook comments and some say that the bank have stopped since november ,others say dixipay manager died and this is why the delay , others say that card express knows that dixipay visa dont work anymore and still sell them ???
    I do not know what to do i have abig balance on paypal and its been 3 month trying to withdraw them and still nothing seems to be working properly ??

    1. Hello everybody. I have some info regarding dixipay’s status. I’ve been trying to check my dixipay Visa card balance or statement in general for the past 4 days but when I log in it says “no records found”. The account is still active but i get nothing anywhere. I received my card and activated it around the 15th of May 2017. I withdrew all my PayPal funds to the card about a week ago (June 14 or 15 2017) and when I tried to check my balance I got “no records found”. The good news is I just checked my card statement at an ATM machine and all my withdrawn funds from paypal are on the card. My only problem is now I am afraid to try withdrawing anymore funds from paypal to the card.

      1. Hello Shareef,

        I have the same situation, except that I can’t check my balance and I can’t withdraw anything from it.
        Did you check your balance in Egypt? (I’m outside Egypt)

        1. Hi Ahmed. I am in Egypt now. I checked I believe at a Blom Bank ATM. I think its better for us to find a different solution. By the time you are done with all the PayPal and bank transaction fees you’ll find that you lose a lot of money. For example I was sent about $440 USD , by the time they left PayPal they were down to $400. I’m not sure how it works if you are outside but after withdrawing it all to my Dixipay Visa and whatever other fees there are my balance at the ATM was $338. I still have to withdraw from the ATM and I don’t know yet how much I will be charged for that. Major rip-off all together 🙁 I hope it works out for you.

          1. Thanks Shareef for your reply,

            Yes, that’s the last time for me with paypal and dixipay, but it was my only solution.
            I can’t check your balance in ATM machines here, and they only give you the option to withdraw, which is declined of course, so I can’t know if the money reached the card or not.
            Anyway, I’ll try again.
            Thanks again!

          2. Hi Ahmed .
            I want to correct something so that I’m fair to you and all other parties involved. When I checked my balance yesterday it was 3am (I was dead tired) and I hadn’t asked for the printed slip with it (they charge you for that as well). I just checked again and I was somewhat mistaken. I saw my balance as $338 when it is actually $383. This could have been $393 had I waited till the first off the next month. You are charged $5 by PayPal for each withdrawal, I made 2 withdrawals equaling $10 but PayPal can do this for free at the first of each month with an option they have called “Auto-sweep” or “auto withdrawal”. Although you receive payments to PayPal for free (almost everywhere), but withPayPal Egypt you are charged 3.9% + 0.30 USD. So the $440 I received went down to $423 roughly. So $423- $10 (for the withdrawal to the visa card) is $413 . This minus a few fees here and there (I guess) and I get $383 so I could have saved some money. That being said I still don’t know what’s up with Dixipay. I still have a lot of money to withdraw from PayPal but I’m afraid to try. I don’t have any other credit cards (only Dixipay) so I’m thinking of what I can do.

          3. Hello Shareef,

            I don’t care about the fees right now because my problem is with the withdrawal itself.
            My withdrawal was declined 3 times although dixipay confirmed that the money was there!

  12. Hello Karim Toulba,

    First i want to thank you about your effort ,Second i want to ask you In which currency i get the money via dixipay,
    For example if i have USD in my card i could got it in USD in egypt


  13. Hi
    Is the service still running?
    I found many negative feedbacks on different sites regarding the service.
    I tried to call egypt numbers but they was out of service
    I tried to confirm my account since 6 days but not confirmed

  14. Hi kareem
    Hi everybody please i need your help i have received my dixipay visa card and i could not activate it i do not know why ???????
    please tell me what should i do i have already sent an email to customer service but i have no reply tell now ????
    Dr Ahmed Aly

    1. please kareem please guys help me with this issue and i will be very thankful and will love to return your favours back i am an orthopedic surgeon , i work as a part time freelancer as a medical consultant doctor abroad . i am from Alexandria

    2. Ahmed,
      I’m glad you’ve received your DixiPay Card.

      Please be noted that: When you receive your Dixipay Visa card, you will not be able to activate it directly from activation page unless you find it linked to your account in Dixipay first. Go to your Dixipay E-wallet -> Credit card -> DIXIPAY Visa Card List and request to add your card. Once you see your Dixipay Visa card number listed there, then you can go to activation page to activate it (Listing may take up to 5 working days).

      I hope that helps,

      1. Thanks kareem for your fast reply but isn’t there a mobile number for dixipay Egypt customer services .
        I have just passed that 5 business day period maybe i shall wait for a little bit more
        hope anybody in your chat room replies with a number or give a helpful hint about the details of activation ..

  15. When i withdraw money from my paypal account to my Dixipay visa card
    What is the expected time for the transfer process & when the money will appear in my Dixipay account ?

    1. Ashraf,
      Thanks for your comment,
      I think it takes anywhere from 5 days up to 2 weeks to get your money appears in your DixiPay account.
      Please give it a try yourself and let us if you require any further assistance..


      1. Dear, Karin
        Me and my friend withdraw money from paypal to dixipay on 23 Mars
        My friend money appear on paypal as a complete process on 26 Mars & appear on his dixipay account on 27 Mars
        – My money appear on paypal as a complete process on 26 Mars but it doesn’t appear on my dixipay account until now
        I don’t understand why ?
        Notice ( me & my friend withdraw 100$ for every one )

        1. please Ashraf tell us when ever you receive your payment and try to ask your customer service about your delay for more info about such transactions in Egypt .

          If possible could you tell us how exactly did you or your friend activate your dixipay visa card from the day you received it till the day you received your money from an Egyptian ATM ? did you receive it via card express ??
          thanks for your contribution

          1. Hello , Ahmed Aly
            Me and my friend bought dixipay visa card through Card express and we receive it by aramex through 5 days from our request
            We activated it on 20 /3/2017 & withdraw mony from paypal on 23/3/2017
            The money appear on my friend dixipay account on 27/3/2017 & he received his money from an Egyptian ATM on 29/3/2017 ( 1USD = 18.06 EGP )
            Also, I received my money on my dixipay account yesterday 30/3/2017 after I asked Karim but I didn’t receive it from ATM until now
            Best Regards

          2. Hi Ashraf
            a lot of thanks for your fast reply but exactly how did you activate your dixipay visa card ???
            i had it on day 3/7/2017 and still cant activate it is there any ideas i have tried many times ????

  16. Hi kareem toulba

    For the past 3 days i was reading your comments and visiting your blog and i was amazed by your efforts. i am an orthopedic surgeon and i work as a medical consultant or as a online doctor , i have a balance at my paypal but still can not withdraw them i have a US bank account at NBE but it does not have a visa so is there a way to link it to paypal .
    I have also ordered a dixipay as you mentioned from aramex but i still could not get it how did i order it from aramex and not through the dixipay acount ( will that visa be ligitimate )???

    Ahmed Aly

    1. how will that card arrive and does not have a balance in it ???
      i did ordered 1 from your link that was mentioned before , but when i tried to order it from dixipay they asked me to send 100 USD to their bank acount ??? i also choosed paying by cash on arrival or delivery ? is that possible without having any balance at that visa ??? thanks

    2. Ahmed,
      I’m so glad that you like the blog,
      And lease make sure to stick around and follow our updates..
      Here are my replies to your inquiries:

      – You’re not ordering the card from Aramex. Instead you’re getting it from CardXpress. It’s an online retailer reselling DixiPay cards for customers around the globe. And it’s legitimate. Once you receive the card, you should follow the steps mentioned above to sync and activate your card with your DixiPay account.

      – If you’ve ordered DixiPay PrePaid Card (Egypt), Then this card will be pre-charged with $6 to active your Paypal account.

      – Like I’ve explained earlier, CardXpress is an online retailer from which you can get your Dixipay card with a discounted price for Egyptian Residents ($27). Ordering the card directly from DixiPay will require you to deposit a minimum of ($100) in order to qualify for card issuing.

      I think I’ve cleared all your above-mentioned inquiries,
      Please let me know for further issues or concerns,
      Happy to Help 🙂

  17. Dear Karim,

    I need your urgent help.

    Before I order a DIXIPAY Prepaid Visa Card from Cardxpress.net I found that there are two kinds of DIXIPAY Prepaid Visa Card: DIXIPAY Prepaid Visa Card (Egypt) and DIXIPAY Prepaid Visa Card (Global). I was thinking on ordering the DIXIPAY Prepaid Visa Card (Global) not the one for Egypt because I have some friends and they are traveling from time to time to different european countries and I thought that if I ordered the DIXIPAY Prepaid Visa Card (Global) I will be able to give them the card so they can withdraw my profits in foreign currency from any european country. Also I believe that I can use the DIXIPAY Prepaid Visa Card (Global) here in Egypt to withdraw my profits from PayPal using any ATM.

    What do you think about that? Shall I order the one for Global or the other one for Egypt. Please note that I Iive in Egypt and most of the time I will use the card here in Egypt.

    Waiting for your reply.


    1. Mohammed,
      Thanks for your inquiry,
      And I do apologize for that delay to get back to you.

      As for your inquiry, Both cards should work fine in both cases.

      I would prefer DIXIPAY Visa Prepaid Card – Egypt. And you should be able to use this card to withdraw your paypal earnings from anywhere in the world with whatever currency you prefer since earnings are to be withdrawn to your DixiPay account in USD.

      Let me know for any further assistance,

  18. Hi Karim,
    Just need to highlight 2 Points:
    1- when you receive your Dixipay Visa card, you will not be able to activate it directly from activation page unless you find it linked to your account in Dixipay first. Go to your Dixipay e-wallet account -> Credit card -> DIXIPAY Visa Card List -> once you see your Dixipay Visa card number listed here, then you can go to activation page to activate it (to be listed here it may take up to 5 working days)
    2- This card assigned for Egyptian citizens only, so it has a little bit different fees and limits, you can find such special Card Parameter Fees & Limits in CardXpress website here: DIXIPAY Prepaid Visa Card (Egypt Residents)

    Great effort from you as usual. Keep it up please 🙂

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