How To Cancel HostGator Plan? (& Refund Eligibility)

How To Cancel HostGator Plan? (& Refund Eligibility) #HostGator #Cancel #Refund #WordPress

For many reasons, you may need to cancel HostGator account. Regardless of why you want to do that, the process is pretty easy and straight-forward. I will not only show you how to cancel HostGator account. But also, I will tell you about HostGator refund eligibility to see if you’re encountered for a refund after concellation. […]

HostGator Baby vs Business Plan: Which To Choose?

HostGator Baby Vs Business: Plans Comparison

If you’re about to buy web hosting from HostGator, then you need to decide which plan to choose. In this article, I’m reviewing the HostGator Baby vs Business plan. And giving you recommendations based on my own personal experience. One thing before moving forward: You may be wondering why I didn’t mention about the HostGator … Read more

How To Buy Web Hosting From HostGator? (Save 30%)

How To Buy Web Hosting From HostGator? (Save 30%)

Are you searching for a web hosting service for your website/blog? In today’s article, I’m having a discounted offer for you to buy web hosting from Hostgator; The world’s leading web hosting provider. HostGator has been around for a while, and currently hosting millions of websites and domains. […]

How To Change HostGator Favicon? (Quick & Easy)

How To Remove HostGator Favicon? (Quick) #HostGator #Favicon

HostGator is indeed one of the top-rated web hosting providers available in the market. After buying your web hosting plan, HostGator sets a default favicon for your website. In this article, I’m showing you how to change HostGator favicon. Assuming you want to run a blog or a business website, you will definitely need to set … Read more