BlueHost Email Setup: The Ideal Settings Guide

After purchasing a web host, BlueHost Email Setup is the first thing to do right away. In this article, I will show you in details how to use BlueHost Webmail login to setup a custom email address.

A custom email address is a must today. It’s the first thing I check every time I receive an email. Having a custom email address ( is actually a part of your business brand identity. Without it, You may loose many potential opportunities.

This detailed article works as a BlueHost Email Setup Review. I will also show you in details how to use BlueHost Email Settings like a pro. I will also show you how to create your custom email address yourself right away.

First: Sign Up For BlueHost Web Hosting

Have you already bought web hosting from BlueHost? If so, you can just skip this step and proceed with the other technical settings for the ideal bluehost email setup.

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What is BlueHost Webmail?

Before heading any further, Let me give you more details about the BlueHost Webmail. Basically, It’s a mail-client application allows you to access and manage your custom email addresses easily. Webmail application comes integrated with your web hosting account control panel.

I see many users nowadays are using mail-client tools like ThunderBird, Microsoft Outlook, or Opera Mail. They are great! Yet, BlueHost Webmail will give you a huge flexibility to access your email from anywhre using a web browser.

It’s a great solution to send and receive emails on the go.

BlueHost Webmail Server Clients:

cPanel is the web hosting control panel that is being used on BlueHost servers. In there, There are many tools to manage your site including the Webmail. Upon accessing it, You can choose an email client from RoundcubeHorde or SquirelMail.

  • You can choose a different client every time you log in.
  • You can set one client as a default (I recommend Horde).

Horde is a promising Email server client to manage your business emails. In addition to emails, Horde will help you manage note, calendars & tasks. Overall, It’s the complete solution to run your business.

BlueHost Email Setup:

Now, It’s time to do the BlueHost email setup for a custom email address ( BlueHost email setup is the first thing you MUST do after buying a web host. With such a business email, You can reach out to potential customers. This basically tells them you mean business and not just playing around.

Let’s follow the steps below to create an email address in BlueHost:

  • Visit BlueHost Client Portal.
  • Put in your Email Address & Password, then hit “Login
  • From the left-sided menu, Click on “Email“.
  • Put in the required info; Email User, Password, Quota.
  • Then, Click “Creat Account” & you’re done!

How To Use BlueHost Webmail Login

Make sure to remember the Email User and Password you set in there. We’re going to use them again to BlueHost Webmail Login. Congratulations! You’ve just created your first business email.

BlueHost Webmail Login:

To access BlueHost Webmail Login page, You don’t have to do any setup or configuration. It’s pretty straight-forward and accessible via your web browser. You can follow the steps below:

  • Visit BlueHost Client Portal.
  • Click on Webmail Tab on the top right.
  • Put in your Email Address & Password, then hit “Login

BlueHost Email SetupAfter logging in, You will be asked to choose an email client from RoundcubeHorde or SquirelMail. I do usually prefer to use RoundCube. Yet, It’s all up to you to decide which email client to use for your email. Click on one of the options to proceed.

BlueHost Webmail Server Clients

Congratulations, You’ve just landed on your Email Address inbox.

BlueHost Webmail Inbox

BlueHost Email Problems:

I’ve been using BlueHost for a long time and I can confirm their services are reliable. I have experienced a few bluehost email issues within the past few years. Everything works perfectly for me.

Yet, You may also encounter a technical issue or a glitch on sending and receiving emails. I made sure to include the potential error messages in here to make this guide as complete and inclusive as possible. This is a detailed BlueHost Email setup guide for you.

Here are some of the expected BlueHost Email problems you may receive:

* Maximum Email Numbers per Hour

Usually, Hosting companies used to set a limit for the maximum emails that could be send per hour. This method helps them to control and eliminate spamming on the server. You can send a maximum of 150 email messages per each hour.

Maximum Email Numbers per Hour email error

Solution: The limit is okay for businesses sending out emails. But it will be problematic to send out emails for a mailing list that has over 150 contacts. You can work around it by splitting the list on small lists each time, but it will be a bit of a hassle and time consuming.

If setting up a mailing list is your case, I would recommend using the apps that have been designed for that purpose. I would recommend MailerLite or ConvertKit. This way you can easily email your clients without such limits.

* 550 Verification Failed

This is another potential error message you may receive. It could be due to one email account exceeding its quota. Or it could be related to authentication of the SMTP server from the email client.


Solution: You will need to login to BlueHost Client Portal and adjust the email account’s quota. You can go to Email Accounts and delete emails to decrease the Disk Space size. Alternatively, You can increase the Disk Quota storage by selecting Change Quota.

After increasing it, You can resend emails again without receiving such error messages.

* BlueHost Email Down

Is BlueHost Webmail down? This is due to email messages being queued up on BlueHost’s mail proxy server.  This long queue makes bluehost email server down for a bit. Unfortunately, There is no solution here. You will need to wait for a few minutes for the email to be sent out automatically before you try re-sending it.

I have experienced this issue a few times and it has been resolved right away in a few minutes. Yet, Your experiencing might be different. If this issue is frequent and you can’t handle it anymore, You might need to check Best BlueHost Alternatives (Quick Shortlist).

Bluehost Email Login – Conclusion:

My experience with BlueHost has been outstanding over the past few years. That’s why I keep recommending their services. Even when anything goes wrong or glitches, Their support staff are very helpful over the live chat. Overall, Their services are top-notch and worth giving them a try today.

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In this article, I made sure to cover all the essentials on how to use BlueHost Email Setup to create custom email addresses ( I’ve also covered the potential error messages you may receive in their. And now, It’s all over to you.

If you just purchased your BlueHost account,
Start creating your awesome website using the definitive guides below:

Please let me know in comments section below if you require any further assistance on BlueHost email setup. If you find this quick tutorial useful, make sure to share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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