BlueHost Vs WordPress Vs Shared Hosting (Explained)

It’s not that easy to decide which hosting company to choose for your website. It even takes time and effort to understand different terms like; BlueHost Vs WordPress Vs Shared Hosting.

In this article, you will find your way into understanding these terms correctly. Furthermore, I will guide you along the way into building your own website. Just follow a long.

First of all, There are many web hosting companies available in the market. The prices are very competitive. And you know what; a few of them proved to be reliable enough.

Some of these web hosting companies offer very good uptime and service quality. But many others could slow down your website and risk your content marketing efforts.

I’ve been using BlueHost for such a long time now. And honestly, they’re on of the best with a great uptime and service quality. Furthermore, They’ve got everything you may need to establish and grow an online business.

For many beginners and newbies, It’s hard to understand the difference between; BlueHost as a web hosting provider, WordPress as a blogging software and regular shared hosting. Let’s make things clear for everyone.



BlueHost is a leading web hosting company that is owned and operated by EIG (Endurance International Group). Its the same company that is owning other big hosting brands such as; HostGator, iPage and HostMonster.

The umbrella company (EIG) is indeed located in the Unites States. And currently having over 2,500 employees. While the above-mentioned are of the world’s top web hosting providers, they’ve got a long list of sub-companies.

BlueHost does offer their customers a wide range of web hosting services such as; Regular Shared Hosting, WordPress Optimized Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Servers. In here, we’ll talk in-depth about Shared Hosting which is very suitable for your blog or even business website.

Building a website has never been easier with BlueHost. Today, you can build a professional website on BlueHost as easy as 1,2,3. Featuring affordable plans, You can build your website for as low as 3.95 per month.

Who don’t like Freebies? BlueHost do offer additional freebies along with their web hosting services. Here is a quick glance of what extras you’ll get for free:

  • Free Domain Name Registration.
  • Free SSL Certificate (https).
  • Free Advertising Credits ($200 Worth).
  • Fully WordPress Optimized (Performance)
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

But nothing is 100% perfect! BlueHost is one of the leading web hosting companies with over 2 million websites hosted on their platform. Yet, there are downtimes and problems that customer’s have reported over the years.

As a BlueHost paying customer, all the issues I’ve got to face didn’t take more than a few minutes. They’ve quickly got resolved, thanks to their dedicated team. BlueHost is a nice scalable web hosting company that you can use if you’re on a budget and thinking about launching a blog or a website.

Check BlueHost Sale Price

Bluehost vs WordPress:

WordPress is a content management system that allows you to run a blog or a website easily. It has everything you may need to add, edit or publish content on your website.

WordPress has been extensively developed over the years to offer an ultimate performance. Almost 30% of the internet websites have been built on WordPress.

It’s completely free to use WordPress. While you still need to pay for BlueHost hosting, WordPres – the software itself – is free to use for as long as you want.

BlueHost and WordPress are both businesses and they keen to make profits. I won’t say BlueHost is the best web hosting provider out there. But WordPress is officially recommending BlueHost. Why? Maybe it’s a kind of a partnership between both companies?

Over all, BlueHost is a web hosting company. And WordPress is a software that is to be installed on your BlueHost web hosting account to let you build and manage your website.

Shared Hosting (by Bluehost):

This type is one of the web hosting services available in the market. And it’s the most basic one suitable for beginners and newbies getting started.

Talking traffic; Shared Hosting should be sufficient for low and medium traffic sites. But in case you want to host a website that is receiving high volume traffic (>1million monthly visitors), you should consider VPS or Dedicated Server hosting instead.

I can blow your mind with different web hosting terms and server resources stuff, but I want to keep it basic and simple as possible. Shared hosting is the most basic hosting service type. It’s relatively cheap and should be your ultimate choice for a business website or a blog.

One thing to clear off here; BlueHost should be an awesome choice if you want to start a brand-new website. In case you would like to migrate a website from other company to BlueHost, there would be a hefty migration fee of $149. Unless you can do the migration yourself, BlueHost is not for you here.

Instead, you can use other web hosting companies that are offering Free website transfer such as; FastComet. This way, the technical guys at FastComet will take care of migrating your website (free of charge).

Besides the free migration service, FastComet is offering tons of freebies and add-ons that you won’t find together somewhere else. Read my 10-month FastComet service review (includes analysis and performance test).

WordPress Optimized Hosting by Bluehost:

BlueHost is also offering WordPress Optimized Hosting. And this is the next-level web hostng service for high-traffic websites. While it’s the same shared hosting idea, Your website got deployed with additional dedicated server resources.

WordPress Optimized Hosting is in the middle between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting. You should only consider this type of hosting if you’re receiving high traffic on your website.

If I’m to go for WordPress Optimized Hosting, I would go with another WordPress hosting specialized companies such as; WPX Hosting. They’re offering a high quality web hosting service packed with premium features and security addons.

As long as you’re below (100K monthly visitors). BlueHost shared hosting should be a very sufficient and cheaper solution to run your online business.

BlueHost Vs WordPress Vs Shared Hosting (Conclusion):

Now, you’ve got to understand the difference between BlueHost vs WordPress vs Shared Hosting. Furthermore, Let me wrap your choice up below:

That was all. I made sure to keep it basic and simple as possible. Please let me know your thougts in the comments section below. I would love to hear back from your side.

Thanks again for reading. Also, Don’t forget to shared this article about BlueHost vs WordPress vs Shared Hosting with everyone on social media. I would really appreciate that from you.

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