WPX Hosting Review: Speed Up Your WordPress Site By 217%

There is no doubt that Web Hosting is one of the most important factors to determine your site credibility for both search engines and users. This WPX Hosting Review is for you if you’re looking for speeding up your site.

Running your site on an affordable shared hosting environment is totally fine. But when you grow bigger and get more traffic, That could be an alert that you need to scale up your web hosting service.

At that point of traffic growth, You need a more scalable web hosting service. A service that won’t go slower or completely down on a traffic spike.

Not to mention, if your site for any reason is going down periodically, It will CERTAINLY affect your site SEO and search engine rankings and appearance.

In this article, I’m delivering an honest unbiased WPX Hosting review. And I think it’s the perfect web hosting in terms of user experience and performance.

WPX Hosting Review:

I would say WPX Hosting should be your perfect host if you’re scaling up your blogging business. Please be noted that since their services are top notch with dedicated resources, they are not cheap.

So If you’re just getting started, I would recommend using a cheaper web hosting service.

But if you’re that serious about your blogging business and wants to give it a jump start from day one with no downtimes or technical headaches, then WPX Hosting Review is your perfect choice.

Let me delve deeper and show you why I recommend WPX Hosting based on an unbiased hands-on experience. Below, I’m giving you my top 6 notes as an honest WPX Hosting Review.

1. Blazing Fast Loading:

Unlike other shared hosting providers, WPX Hosting is offering “Dedicated” resources. That basically means that instead of sharing server resources with others on the same server, You will get your own server resources share.

That alone would boost your site loading speed dramatically. Furthermore, They’re using a third-party service from “Amazon S3” which enhances your site performance among different locations worldwide.

Upon experience, your site loading speed will be boosted by 217% upon switching to WPX Hosting. Isn’t it really awesome? Not to mention, that this boost is enough to push your site search engine rankings up in no time.

So if you’re not happy with your site speed, You make the switch to WPX Hosting right today.

2. Free Daily Backups:

Have you been paying an extra fee for a third-party service to maintain daily backups of your site? If so, then you should be all set with WPX Hosting without paying extras for other backup services.

WPX Hosting is guaranteeing free daily backups stored and restorable whenever needed. S if your site gets hacked or crashed, you could save and restore it in no time as nothing happened at all.

Most of other hosting providers are advertising free daily backups, but some of them may charge a higher fee for the backup restoration.

What’s sweat about WPX Hosting is that they’re offering daily backups which could be restored any time at no extra fee. They’re storing up to 14 days backups for use in times of need.

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3. Free Site Migration:

One of the strong reasons why I’m recommending WPX Hosting is that they’re offering site migration included completely for FREE. And you all know how difficult site migration from a host to another could be.

So if you’re using an existing host and not happy with their service quality, then WPX Hosting Review is exactly for you. They’ll migrate your site just the perfect way with no errors or transfer glitches.

All you need to do is to buy web hosting from them, then contact their support staff, provide them your existing host login details, and they’ll do the rest for free in a timely manner. Isn’t it really cool?

4. Free SSL Certificate (Fully Secured):

Did you know that Google is now defining HTTPS (SSL) as a strong ranking factor?

What’s so awesome about WPX Hosting is that their services are coming up with free unlimited SSL Certificates to install on all your WordPress sites.

Other companies are usually charging between $10 to $25 a year for a single SSL Certificate. So why to pay extra fees for each SSL certificate used on your site, while you can get unlimited free access to whatever number of SSL Certificates needed with WPX Hosting?

So basically, SSL Certificates are responsible for the green HTTPS bar on the browser. It adds more authenticity and security to your sites.

I highly recommend you to try WPX hosting. They’re offering top notch web hosting services with dedicated resources for a relatively cheap price than other competitors.

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5. High Traffic? They Got You Covered:

For me as a blogger, My blog traffic is not always the same. Sometimes I’m receiving a higher bang of traffic surpassing my expectations.

The concern here is how my web hosting provider will deal with that site traffic and server resources consumption? Most of hosting providers will ask you for a plan upgrade or simply freeze your account for a while.

Don’t you think how crucial it is for your site sales and service quality? Are you going to just focus on running your business or just trying to take care of other technical headaches?

WPX Hosting is hearing you. Their servers are designed to handle your site higher traffic spikes without any complaints.

And here you can clear your mind and focus on your site content, service quality, and sales.

6. Relatively Cheap:

I see what you say. A web hosting service for $25 a month sounds like very expensive. But with considering all the features included and the number of websites allowed on each account, you will find out that’s it’s an unbeatable deal.

Each single web hosting account with WPX Hosting gives you an allowance of hosting up to 5 websites. Breaking that into the price, it will be $5 per site. And each site ships with all the features mentioned above.

Isn’t it cool?

Dedicated Hosting are usually higher priced than normal shared hosting services due to the dedicated server resources included.

So comparing Dedicated Hosting service of WP Engine, BlueHost, and HostGator, You will find out that WPX Hosting is relatively cheap and sounds like a killer deal.

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WPX Hosting Pricing:

They’re offering three packages to serve your web hosting needs just the perfect way. And among other providers of dedicated hosting, WPX Hosting won my heart for their service quality and pricing structure.

The business plan costs you $24.99 per month and comes with 10GB SSD Storage, 50GB Monthly Bandwidth, and Dedicated RAM to boost your site loading speed like never before.

You can also save $50 (i.e. 2 months of free hosting) by using this link here to purchase WPX business hosting for the next 12 months now.

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How to Buy Web Hosting from WPX Hosting?

I’m glad you’ve decided to choose WPX Hosting and make the switch for a blazing fast web hosting service. Here, I will detail the ordering steps for you to get started now with the ultimate savings.

Step 1 → Go to WPX Hosting:

Go to WPX Official Website from here (2 months off coupon added in the link), And click “START NOW” button to get started.


Step 2 → Select a Web Hosting Plan:

Here, It will ask you to choose your preferred web hosting plan. WPX Hosting Review is covering their plans:

  • Business: 5 Websites – $24.99/mo.
  • Professional: 15 Websites – $49.99/mo.
  • Elite: 35 Websites – $99/mo.

I would say if you’re running relatively small websites or blogs, Then use the Business package. It will give you all the above-mentioned features along with the ability to host up to 5 websites.


Step 3 → Enter Your Domain Name:

Then it will ask you to choose your domain name. There are two options here:

  • Host My Existing Website: If you already have a domain name, And they can transfer your site forom your existing host to your new account with them completely for free in under 24 hours.
  • I Need A New Domain + Hosting: This option is for you if you want to register a new domain name a long with your new web hosting account order.


Complete this step and click “Continue“.

Step 4 → Choose Billing Cycle:

Here, you’re required to choose your preferred billing cycle. If you’re a little worried about the investment, I would say go with month-to-month billing.

If you’re okay with the investment and looking forward to claiming more savings, I would recommend going with annual plan to get 2 months free (worth $49.98 savings).


And then click “CONTINUE” to proceed.

Step 5 → Enter Your Account Information:

This is the final step to enter your account information and finalize your order. WPX Hosting is asking you here to enter your information like Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address, etc.

It also asks you to choose your payment method “Paypal” or “Credit Card“.


Once you complete the requested information, click “CHECKOUT” and place your order. In a few minutes, your account should be automatically activated.

A Final Word:

I hope you find this ultimate guide useful. Choosing WPX Hosting Review will be your optimal choice if you’re looking for ultra fast loading times with zero glitches and no downtimes.

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