Website Conversion Optimization: The Beginner’s Guide

When I started my online business career back in 2007, I simply failed. Can you guess why? Because I couldn’t manage to get enough traffic! And I didn’t get to know anything about website conversion optimization.

It was a long serious battle to learn about content marketing and website conversion optimization since then. By the time, I could drive traffic to our online ventures but the shock is that it was a non-converting traffic.

In this article, I’m looking forward to sharing with you what I have learned about online marketing and what you seriously need to do to optimize your website for a growing traffic level and a higher conversion rate. What I really care about is seriously helping you to grow your online side hustling.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

When I mention conversion, I mean converting my site visitors into paying customers. I spent a long time then to learn how to achieve higher website conversion optimization rate and thus make serious money out of my online business career.

Over time I figured out how to do well online. It rolled over and worked efficiently for us. We’re currently making near the four figures per month with a huge potential for a serious growth within the upcoming few months.

# Do you have a product to sell or an online blog?
# Are you having troubles driving enough traffic to your online site?
# Are you serious about your online business success?

Then make sure to follow the following 5 important tweaks for website conversion optimization.

1. Prioritize Header Section:

header-1 Optimize Your Site For Conversions

What most marketers are monitoring and analysing frequently is the bounce rate on their traffic metrics. The bounce rate is the percentage of your site visitors who visited your site and just left it right away without spending any significant time on your website.

As a newbie blogger or a newbie online marketer, you need to catch your visitor’s eyeballs right from the beginning of their visit. Since the first thing they see on your website – once they visit it – is the header section, then make sure to prioritise it.

Here are a couple of ideas you can apply to the header section for better website conversion optimization.

# Offer a freebie with a strong call to action message.
# Feature a huge discount rate which has been personalised for your VIP visitors.
# Write few catchy inspiring words about who are you and what your story is.

I’m sure that you will get dozens of ideas on how to prioritise the header section and optimise it the best way. Make sure to be inspired by your website nature and the product you’re offering.

If you’re a blogger, I would suggest that you may create an e-book as a product and offer it for free for your visitors. One condition for your visitors to download the book is to opt-in within a mailing list. This way you’ve achieved two goals:

# Grabbed your visitor’s attention right from the beginning.
# Grew your mailing list with more dedicated and loyal subscribers.

What could be even better than an e-Book is offering a real product like a physical something, discount coupon, or a ticket. People will be seriously interested in what you’re advertising and looking forward to getting it even if they don’t need it!

To conclude this point, make sure to spend more time working on your website’s header section to grab your visitor’s attention right from the beginning and give them a real reason to read more about you and your website.

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2. Newsletter Subscription Below Posts:

newsletter-subscription Optimize Your Site For Conversions

Almost all of the bloggers nowadays are recommending to establish a mailing list right from the beginning after getting your blog ready. You may think that it’s an old fashion technique.  Let me shock you with another fact that E-mail Marketing is considered to be the number one most efficient marketing technique available since ever.

The importance of mailing list is like no other. It helps you to grow a dedicated loyal audience base ready to interact with your new blog posts once published. A real loyal audience is simply the backbone of your online business and blogging career.

In this post, I’m going over the 5 most important tweaks I’m personally applying here for better website conversion optimization. One important technique is crafting a catchy looking newsletter subscription box right below the blog post content.

I recently conducted an online based research about the best places to feature my newsletter subscription call-to-action box. Most of the studies were clearly indicating that in the middle or below the blog post content should be the perfect places.

The reason is that if your visitor found your content useful, he will be very interested in subscribing to your mailing list. If he found the subscription call-to-action in the middle or below the blog post content, he will easily subscribe to receive similar outstanding content.

Remember, He won’t take the initiative to find out where your mailing list subscription box is located. You need to make it obvious and clear right below the blog post content. I used to use the following question to stimulate the reader’s passion to learn more:

“Did you like what you’ve just read?”

Make it straightforward and clear enough for your visitors. Integrate the Name and Email fields right in the same box with a button to subscribe. Make it easy enough for your visitors to think less. Let them opt-in your mailing list with as fewer clicks as possible.

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3. Create ‘About’ Page:

about-page Optimize Your Site For Conversions

# Are you kidding me?
# Creating ‘About’ page will help increasing conversion rate on my website?

My answer is certainly YES. One of the first things I do on visiting any website is to check their ‘about’ page. Let me tell you that I may instantly leave the website in the following cases:

# There’s no or a hard-to-find ‘About’ page on this website.

There’s no enough information or personal story on the published about page.

You may think I’m kidding you again, but believe me, this how and most of the internet browsers are. Before reading your content, I want to read about you!

Who are you and what you’re doing in life are what will help me to find more about your site. The ‘About’ page will give your site visitors a reason to trust you and believe you’re a real person looking out to help your readers.

Make sure to unleash the power of ‘About’ page. If you’re not having it published on your website, make sure you do and you will notice by time how it will help your online business the perfect way.

I’m not today writing about how to write a stunning ‘About’ page content. l will be mentioning three questions you need to perfectly answer on this page though:

# Who am I?
# What is my story in life?
# What this website is all about?

Your website’s about page is considered to be your online ID. Since you need to have an ID in life, you need to have ‘About’ page on the internet if you’re really serious about your online business or blogging career.

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4. Do not over-relay on Adsense:

adsense-dont Optimize Your Site For Conversions

Google Adsense is one of the perfect ways to help you monetize your blog. It will help you to earn a considerable amount of income on a monthly basis. We used Adsense Program on this blog for a long time, however; I’m saying do not over-relay on it. You shouldn’t put Adsense Advertisements everywhere in your blog between post’s paragraphs, in sidebars, in footer widgets, etc.

Implement their advertisements on your site wisely, as I’m sure you don’t want your blog to look crappy. It’s not always wise to have advertisements everywhere. It’s being displayed in a way that will certainly distract your readers from your main goal of your site’s content.

What seriously drove me crazy were these advertisements published between the post paragraphs. After one or two paragraphs on the same blog post, an advertisement is placed and unfortunately, each of them is way far off the topic I’m reading. This advertisements distraction was enough to let me click the X button on the browser and leave the web page right away.

A clean design with an elegant structure is seriously required and highly recommended to build engaged followers and build authority in your niche. Again, I’m saying use the advertisements wisely on your website.

Make sure to go the extra mile on finding the optimal places to put the advertisements in a way that won’t distract your readers for a better website conversion optimization.

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5. Build A Strong Inbound Links Tree:

inbound-links Optimize Your Site For Conversions

In my opinion, one of the best examples of blogs which managed to build a strong inbound links tree is ShoutMeLoud by Harsh Agarwal. If you visit one link on this blog to read a single blog post you heard about, you will end up opening a couple of other tabs for other posts on the same blog.

Building a strong inbound links tree on your blog is a necessity. For example, if you’re writing a blog post about your journey to start-up your own blog, make sure to put in links to other related posts on your blog that maybe useful for your readers. This way you successfully managed to do the following:

# You revived your old posts by giving your visitors the chance to check them out.
# You also helped your readers by offering them further information about the same topic they’re interested in.

It’s a Win-Win deal, Isn’t it?

You already started out your blog, wrote posts, and missed this point? Why not going over your old posts and make sure to mention them on the newer posts? You may need to do the same thing over and over again depending on how many posts you’ve published on your blog.

Building a linked tree is not quite easy as you need to link back to related content. If done correctly, open your gates for a flood of engaged followers that are seriously keen to read your blog posts. At this point, they will believe how useful your content is!

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Website Conversion Optimization:

Website Conversion Optimization: The Beginner's Guide #Blogging #Marketing #Conversions

Start implementing these techniques right away and you will notice the difference.
I’m also ready to help shall you require any assistance!

Don’t Yet Have a Blog? It’s never too late! Starting up today is way better than tomorrow, than next week. All you need for a good start is a hosting account and a domain name. The journey has been simplified, In this guide I’m walking you through how to start your very own unique blog in less than 3 minutes.

See you in the comments section.

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  1. I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own blog and was curious what all is required to get setup? I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny? I’m not very internet savvy so I’m not 100% certain. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

  2. I¦ve recently started a blog, the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Thanks for all of your time & work.

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