Udemy Vs Lynda Vs TreeHouse (Which is Better)

It’s always tricky to find time to do extra stuff. The same thing goes for finding a place to learn new skills or to advance your career. In this article, I’m comparing the best online learning sites; Udemy Vs Lynda Vs TreeHouse.

Learning online is – literally – the easiest way to learn and gain new knowledge. Since you need to improve your skills and get better, Taking an online course could be the best way of learning anywhere.

Online courses are fast to learn and to improve your skills. But as much as universities offer online courses, their prices might not be budget-friendly for beginners and enthusiasts.

Best Online Learning Platforms:

There are many online platforms offering online courses. Choosing the best online learning site can be daunting. So which platform should you use to upgrade your skills?

While different online platforms offer various topics, they cannot be the same. In this article, We’re giving it a very long shot reviewing and comparing the most popular top online learning sites.

#1. UDEMY:

Udemy has been well-known for offering a variety of online courses. It is a one-stop shop where you only shop once. Udemy is a global market for teaching and learning online.

It is an influential platform responsible for pairing students and experts to improve skills. It is one of the largest marketplaces that offer more than 22,000 courses.

Those who purchase Udemy courses are not necessarily looking for certification. But merely, They’re looking for ways to enhance their skills.

Udemy offers a wide range of courses like; Learning Music, Coding, Photoshop Training, Education, Social Sciences,
Lifestyle, Math, Languages, Humanity, Gaming, Sports and many other courses.

The best thing about Udemy is that they have onetime fee per subject. You can get some courses for Free and even teach others. As much as Udemy has very many courses, the most popular ones are technology courses.

Furthermore, Udemy has a quality assurance team that ensures that all courses meet their preferred standards. This way, they can guarantee offering top of the line teaching courses.


While most Udemy courses are in the form of videos, others are delivered in PDF versions depending on the course that you are learning.

For example, a web development course has more than 238 lectures and 41 hours of reading content. It also has eight chapters that cover most programming languages.

As much as Udemy charges a one-time fee to do a specific course, you might need to advance your skills if you feel that you haven’t learned all your skills.

Udemy’s offers its courses through a self teaching module. If you need a lot of guidance in teaching, this might not be the right course for you. This means that a group of many students can sign up for the same course.


Some online courses charge fees per hour. However, Udemy’s fees are one time. Once you purchase the course, you will learn it until the end.

However, the problem with Udemy is that they only give you part of the lesson and you might have to advance your skills through learning.

Some courses are as low as $10 while others exceed that. Udemy runs several seasonal discounts. On taking a course, be careful and check what it entails. Also check for upgrades.


It is effortless to use Udemy because it has the search toolbar. You can access reviews and results and decide which the best course to choose is. However, the many choices can be confusing to choose.

Go To Udemy.com

#2. LYNDA:

If you are looking for a platform to perk up business and design skills, Lynda is where you need to invest on. It also offers photography, audio and video production, creative writing and web development courses.

You can easily access courses on this platform at a reasonable monthly fee. Furthermore, You can subscribe to Lynda’s Free Subscription either as a regular or premium member.

Lynda’s library is usually updated frequently with the new course materials. And recently, Lynda released a new Android app in 2014 which enables one to learn on a mobile device.

Overall, If it is your first time to try online learning and internet courses, Lynda could be the best place here. It gives you whichever you need to learn and execute information correctly.


On choosing Lynda, you will be trained through video lectures. You can update your knowledge by doing regular assignments and quizzes related to your course of choice.

Lynda’s courses deal with in-depth content. You can select courses starting from beginner to professional level. After completing the course; you will be assisted to become an expert in that field.


Lynda offers certified courses. After completing your training, the Lynda professionals will provide you with a valid certificate. You still can attach these certificates along with your resume and CV accomplishments.

Before enrolling for a course at Lynda, you can take their 10 days free trial first to test the waters. Lynda’s materials are high quality and very digestible. This platform is worth your money.


Lynda has professionals who utilize their skills and get paid to do that. If you have got exceptional skills in their area of services, you can apply to be an online instructor.

As much as Lynda doesn’t have a high demand for instructors, you can drop your application and anytime they have a vacancy; they will notify you.

You can add detailed information about yourself in the application form, e.g., your books, blogs, publications or websites that have your contribution.

Whenever Lynda introduces new courses, they will alert you through email. If you have any question, you can ask through the forum or at the end of their videos.

Go To Lynda.com


Would you like to expand your knowledge of coding and programming? Many people have tried to learn about coding during the past few years. And they found it a bit overwhelming. TreeHouse is considered to be the best online learning site for programming

TreeHouse focuses on these significant skills. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced trainee, you can access their online courses and sharpen your coding skills. Among Udemy Vs Lynda Vs TreeHouse, TreeHouse has got everything ready to start your programming career.

Right from the moment you register with TreeHouse, you can access courses and progress with learning. They also maintain a Students Forum where you can interact with like-minded students and discuss coding challenges.

Apart from Python, TreeHouse offers high-quality video lessons covering different programming languages such as; PHP, Java, Ruby, CSS and other related web technologies.

Do you want to be a full-stack developer? With TreeHouse, you will be thrilled by the wide variety of programming courses they’ve got. Overall, you will be able to create quality softwares, mobile apps and websites.


TreeHouse has mind-blowing teachers who have strong expertise. They use video as a media of instruction. And they got to offer high-quality and professionally-produced videos.

TreeHouse platform has got many in-built tools to help advancing your coding skills. Their pricing starts at $25 a month for the Basic plan.


The Pro plan comes at $49 a month with additional unique features. They also have got Tech-Degree plan which is surprisingly good.

And below, I’m going through all the plans in details:

(i) Basic Plan: The basic level is the entry phase. You can access many video courses, teachers’ notes and quizzes. You will also obtain interactive tools like “Workspace”. It’s a TreeHouse text editor that influentially helps you to be apply what you learn at the same exact moment.

(ii) Pro plan: As mentioned, this plan comes with a higher price tag. In addition to the Basic’s norms, You will get access to watch trending events and other motivating talks from industry leaders. Furthermore, You will get an exclusive access to download videos and learn offline.

(iii). Tech-Degree: Along with Basic and Pro features, you will get exclusive content that will boost your resume and help creating connections. You will also be able to build your portfolio of 12 projects to be graded. You will get a direct contact with teachers along with an authorized certificate from TreeHouse.

The unique part about TreeHouse is that you can code as you learn. Yet, you won’t have to pay any extra charges charges for using their teacher’s materials.

TreeHouse is featuring a One-Week Free Trial. This will give you a complete access for everything to do a test-drive. You will enjoy listening to teachers at TreeHouse. Literally, Five minutes are enough to learn something new without any hassle.

Go To TeamTreeHouse.com

Udemy Vs Lynda Vs TreeHouse:

That was everything about the detailed comparison; Udemy Vs Lynda Vs TreeHouse. Let me conclude the comparison below with what you may need to do based on different targets.

If you want to advance your already-have skills, Udemy could be the best. Udemy’s courses are budget-friendly and run on a self-teaching module.

But if you’re an absolute newbie with coding interests, Lynda or TreeHouse has got you covered. Both  will give you personalized coaching with assignments. In Udemy, you will not interact with any tutor. You learn everything by yourself through a user manual that has been prepared.

Thanks for stopping by the article “Udemy Vs Lynda Vs TreeHouse. Please let me know your experience with online learning via the comments below. Also, don’t hesitate to let me know for further queries or assistance.

1 thought on “Udemy Vs Lynda Vs TreeHouse (Which is Better)”

  1. Udemy, Lynda & Treehouse- These both are just awesome platforms to learn anything new.
    I will choose Udemy to update my skills,
    Lynda to learn anything new
    on the other hand Treehouse is just a heaven for Coding guys.
    When I was in college, I prefer Udemy as an online learning platform as it is very cheap. Plus you can be learning from Industry Expert.
    Thanks by the way.
    It was just an update in my knowledge.

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