Which BlueHost Shared Hosting Plan To Choose?

So you’re interested in purchasing best bluehost plan for wordpress. But you’re not sure which BlueHost shared hosting plan to choose? You’re in the right place. In this guide, I will explain the BlueHost plans comparison and which package is the best for your needs.

Let’s review the bluehost shared hosting plans. The company is offering three different shared hosting plans for WordPress. These packages have been curated to give you the best value for money.

BlueHost shared hosting plans deliver a perfect platform for hosting your websites. Whether you’re using WordPress or any other CMS, BlueHost Shared Hosting plans are the best for you.

Which Bluehost Shared Hosting Plan to Choose?

Firstly, I would request you to go over and check BlueHost shared hosting plans. BlueHost offers three different plans as follows: Basic; Plus and Prime shared hosting packages.

While the Basic package is the cheaper one in there, Plus plan is the most popular one. Basically, It has everything you want to give your online business a jump start. Plus plan is the best value for money!

What’s perfect about the Plus plan is that it allows you to host unlimited addon domains to the same hosting account. In comparison, The Basic package will only allow you to host one domain.

It’s important to consider your future plans while checking which BlueHost Shared Hosting plan to choose. If you started with the Basic package now and later on you wanted to upgrade, then you will end up paying more money. Just think wisely about your future plans for a moment!

BlueHost Shared Hosting Plans:

Before typing in more text about the differences in a detailed comparison, Let’s check the BlueHost package information. The following image has been snapped from BlueHost official website. This will give you an overview on what each package has to offer including prices and how the overall cost will look like.

Which BlueHost Shared Hosting Plan To Choose

Now, You should have got an overall idea about the BlueHost package information and pricing. Let’s have an in-depth look below for the plans comparison and which package to choose.

BlueHost Basic Plan Review:

This is the starter plan; The most basic plan. It’s also the cheapest one you can purchase from BlueHost. Basic plan costs $3.59/month using this special sign-up link (You will also get a free domain name registration included).

This plan gives you 50 Gb Disk Space (more than enough), along with Unmetered Transfer. It also allows you to create 5 Email Addresses @yourdomain.com. Each Email inbox is up to 100 MB. It also allows you to create up to 25 Sub-Domains and host up to 5 Parked Domains.

The basic plan should be a great investment if you’re intending to host just one website. If you’re having bigger plans for the future; Then I would recommend opting in for the Plus package. Plus plan will let you host multiple websites on the same hosting account.

A Good Idea will be: Getting the Basic plan now with 51% OFF & Free Domain. Then, You can upgrade BlueHost from Starter to Plus plan. Yes, You can upgrade BlueHost at any time in the future.

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BlueHost Plus Hosting Plan Review (Popular):

As a quick note; Wondering what could be the difference between basic & plus plans to pay extra $2 per month? Here is a short comparison for BlueHost Starter vs Plus plan:

  • Starter Basic Plan: Allows you to host one website.
  • Plus Plan: Allows you to host multiple websites.

The Plus hosting plan is the most popular shared hosting plan. And I strongly recommend this package over the Basic one. Basically, It allows you to host unlimited domains on the same hosting account.

This package usually costs $9.99 per month. But using my promo link, It will cost you $5.95/month using this special sign-up link (You will also get a free domain name registration included).

Unlike the Basic package, Plus plan gives you Unlimited Disk Space and Unmetered Transfer. It also allows you to create Unlimited Email Addresses @yourdomain.com. It also allows you to create Unlimited Addon DomainsUnlimited Sub-Domains and Unlimited Parked Domains.

Furthermore, BlueHost Plus hosting plan gives you $200 worth of marketing coupons & offers. These coupons are usually for Google Adwards & Facebook Ads to market your website. Honestly, This is the best value for money among the offered packages.

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BlueHost Prime Plan Review:

The prime plan comes with everything offered on the Plus plan along with a Dedicated IP Address and an SSL Certificate ( https:// ). If you’re seeking shared hosting with extra premium features, then BlueHost’s Prime plan is the perfect hosting package for you.

I would recommend purchasing this package if you’re intending to run an eCommerce store on your site. The dedicated IP and the offered SSL Certificate (HTTPS) will be of a great benefit here.

This package usually costs $14.99 per month. But using my promo link, It will cost you $5.95/month using this special sign-up link (You will also get a free domain name registration included).

You will also get a free domain registration included. It will also give you a free Who.Is Guard which will protect your domain personal contact details from the world (public Whois Database).

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BlueHost GoPro Plan Review:

This is a new package that has been recently inctroduced by BlueHost. GoPro package is the professional version of shared hosting. Basically, It has been designed to give customers better performance with assigning more resources to a specific website account.

Typically, While being on a shared hosting server, The resources are being shared between all the accounts on the same server. This should be very fine if you’re running a small or even a growing website.

But if you’re having a high-traffic website, The BlueHost GoPro plan would be a life-saver here. On this package, BlueHost is limiting the number of websites hosted on the same server. Yet, These servers are highly configured to guarantee more resources with additional add-ons.

That being said, On the GoPro plan; your account is having more resources which guarantees better performance. Basically, You will get additional CPU and Memory resources that will boost your site speed.

Bottom line, If you’re currently on a shared hosting plan and experience a Slow WordPress Dashboard, Consider moving to BlueHost GoPro plan. This little upgrade will significantly boost your site performance and speed.

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Best BlueHost plan for WordPress:

Now, Which BlueHost plan to choose for WordPress? Each of the shared hosting packages should work perfectly for WordPress. For me, I would consider the Plus plan as the best BlueHost plan for WordPress.

Furthermore, BlueHost has re-constructed their web hosting control panel to perfectly fit for running WordPress on your site. WordPress is empowering 29% of the websites on the internet. That being said, BlueHost shared hosting plans have been carefully optimized to run your WordPress site with ease.

The BlueHost newly-introduced control panel will allow you to:

  • Manage your WordPress sites from one place.
  • Manage themes and plugins easily.
  • Control Backups.
  • Installing SSL Certificate.
  • Creating Email Addresses.
  • And much more..

They invested heavily in creating an easy-to-use control panel. Regardless of your technical experience, You will get an awesome user experience with this smooth WordPress back-end

Bluehost Shared Hosting vs WordPress Hosting:

Besides offering affordable shared hosting plans, BlueHost is also providing WordPress specialized hosting. This kind of hosting has been designed specifically for WordPress to boost your site performance.

You should ONLY consider specialized WordPress hosting if you’re running a high traffic website. Otherwise, The regular shared hosting plans will be sufficient for new and growing sites.

You should expect a smooth and fast-loading website for your business.

Which Bluehost plan should I Get?

Now that you’ve got to know the details of each package, It’s over to you to decide which one to go for. To summarize it all, here are my suggestions based on what you need:

If you’re okay paying $5.95/mo, then I would recommend getting the Prime package since it’s being offered on the same price as the Plus package. This way, You won’t have to spend extra money to host additional websites.

Made up your mind? Grab BlueHost Shared Hosting package.

Furthermore, You may find the following article very useful to get more details about BlueHost package information. These articles below are well researched and should give you more details:

If it’s your first time to purchase hosting, here is my step-by-step guide on how to purchase hosting from BlueHost. If you have any questions, feel free to update me in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this awesome article with everyone on social media.

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