How To Secure WordPress Admin Login Area? (Guide)

The internet is growing bigger every single day. WordPress is empowering 27% of all websites on the internet. And Accordingly, WordPress Security is becoming a serious topic. In this article, I’m sharing my experience on how to secure WordPress admin login area.

There are millions and millions of brute force attacks against WordPress sites every single day. Besides, It has been estimated that there are around 5 millions more complex attacks against WordPress per day. So If your website is running on WordPress, you should take WordPress security seriously, as no jokes here!

Usually, Hackers are using special software to access the default WordPress login page (/wp-admin) and automatically run certain commands to put in millions of combinations for username and password. This is simply how brute force attacks work.

What if we can lock and secure the WordPress login page? 

Here, I will be covering the best plugins to secure WordPress admin login area to start securing your site right today. The list below has been handpicked by experts in the security field. Let’s find out more:

How To Secure WordPress Admin Login Area?

The following listed plugins are considered to be of the top recommended plugins to secure WordPress admin login area. Although they seriously work, You should not just rely on them to secure your WordPress site.

There are many other things to consider in order to make your website secure. Here’re some things to consider:

And now, Let’s add an extra layer of security to our WordPress sites. Here is the Expert Picked List for the Best WordPress Login Security Plugins.

1. WPS Hide Login:

WPS Hide Login WordPress Security Plugins

I like this particular plugin as it hides the WordPress login page. The plugin allows you change the directory of your admin login page. Instead of the default /wp-admin directory, It helps you to change it to another directory of your choice with a click of a button.

After applying the changes, It processes /wp-admin and /wp-login.php as inaccessible. This security measure helps to protect against many brute force attacks. These attacks are having automated bots that are searching for default WordPress login directories to attack.

Although this one works perfectly, You still cannot rely on it. The reason here is that motivated hackers can still know the admin directory even after changing it. So It’s wise to integrate more defense layers for the ultimate security.

Basically, WPS Hide Login is awesome to protect against bots. But won’t be that much effective against motivated hackers. Just be sure they’re not your only line of defense.


2. WP Limit Login Attempts:

WP Limit Login Attempts

With this plugin, You’re simply advancing your WordPress admin login security. Like we’ve mentioned earlier, Brute force attacks are putting in millions of random guesses for usernames and passwords. What if we can limit the login attempts?

This plugin simply allows a certain number of trials for logins after which the user IP will be blocked. So basically, the hacker’s IP will be banned from accessing your login page after applying a certain number of failed login attempts.

This plugin works perfectly with WPS Hide Login. But as technology is getting more solid, There’s a chance that hackers can still conduct brute force attacks from multiple IPs.

This plugin will help you to stop the majority of brute force attacks, However; it’s wise not to depend on a single line of defense. The plugins is up to date with many users around the world. It’s highly recommended!


3. WP Security Question:

WP Security Question Best WordPress Login Security Plugins

Okay, Let’s strength our WordPress login page. This plugin won’t give you access to the WordPress dashboard until you answer a security question. Each user is to set up his own security question with a defined answer. And login page will require the answer for each login attempt.

The questions and answers are always modifiable via the user’s admin panel. That makes it easy to work out in case a user forgets the answer.

It works on Registration, Login, and Forgot password pages. It works great with the above-mentioned plugins and they’re all combined will reward you with an irresistible security clef for ultimate security.

The plugin is Free and available on Repository.


4. Secure Pattern Lock:

Secure Pattern Lock WordPress Security Plugins

This an awesome high-end WordPress admin login security plugin. It changes the industry standards when it comes to WordPress security. It’s no longer about characterized username and password!

Secure Pattern Lock replaces the old username and password login with a signature that is easier to remember, looks better and it also increases the security level of your website.

It will allow you to change the default path directory for the login page. And you can change the default login page with a connecting dots form instead. You can create your own signature with connecting dots the way you want for accessing the admin panel.

The signature and all associated data are secured and encrypted with the web highest standards SHA-256 encryption key. Server-client communication is made only through AJAX, this means everything is faster, secure and there’s no need for a refresh.

All in all, This plugin is revolutionary. And I see it will be the standards within the upcoming few years for every single WordPress site on the internet. Highly recommended!


5. Cerber Security and Limit Login Attempts:

Cerber WordPress Plugin

It works the same way as WP Limit Login Attempts by limiting the number of login attempts. But it comes up with additional advanced features that make it the king of the WordPress login security plugins list.

Cerber is monitoring all the abusive attempts via login form, XML-RPC requests, or auth cookies. It also keeps logs for the abusive IPs and helps you to define and blacklist abusive IPs and subnets. It simply logs all activities related to the logging in/out process.

The plugin also allows you to permit or restrict access by White IP Access list and Black IP Access List with a single IP, IP range or subnet. It also gives you the ability to change and hide the login directory to whatever you prefer.

It helps to stop spamming by applying reCAPTCHA for WordPress register, comments, WooCommerce & WordPress forms. It also stops user enumeration (block access to the pages like /?author=n).

Cerber Security Plugin is a great one that will do it for you. Although it’s considered to be an all in one solution, it still works only for the login page. This means you will need to get another plugin inline to secure your WordPress system.

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6. Apocalypse Meow:

Apocalypse Meow Review

It does the same as the plugins mentioned above. It limits the login attempts before an IP block happens. It also keeps full records of all successful and failed login attempts.

The plugin offers searchable access logs (including failed login attempts and temporary bans). This makes your life easier when it comes to managing your WordPress site security.

What’s so awesome about this particular plugin is that it applied a password strength standard. It’s time to say bye to all weak passwords here. With Apocalypse Meow, You can specify password standards. That means you can disallow low-security passwords.

Awesome plugin that is highly recommended!


7. Login Ninja:

Login Ninja WordPress Login Security

This premium WordPress plugin is an ultimate solution and is of the best WordPress login security plugins. It automatically detects and bans malicious IP addresses. It also protects login and registration forms with an advanced Captcha form.

Login Ninja keeps records and logs for all the login attempts and sends you email notifications for all login events. The interface is pretty easy and straight forward making it an awesome fit for beginners and WordPress newbies.

This plugin has been download numerous times and is trusted among a wide variety of customers around the world. It has been rated 4.72 average based on 100+ ratings.


8. Safe Login for WordPress:

Safe Login WordPress

This plugin is another revolutionary one while It’s not yet as popular as others on the list. Safe Login is changing the way you used to access the WordPress Dashboard. Instead of using a combination of username and password, Safe Login let you log in via a secured single code.

It also includes a strong authentication procedure. The secure generated codes reset themselves every 45 seconds and they have been built up using your encrypted secret key.

The plugin comes with two FREE mobile apps, for iOS and Android platforms. The WordPress plugin secures your website while the mobile apps give you the ability to safely login via a secure generated code.



WordPress login security is your own responsibility. You should do your best to keep your WordPress site secured and protected as possible. In the list above, I made sure to only include those elite plugins that will certainly help you secure WordPress admin login area.

Let me know in the comments below which is the best plugins to secure WordPress admin login area. And which one of the above-mentioned list you recommend the most. Thanks again for reading and make sure to subscribe to our mailing list to receive the latest WordPress updates.

7 thoughts on “How To Secure WordPress Admin Login Area? (Guide)”

  1. I have been using Limit Login Attempts since very long and getting much profit and blocking many login attempts. But after reading this article I have got to test Secure Pattern Lock. Seems like an interesting plugin!

  2. WordPress login security is our own responsibility. It is very important and helpful for us. After Reading this Post I will try to install and active one of these plugins to secure my site. Thanks for sharing these types of post.

  3. Hi Karim,
    For security, I used WP limit login attempts. Because Some Russian hackers tried to hack my site. But what about WordFence Security? Can you write an article about that?

  4. I have been using Limit Login Attempts since very long and getting much profit and blocking many login attempts. But after reading this article I have got to test Secure Pattern Lock. Seems like an interesting plugin!

  5. I have been using Limit Login Attempts since very long and getting much profit and blocking many login attempts. But after reading this article I have got to test Secure Pattern Lock. Seems like an interesting plugin!


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