Best Perl Web Hosting Providers (#3 is Incredible)

Have you been looking for a reputable Perl CGI web hosting provider? In this article, I’m reviewing the best Perl web hosting providers with the top-line support quality.

Here, I will only mention those companies that offer secure web hosting platforms. Furthermore, they’re all offering a free access to SSH, SFTP, SSL, and many other features. These all will guarantee running a highly performing Perl website for your business.

Connecting to your web hosting account via SSH will give you usage flexibility when it comes to Perl coding. For me, I won’t go fo the control panel options right there. Instead, I prefer a root SSH access to build my project.

What is Perl Programming?

Before getting started, let’s have a quick glance at this language. Perl programming is a member of the script-based family of programming languages. It is an open source software whose initial development is credited to the Unix scripting work of Larry Wall in 1987.

Perl ranks highly among the most stable, dynamic, cross-platform languages. What you might not know is that Perl is actually an acronym for “Practical Extraction and Report Language“.

Some of the most important features of Perl draw from the strengths of other languages including BASIC, C, sh, awk, and sed. Its independent DBI (Database Interface) enables the integration of third-party database platforms such as MySQL, Sybase, Oracle, and Postgres.

Perl Features:

Being an interpreted language, Perl can be run without undergoing compilations to transform it into a nonportable executable program. Conventional compilers will often change the executable files to machine language.

Perl’s features have been developing incrementally with the release of new versions. For example, Perl 5 features capable of supporting object-oriented programming (OOP), first-class functions, and sophisticated data structures.

Some of these features include:

  • Lexically-scoped variables.
  • Class-based method dispatch.
  • Dependencies & Packages.
  • References and compiler directives.
  • Perl 5 enables packaging code into reusable modules.

With all these features, Perl has many applications. First, it has been mainly applied in writing CGI (Common Gateway Interface) scripts

Perl Projects Examples:

Examples of huge projects that rely on Perl programming include websites with high traffic such as; IMDb, Craiglist, and Priceline. It has also been used as an optional component to replace Python or PHP in the web development of the famous LAMP web services stack.

Perl also glues interfaces and systems whose initial designs hinder their interoperation. Finally, it is also possible to use Perl for the development of a GUI (Graphical User Interface).

Perl Programming Limitations:

Altogether, there are some limitations associated with using Perl. For example, Perl code is often untidy and unreadable because there are numerous approaches to accomplish the same outcome.

Scripting is slower and the OOP is not properly implemented. Perl language has poor argument handling and lacks an interpreter shell. Also, its libraries are not the best organized.

Best Perl Web Hosting Providers:

In here, I’ve made sure to only list the best companies with the best-secured services. The following web hosting providers are 100% supportive to Perl programming and CGI scripting.

1. BlueHost:


This is a reputable company that I personally recommend and use for my projects. BlueHost is offering different options and a wide range of tools. Their pricing starts at $3.95/month.

You will be able to install Perl and get direct access to the required programming directory via SSH. you just may need to contact support for the complete SSH access if it’s not enabled by default.

BlueHost is proudly empowering over 2 million domain names. They’re offering a great value for their customers for advanced Perl language programming.

Furthermore, BlueHost plans offer high bandwidth limits to help with your projects. If you’re into developing a big project with lots of users, you may need to consider getting a VPS with more CPU resources.

2. GreenGeeks:


This is another great hosting provider. I’m been using GreenGeeks for a couple websites. I’m very happy and satisfied with the outcome. Furthermore, I’m saving the planet using their green environment-friendly services.

GreenGeeks is offering full access to Perl libraries, SSH, and Free SSL Certificate. Their premium service ensures getting the maximum performance without affecting the loading speed.

Their web hosting control panel has got tons of features in terms of how to control your website. You can also follow up your automatic backups and restore it any point you would like for your site.

3. FastComet:


This is indeed one of the best web hosting companies in the market today. They provide Perl and CGI integration and libraries with any extra charges or hidden fees. Furthermore, you will get an influential control panel with tons of features and options to manage your website.

FastComet has been widely known for the ultimate performance in terms of loading speed and server resources. They’re offering multiple server locations to choose from for your website hosting.

Here are additional premium features:

    • Full SSD Hosting.
    • Free Domain Name for Life
    • Same Renewal Price
    • 45-Days Money Back Guarantee
    • 24/7/365 Technical Support.
    • Almost 100% Uptime.
    • Free CloudFlare CDN.
    • Free Automated Backups
    • 8 Data Center Location
  • Free SSL Certificates Included.
  • Free Website Migration.
  • Dedicated Server Resources (CPU & Memory).
  • Advanced Security.
  • Advanced Caching Techniques (Boosts Site Speed).
  • And many more.

FastComet prices are pretty low compared to other providers offering the same features. Also, you will get the same renewal price. And this means the price won’t increase on future renewals (this is really good!).


Perl Web Hosting comes with numerous benefits such as; Free distribution, Ease of using, Efficiency, Completeness, Text processing optimization, and Socket capability to enable reading/writing TCP/IP sockets.

It comes with inbuilt debugging features to speed up debugging. Perl also readily works with the majority of the server platforms out there including Windows 95/NT, UNIX variants, Macintosh, OS/2 and MS-DOS.

In conclusion, Perl is an excellent programming and web development language that integrates well with different platforms despite its few limitations. That was it all about the best Perl web hosting providers.

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