What I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Blog

I’m truly happy and satisfied that I recently discovered how powerful blogging is. Although I’ve been into the blogging and making money online thing for like two months now, I got to know about crazy great things that I wish I knew years ago.

Since a year ago, I got introduced to the blogging market and how smart bloggers are making money online. I got seriously surprised with their income reports and how they make money out of just an online blog.

I kept reading and following many bloggers in the niche to find out more about this blogging thing and how can I start my full-time blogging career too. I initially followed one of the popular guides on the internet and started out my blog exactly in August 2015.

I was so excited to start my one million dollars journey, and I believed once that I can dominate the world with my little corner on the internet called Blog. I set up my blog and positioned it the right way upon blogging whale’s instructions.

I Started Writing:

I initially started writing a couple of articles. I enjoyed the journey at the beginning, but it turned out to be so boring later on. I was like writing articles and maintaining an active blog which simply nobody sees.

I turned down with a huge inside negative power. After like a few weeks, I decided to abandon the blog and seek an online career somewhere else. I kept it abandoned until two months ago.

I’m not sure exactly what happened that turned me up again, but I got so excited to reform my blogging journey and realize how much money I was leaving on the table. I started blogging with a discipline and surprisingly it worked perfectly right from the very first month.

What I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Blog?

What I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Blog? #Blogging #Content

I started collecting clients via my blogging career and turned in a significant income to my total monthly cash flow. What’s seriously great about blogging is that it helps you to maintain a discipline with targets and goals in your life. This blog post is actually a part of this discipline.

Working on my blogging career on a daily basis helped me to learn more and more about multiple things. Blogging simply opens your mind to the world. As I mentioned, I learned great things over the last couple of months about blogging.

In today’s post, I will be sharing with 3 important things and tweaks I wish I knew before starting my blog. I consider this post as an informative one with a target to help you start a clean and healthy blogging career that works right from the beginning.

1. Nulled Themes:

A long time ago, when I started my very first blog on the internet, I clearly used one of the nulled themes available on the internet. It’s not wise from me to say it clearly like this, but yeah I did and I’m writing this post today to help you get a fresh, clean, and healthy start with your brand-new blog.

I picked up a nulled theme and installed it on my blog. It worked like a charm that I wondered why people may purchase this theme for something like $50 USD, while they still can get it – like me – for free!

I was wrong! Nobody will give you anything without getting something in return. Why may someone give you a premium theme that costs around $50 USD for free? There should be a huge return behind it, and yes there is.

By starting your blog or website on a nulled theme you’re running a huge risk to be hacked. Some of the nulled theme publishers are putting a certain code in the theme files. After installing this theme on your website, this little code will update them back with your site username and password. This means nothing but you became an open target to hackers and abusers.

Hacking your website may consider only 20% of the nulled theme publisher’s goals. The most important goal which represents 80% is backlinking to other websites without your permission.

In the nulled themes, Hackers and Abusers may put a simple line of code that will generate backlinks on your website to drive traffic to their own websites without your permission. Although this may seem extremely unethical to your site visitors, it will risk your website presence on search engines like Google.

Stay away from nulled themes. Believe me, It doesn’t worth the risk. Get your theme legally by purchasing it to guarantee a clean code with no hacking attempts or malware. If you’re on a low or no budget, then consider using one of the tons of free themes available out there.

2. Featured and Pinning Images:

Under any cases, do not underestimate what social media could bring to you. There are thousands of millions of people out there on the social media websites. If you managed to reach them, you will be able to drive a tremendous amount of traffic to anywhere you would like them to see.

In order to guarantee an effective social media presence, you will need to maintain designing one features image and another pinning image for every single blog post you publish on your blog. This way you’re telling your visitor’s: “Hey, My content is so ready to be shared on your social media accounts”.

Two months ago, when I decided to return to my blogging career, I missed this little tip and I was wondering why people are not sharing my content. The answer was simply because my content is not sharing-ready.

It costs me to go over something over 20 blog posts I published over the previous two months and correct them manually. I designed two special images for each post: one featured image and one pinnable image specifically for sites like Pinterest.

Make sure to include the blog post title along with your blog name, URL, or logo in both images. I spent three whole nights doing the design for each blog post, and it was totally worth the effort.

Do not wait until it’s time to go over them all and make the designs. Instead, make it a routine to design these specific images every time you publish a new post on your blog.

3. Grammar and Proofreading:

This is another thing I seriously regret not taking it seriously since I started blogging. My first draft is always sick with much of miss-spellings, punctuation errors, and grammar issues.

Although many of online bloggers don’t pay much attention to these things, They may consider up to 80% of why you’re not being ranked on search engine sites like Google.

Because I was not paying much attention previously to how important proofreading is, I had to go over my previous blog posts one by one to proofread and correct. I wish I knew something like this when I initially started blogging. So here’s my advice to you, don’t wait until it’s late!

I found a great interactive tool called Grammarly which could be integrated into your browser. It will help you to go over every single word of your blog post and will automatically mark things which need to be corrected.


I wrote this article trying to help you getting perfectly positioned as a blogger. I wish I knew these 3 steps when I initially started blogging. Make sure to apply them right from the beginning to save the time and the hassle for later on.

Believe me; once you will pass by days when you figure out that there are tons of tasks you need to achieve. It will be so disappointing to go over such things you should have finished to rework on them again like blog theme, featured images, or Proofreading.

Save time for later, and get yourself a fresh start from the beginning.

I reply to every single comment published here, so kindly make sure to let me know what you think about this post. I would be so happy to answer any question or inquiries you may have as well.

See you in the comments section below!

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  1. Thank you, Karim.

    I have been a freelance writer since early 2019. Just purchased my domain name and looking forward to starting my blog. I was impressed to see a dotcheap tld ranking, personally, I am thinking of a dotafrica tld.

    These are great tips. I was about to get a nulled theme. clearly, nothing goes for nothing.


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