How to Earn Money from AdFly Url Shortner?

The Internet has gone a long way since it has been introduced to mankind. It has changed the way we live in different ways. In this article today, I’m shedding more light on how to earn money online from AdFly URL Shortner.

From the way we play, learn, or communicate; The internet has helped us make things convenient for all of us. And yes, you can make money online in the comfort of your pajamas.

Requirements? You just need to:

  • Be able to read & write English properly.
  • Willing to learn things quickly.

And then, you should be good to go earning money online. In today’s article, I’m giving you more information on one of the easiest ways to make money online. Grab your coffee and let’s see what works!

What is AdFly?

AdFly is a URL shortener service that allows you to create beautiful small links with redirects. In addition to the service, It allows link publishers to earn money online from online advertisements.

On shortening a link, AdFly will a transitional page with an advertisement. Every time a visitor clicks on an AdFly link, they will first view a redirection countdown along with a full-page advertisement.

They can click the skip button and go to their destination URL. And on viewing or clicking on the Ad, Revenue is being calculated. The publisher of the link could earn as much as 50% of the advertising revenue.

How do AdFly works?

AdFly Review

Promoters pay AdFly to put their advertisements in those transitional pages. Promotors have got a wide range of options to choose a target country and setting up budgets.

As for publishers; there are multiple ways to earn money through AdFly URL shortener. Literally, AdFly is the most trusted and oldest URL shortener service.

On a quick check, I’ve found many bloggers reported a great success earning money with AdFly. And yet, AdFly guys are the first to introduce this system of passive earning and online marketing.

There is no need to pay anyone or make any investments to join AdFly. Instead, they will pay you to use their service and display their ads. Many publishers have gotten nothing but good experience using AdFly.

How to Start Making Money on AdFly?

How To Earn Money on AdFly

There is no need to pay anyone or make any investments to join AdFly. Instead, they will pay you to use their service and display their ads. Many publishers have gotten nothing but good experience using AdFly.

You’ll only need to follow a few simple instructions to start making money using AdFly. And here’s what you have to do in quick simple steps:

  • Register account with AdFly.
  • Enter a URL & click on the word ‘Shrink!’.
  • Copy, Paste that link and promote it everywhere.
  • You’ll make money every time someone clicks on that link.

You can use this shortened link everywhere on the internet. You may use it in Facebook, Twitter, Forums, Websites, ..etc. Just replace the normal link with an AdFly shortened link to make money.

Best Places to Post AdFly Links:

Here are some of the best places to post AdFly links. You will definitely make money every time someone uses your links and view the associated Ads. Let’s see:

  • Your own Blogs & Website.
  • Blog Comments.
  • Forums Threads & Posts:

Many Forums allow AdFly links in your threads and posts. Your earnings will increase passively on the long-term using Forum Posts. Furthermore, Here are a few tips to increase your AdFly earnings on Forums:

  • Find a trending topic in a specific niche.
  • Find Related Forums. Post and Interact with other members.
  • Provide value that attracts visitors to use your links.

Affiliate Referral Marketing is another way to make money on AdFly. All you need is to refer your friends, family, relatives or anyone to join AdFly. You will make 20% of their earnings for the lifetime.

AdFly Revenue Per Click:

Well, That’s another good question. How much can you earn per click on AdFly? This depends on the number of people that clicks on your link. There is limitless potential to make more money.

It also depends on the visitor’s location. But to give a clear number, you can earn $2  for every 1,000 clicks on your link. This is an average rate. Furthermore, you can take benefit from their Referral Program.

If you want to earn more using AdFly, Here are ways to improve your earnings:

  • Increase Links – More links mean more earnings.
  • Create Attractive Links – Attractive links increase chances to get clicks.
  • Traffic Volume – The more people visit your link, the more clicks you get.

AdFly Alternatives:

AdFly is a great service. And it allows you to make money easily. It’s pretty easy and straight-forward to create links and share them everywhere. You will make money by helping others via links!

AdFly is the first of it’s kind offering such monetization with URL-Shortening service. Later on, many companies have joined the industry. Here are a few AdFly alternatives that have proved to be reputable..

Link.Bucks – It’s very similar to AdFly! But way better in terms of the probability to make money. They’ve got a decent referral program too. Payments can be cashout immediately through Payza and PayPal.  – The newest in the line. It has received many get good reviews over the past year. Based on the traffic and visitor’s location, you can get 10 times more earning than what you receive with AdFly.

ShrinkEarn – This is the highest-paying URL shortener service provider. It has got a very high CPM rate. Furthermore, It offers exceptionally high referral commissions.

These were a few reputable AdFly alternatives that have proved to be reliable. Many other bloggers and online hustlers have tried them and got paid. I highly recommend checking them out!

AdFly Vs Bitly:

How To Earn Money on AdFly

The use of online URL Shortening has shown a big rise over the past year alone. That has happened because of the increasing numbers of internet users around the world. This service is becoming more popular on the internet and social networks.

Some of the most popular platforms are; AdFly and Bitly. They both offer Google Analytics integration and on-site performance monitoring. Comparatively, It’s easier to make money on AdFly on a per-click basis.

While many sites have banned using AdFly URL Shortener. Bitly, on the other side, is more accepted, especially on microblogging sites. It has been the default URL Shortener replacing TinyURL since May 2009.

Bitly also powers more than 10,000 customized short URLs. And it offers an extensive enterprise analytics that aids in growing social media traffic for big brands and web publishers.

When it comes to making money; Bitly never pays! They don’t allow any advertisement on their platform. It only shortens the URL size into a more manageable one while still keeping the link working.

Benefits of Bitly includes:

  • Shortens your URL
  • It can be integrated with many social networks
  • You can make money online with your Links

Security wise; AdFly is on the risky side since it does not guarantee security on files that are linked with AdFly. There have been many assumptions that AdFly could be a scam.

Bitly, on the other hand, allows users to report to them whenever visitors feel that a URL is a little bit awkward. This way, they’re making their users feel more secured and safe.

AdFly Review: Final Verdict

There are many ways in which you can earn money through AdFly. It is the most trusted and oldest URL shortener service. There are many bloggers and online hustlers that have experienced success with AdFly. Furthermore, they’ve been sharing proofs of payments.

There is no need to pay anyone or make an investment to join AdFly. Instead, they pay you to use their service and promote their advertising pages.

That was an honest AdFly review and how to earn money from their URL shortening service. Please let me know in comments below for any questions. Also, don’t forget to share this article with everyone on social media.

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