How To Boost Organic Search Performance (DIY Guide) #Blogging #SEO #Marketing

How To Boost Organic Search Performance (DIY Guide)

I’ve been this person for so many times earlier. I start a website, then I do wonder how to do the perfect SEO for my new site. In this article, I will reveal my exclusive strategy on how to boost organic search performance for your website. I’ve learned a lot about internet marketing and SEO strategies over the past few months. […]

The Ultimate Beginner's SEO Checklist 2017 #SEO #Blogging #Content

The Ultimate Beginner’s SEO Checklist [2018 Update]

I’ve updated this post couple of times to make sure that it has all the great SEO practices that work fast. This ultimate beginner’s SEO checklist is actually one of my favorites. Why? Because I simply don’t hit publish until I go over this list. I want to make sure that my page is perfectly optimized for search engines. […]


Alexa Ranking Widget & How To Boost Alexa Rank

Alexa is considered to be one of the most important factors determining a website popularity. In this article, I’m showing you how to add Alexa Ranking Widget to your WordPress site and how to boost Alexa Rank. Before heading any further, Please be noted that Alexa ranking is not the actual right rank of your site among the competition, However; It’s very crucial for creating a site credibility especially for first-time visitors. […]

Wordpress Duplicate Content Issue [The Ideal SEO Fix]

WordPress Duplicate Content Issue [The Ideal SEO Fix]

Recently, I was running a site audit on one of my niche sites. Surprisingly, I’ve got to find that many pages are reported to be having Wordpress duplicate content issue, while they’re not duplicated at all. I was like wondering how those pages could be duplicated while there is no any similar text in common? […]

Best 25+ Blog Submission Sites (Manually Verified) #PR #Submission #Blogging

20 Best Free Blog Submission Sites for SEO (Verified)

Are you looking to get quality backlinks with high Domain Authority (DA)? I’m shortlisting the best 20+ blog submission sites. I have manually verified these links. They’re all working and will give you a strong SEO boost. This are kind of sites that indexes blog sites in directories earning you free quality backlinks. […]

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