BlueHost Down? Best BlueHost Alternatives

While I use and recommend BlueHost several times on here, Yet BlueHost down issues happen. I’ve got to see that many users are complaining about their BlueHost hosting. In this article, I’m shortlisting the best BlueHost alternatives to migrate when your site is down.

For me, I had experienced a few downtimes over the past few years. For me, That was understandable and I could handle them. It ever didn’t take more than a few minutes before getting my sites back up.

However; Many other users may not like it this way. They could not afford such downtimes especially on running an ecommerce site. These kind of website owners are 100% depending on their online presence. Basically, Every second of BlueHost down issue really counts.

If you couldn’t handle the downtime anymore and looking for the best BlueHost alternatives, This shortlist is exactly for you. I will make sure to make it as informative and short as possible for your convenience.

When To Migrate Away From BlueHost?

Before deciding to migrate your website to the best BlueHost alternatives, I would recommend you to wait and evaluate the situation based on the following points:

  • BlueHost Down less than 5 minutes? Don’t Migrate.
  • Negative feedback, But you didn’t encounter anything? Don’t Migrate.
  • BlueHost Down more than 5 minutes and frequent? Do Migrate. 
  • BlueHost Customer Support is not Helpful? Do Migrate.

Please be noted that BlueHost is a large-scaled company with thousands of thousands of clients from around the world. That being said, They are managing hundreds of servers on a data-center scale. Accordingly, Each client’s experience may vary from others as for BlueHost down issues.

You may not have experienced any issues using their services. Yet, Other clients may have been experiencing many issues. Basically, I’m telling you that each client’s experience is different from others. So make sure to carefully evaluate your situation before deciding to migrate away.

BlueHost Cancellation: You can cancel your Bluehost account from here.

Best BlueHost Alternatives:

Here, I made sure to list the best BlueHost alternatives based on my own experience. If you’re encountering BlueHost down issues, Please check the following shortlist and let’s find your perfect hosting provider.

NB: You won’t find HostGator in here. Why? Because BlueHost and HostGator same company. They both are owned and managed by EIG (Endurance International Group).


GreenGeeks PHP 7 WordPress Hosting

Claiming to be the world’s #1 Green Web Hosting, GreenGeeks has been around for a long time. They’re offering a great web hosting services and an excellent customer support response time.

Their shared hosting service are perfect for projects requiring supported PHP 7 environment. They’re also featuring a free CDN included. This will help boosting your wordpress website speed with W3 Total Cache plugin.

Their prices are starting at $3.95/mo (60% OFF) & featuring:

  • Unlimited SSD Web Space & Data Transfer
  • FREE Domain Name Registration or Transfer
  • FREE Website Transfer Service
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Their support staff are helpful and always there to help. I used to get a reply within a few minutes after placing my support request. This is great especially when you’re encountering a technical issue on your site; and you’re not a geek!

Furthermore, GreenGeeks will walk the extra mile and transfer your site FREE. All you have to do is to provide them with your site’s login details, and they will do the rest. Their staff will take care of the entire website transfer process for you.

Overall, GreenGeeks should be a great alternative to BlueHost down issues. Their package comes with Unlimited Data Storage and Transfer which will give you all you need to run your website.

Go To GreenGeeks (60% OFF + FREE Domain)

WPX Hosting:

WPX Hosting PHP 7 Hosting for WordPress

WPX Hosting has been featured for their high-end WordPress hosting. Their plans have been designed and optimized to serve high-traffic WordPress sites. They’ve been around for a long time and they used to offer a nice hosting experience for their clients.

They are a bit expensive than BlueHost, Though it’s a great value for money. On my own personal experience, I’ve used to get a 217% site speed boost after migrating to their services. Their hosting is fully-managed with a complete WordPress support.

Their pricing embarks at $24.99/mo for 5 WordPress websites (each for ~ $5 is not bad at all). So it’s highly suggested if you’re looking to host up to 5 WordPress websites on the same hosting account with WPX Hosting.

The Pros:

  • PHP 7 Support
  • FREE Website Transfer Service
  • FREE SSL Certificate (HTTPS)
  • Managed WordPress Hosting (value)

The Cons:

  • Relatively expensive.

I promised to only suggest reputable BlueHost alternatives. WPX Hosting is great hosting provider which you won’t regret migrating to. Their support staff are always there to help at that time of need. Their support response time is beyoned a few minutes which is excellent.

Go To WPX Hosting ($50 OFF Discount Coupon)

BlueHost Down? Best Alternatives To BlueHost:

BlueHost Down Issues

I could have listed more reputable companies to use when BlueHost down happens, but I made sure to make it quick. GreenGeeks and WPXHosting are great options as BlueHost alternatives.

If you’re on a budget and looking forward to host a low-traffic site, then I would say go with GreenGeeks. However; If you’re after hosting your heavy traffic site, then WPXHosting should be your ultimate choice.

That was all helping you to find reputable BlueHost Alternatives. Please feel free to let me know for any questions or inquiries you may have in the comments below. And don’t forget to share this article with everyone on social media.

4 thoughts on “BlueHost Down? Best BlueHost Alternatives”

  1. I’m with bluehost and hear horror stories about them. However, as I’m based in the UK, my downtime 99% of the time happens during my night time. I’ve only had one long downtime that went into business hours. Most of my downtimes are around 20 minutes and don’t bother me as they are at night-time and perhaps once a month.

    I have heard from the blogging community that Siteground is the best service provider to be with.

    1. If you’re affected by BlueHost downtime issues, I would recommend giving GreenGeeks a try. They are even willing to migrate your site from BlueHost to their platform completely free of charge.

      To be honest, I’m not a big fan of SiteGroud due to the limitations that come with their package. It’s great for a simple site, however; it’s not that recommended for a large growing site.

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