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We’re interested in entrepreneurship, startups, and the internet. We’re the creators behind GrowCheap. We find a great interest in sharing thoughts and insights about blogging and making money online.

We started up GrowCheap out of a real passion for helping others to start their online side hustling careers. We’re targeting to be the number one online resource to grow an online hustle on a budget. Our real core is that you don’t need to have so much money to get started; however, all you need are hard work, persistence, and time.

Proudly, We had no any tech-related studies but passion. Only real passion was the whole thing!

How did we Get Started?

Entrepreneurship has been inside us since 2009 when we got our very first freelancing job. It was a logo design task which we got paid roughly $7 USD for it. This was actually the first payment we’ve ever received online.

We were like so proud, and we got to believe that we seriously have something to offer our clients and get paid for. We liked it very much, and we started to dedicate more time to our freelancing career.

Things worked out so awesome. We got multiple projects lined up on our schedule. We helped dozens of clients to establish their online career as we were mainly developing websites, designing graphics, and coding astonishing web pages.

Leveling Up:

We managed to line up a very good savings amount out of our freelancing work. We were always thinking about leveling up our online business.

Freelancing is great, but we had several questions in mind: Would we keep trading hours for dollars until the rest of our life? Would we be able to spend 40 hours a week when we’re like 40+ years old or something?

Freelancing is really awesome, but the fact is that if you got sick or spent a vacation with the family for like a few days, your income would be heavily affected. During the summer, clients are not on their desks, and thus your freelancing activity would significantly decrease.

We thought like the great idea would be investing in a real business. We wanted to start-up a business that grows passively without us being so soaked and involved +40 hours a week. We wanted the freedom to go on a vacation, to travel the world, or even to get sick while the money is still rolling in and not so much affected!

GrowCheap, Blogging as a Career:

What’s amazing about the internet side hustling is that you can run multiple successful businesses and grow as you go. We learned it the hard way not to put all the eggs in one pocket. Since then, we made sure to create and invest in multiple streams of income.

In December 2015, We got to know about blogging and how bloggers can make fortunes right from their online blogs. It was when We first stumbled upon Pat Flynn’s website: The Smart Passive Income. I was like wondering how he could make close to the six figures on monthly basis passively out of his online blog.

I delved deeper into this route to find out more, and surprisingly We were hooked from day one. We started up GrowCheap blog initially out of a huge inspirational spike. I as so motivated and I thought like the money is just sitting there waiting for us to start-up a blog!

Launch, Abandon, Re-Launch:

We launched the blog for the first time back in December 2015. We started blogging with high success hopes. A few weeks later, we were very disappointed as we found out that we were putting in time and efforts with so minimal or no traffic at all. Nobody cares about what we blog about!

We abandoned the blog for a long time until recently we started back blogging. I believe that what happened was we got so motivated to start a blog and make millions. We didn’t make millions, so we abandoned the blog for a while.

During that time, we learned indirectly about the real core of blogging and how it’s having a huge potential to make fortunes of money as a one man show. I’m not sure what happened exactly, but back in July 2016, we decided to give it a try and re-launch GrowCheap blog once more.

Passive Income?

Although blogging seriously has a huge potential for making six figures and even more, The term passive income doesn’t mean it will be completely passive. You still need to work hard for it.

What I don’t like about tons of bloggers on the internet is that they give you a fake inspiring feel that once you set up an online blog, money will start rolling in passively without moving a toe!

What is GrowCheap All About?

GrowCheap is all about helping others to start up and grow their own blogging career on a budget. While we are working on inspiring and helping people from around the world, our main target is to grow the Egyptian blogging community and help them realize the real power of blogging.

Our main goal behind GrowCheap is to help others start and grow their online blogging career on a budget. Blogging is one of the great businesses that could be started on a real budget which means you can just start it out of few or no pre-investment.

Many people don’t know about it, and they think like they need to spend lots of money to start their online career. We’re delivering information and useful insights about how to start and grow a blog on little or no budget and start making money out of it.

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GrowCheap will help you to …

  • Start and run a WordPress blog successfully.
  • Optimize your blog and Get traffic from search engines.
  • Increase your social media presence.
  • Monetize your blog to make more money.

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AraNomad.com – Our effort to encourage blogging, side hustling, & online marketing awareness in Egypt & Middle East in the native language ‘Arabic’. A strong contribution towards the Digital Arab World.

Final Word,
Start Your Side Hustle Today:

We’re working on delivering a real bright inspiration to millions of others in Egypt and around the world. Our main goal is to help you as well as many others to start and grow their online hustling careers.

The internet is seriously offering tons of opportunities to millions of people. You don’t have to have hundreds of thousands of dollars to start a business. You can start your own online business with the price of a cup of coffee and grow it into a million dollars business!

Yes, you can. 

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13 thoughts on “About”

  1. Dear Karim,
    Actually, I do not know from where to start but I really liked your story of success and I am very admiring your enthusiasm and motivation to succeed. Frankly speaking, I am eager since a very long time ago to start a business online and earn money through the internet but I do not know which way shall I go since earning money through the internet is rich with scammers who are ready to con and rob people like me of their money. Finally, it is a pleasure to connect with you and be friends if you like that idea, of course.
    Thanks a lot and I am eager to hear from you soon.
    Mr. Ahmed Kandil

    1. Ahmed,
      Thanks for your feedback.

      I totally support you about starting your own online business. And I believe it all starts with having a website or a blog on the internet.

      Please feel free to reach out shall you require any assistance.

  2. I have been searching for a long time for a blog that will help me in selling my art online,i have always found vague or general articles not dedicated to the egyptian situation concerning problems of withdraw and transfers, i never found an article so well written and explainable as the articles u wrote concerning paypal, payoneer and dixipay. i have just discovered your. blog a few days ago and i really want to thank you as no one has explained the steps required “especially for egyptians and being in egypt” to have these accounts and how to deal with them. Really great work and will certainly keep following your blog…. hoping you achieve your goal as u deserve it

    1. Ingy,
      I’m glad you liked it here.
      It’s all about encouraging you and others to grow an online business right from the home couch. I hope you all the best and please don’t hesitate to get back to me shall you require assistance.
      All the best!

  3. Very inspirational story. I came to wonder how I just discovered your blog yesterday by chance while I’m thinking about building my blog two years ago without any action!

    Actually, this is because I have found your valuable articles about Paypal, Dixipay, and Payoneer. The articles are well written, and I believe it will solve my problem about earnings.

    Thank you guys, keep up the good work, wish you great success 🙂

    1. Thanks Mohammad for the awesome words,
      We hope you all the best with your blogging journey and please keep us updated about your progress.

      Make sure to let us know shall you require any assistance,
      Happy to help..

  4. Very motivational story to end the day, good luck in achieving your own challenge. I would mention that Grow Cheap helped me today. Thanks for sharing your story.

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