Best 10+ World’s Top Tech Websites (Revealed)

I love technology! And I adore following related updates and news. Searching for the Top Tech Websites can be overwhelming. In this article, I’m revealing my own list of top 10 tech websites I used to follow over the past years.

In the current technology era, It’s important for everyone to be updated with the technology news and updates. It’s always wise to know what’s happening in the world around you. Thanks to the internet, Everything becaome knowledgeable today!

There are tons of tech websites on the internet. But a few of them just proved to be reliable enough. Here, I’m sharing with you the top tech websites with millions of followers around the world.

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Furthermore, The following articles will be very useful:

The World’s Top Tech Websites:

Let’s proceed with listing the world’s top tech websites and blogs on the internet. I made sure to only list high quality websites that are being followed by millions every months. These are the best computer websites for students and enthusiasts around the world

1. The Next Web:

I consider this website as a real internet pearl. It has everything you need to know about in technology world. People loves this site. Over a few million users visit this website every month. And counting!

New technologies and Internet Apps updates are widely discussed on this website. Furthermore, It also cover gears and gadgets updates in details. All these categories make it one of the leading top tech websites.

This website is a gem for enthusiasts. The company has expanded from just a news site to additional markets such as online shopping and conferneces. Here, I mean  TNW Deals, TNW Conference and Events.

2. Mashable:

The video input is what’s make this site to stand out. The entries in there are receiving tons of social media shares each month. What is Mashable? It’s a technology news website that provide business and technology updates in different formats; Articles, Videos, Infographic Images, ..etc.

The website receives ~ 40 million visits per month. And the company has ~ 30 million social media followers. All these facts makes Mashable a leading technology resource.

The website covers articles about Apps, Design & Software. Business deals and entrepreneurial movement is being widely discussed as well. The website also goes a bit further to serve culture and entertainment categories.

Upon their own claiming; Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. Mashable Tech Websites are of a great value for all technology enthusiasts like you.

3. Tech Crunch:

This website is dedicated to provide updates and information on new released gears and gadgets. It also reviews online platforms, portals and apps.TechCrunch is an information technology magazine.

It widely covers the technology events handled by the tech giants like; Dell, HP, Adobe, ..etc. These coverages made this website a one-stop destination to follow up with these events and what’s happening in there!

Furthermore, This website is doing great job in terms of profiling startups and their funding sources. It also provides a large open databases on start-up companies, people and investors. This made TechCrunch to become a leading statistical resource for technology companies and transactions.

With more than 2 million social media followers, This website proved to be an ultimate resource for technology enthusiasts. I’m sure you will love it exactly like how much I do. TechCrunch Tech Websites will address your desire to learn more about technology and online inventions.

4. Cnet:

This website is a huge informative resource that covers product updates, new released and expert’s reviews. Millions of users are checking Cnet Tech Websites before buying digital products online.

The site runs a busy forum for the website member. People there are enthusiastic, influential and helpful. Feel free to sign up for a free membership and join one of the most informative forums on the internet. Cnet is said to be one of the best computer websites.

5. The Verge:

This is definitely one of the top tech websites. It has been widely known for it’s detailed reviews about newly released products in the market.

Once you visit the site, You will be surprised how high quality the articles are. They also enrich these written resources with many products images. This makes it a great site for product reviews and information.

6. Wired:

This is another huge resource for enthusiasts. While covering technology news & updates, This website offers a great value for web developers and web designers.

This website also covers the latest news about new gadgets, security devices, video series, science and entertainment in extensive details. This information made it one of the top tech websites in the market.

7. Tech Radar:

techradar-best tech websites

This website is a whole different platform. It’s all based on reviews and ratings for the newly released gadgets and devices. What’s awesome here is that all reviews are ultimately based on users experiences.

If you’re up to buy a mobile device, Make sure to check the rating and reviews on this site first. It will give you a clear idea whether this products is the best for you. It also will give you recommendations based on your budget. Not only that, But also it covers laptops, computers & other devices.

This website covers the latest computer technology news. The Tech Radar also provides news and updates on software and operating systems. Everything in there is being widely discussed and reviewed to let you take the ultimate buying decisions.

Did I mention that this technology website covers modern car news and updates as well? Yes, It does. Furthermore, It offers detailed comparisons between different technologies being used in modern cars. A bit far, but enthusiastic! I loved that section myself.

8. Venture Beat:

Founded in 2006, VentureBeat is a rich hub for technology events and research news. The content in there is targeting the excutives, entrepreneurs and business owners.

They deliver their knowledge via articles, events and a very interesting newsletter. They are even go further to provide research data and analytical information on the technology updates. Overall, You will love this site!


If you’re a gadget enthusiast, then you certainly don’t want to miss this website. It basically provides the most informative guides and articles about gadgets on the internet. Whatever you may be seeking for is right there; Photography, Smart Phones, Laptops, Tablets ..etc.

This website will also help you to take the best buying decision for gadgets. It’s a one-stop destination for reviews and user experiences. Gizmodo will ultimately give you what you need to choose the perfect gadget based on your requirements.


digitaltrends top 10 tech websites

The website covers articles about laptops, computers, gadgets & lifestyle products. Furthermore, It taps into modern cars, music & photography news.

The motto says “upgrade your lifestyle”. This is simply unveils what this website is all about. DigitalTrends is aiming at sharing information and breaking news about information technology. It also covers a lot of digital products like the iPhone and Adroind apps.

Best Information Technology Websites

The above top 10 tech websites list is having my best ever information technology websites. Furthermore, I’ve more sites to reveal for you. The following websites will offer you an additional informational knowledge.

I’ve basically asked every single person I’ve worked with over the past few years the same question; What is your best technology websites? And in addition to the above list, Here is another categorized list for you.

Information Technology News:

Best Tech Product Websites:

Top 10 Tech Websites – Conclusion:

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Here, You’ve got to see my exclusive list for the best 10+ World’s Top Tech Websites. If you think I’ve missed a website or a tech blog, Please do let me know in the comments below about your top 10 tech websites. And don’t forget to share this awesome article with everyone on social media.

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