ThirstyAffiliates Review: How To Mask Affiliate Links?

As an affiliate marketing, You need master Optimization before being able to generate passively-driven affiliate sales. What I mean by Optimization is how to mask affiliate links and making them more friendly.

In today’s article, I will show you a simple tool that will let you – literally – make more money from affiliate marketing. I’m talking about ThirstyAffiliates plugin, a free WordPress link Cloaker.

ThirstyAffiliates Review:
How To Mask Affiliate Links?

When you sign up for a new affiliation program, have you noticed how ugly the affiliate link actually is? This where ThirstyAffiliates free WordPress link Cloaker Plugin come into play.

It simply allows you to cloak your affiliate links and turning them from ugly long into super friendly short links. ThirstyAffiliate Plugin has simplified the process of how to mask affiliate links like never before.

The plugin also comes with more awesome features to increase your affiliate sales. I will make sure to review this plugin based on my personal experience. I will also make sure to mention about the importance of each addon and which package is the best bet for your business.

I will also make sure to mention about the importance of each addon and which package is the best bet for your business based on their awesome features and usability.

Settings & Configurations:

Let me tell you that the basic ThirstyAffiliate WordPress affiliate link plugin is Free and can be downloaded from plugins directory here. Furthermore, There are additional add-ons which you may like to purchase based on your requirements.

In order to install the plugin, Go to Plugins > Add New. Search for ThirstyAffiliates. Then, Install and activate the plugin.

Now, it’s time to tweak the settings and configurations. Go to Affiliate links > Settings, and start adjust the settings based on your preferences. You can copy my settings from the image below:

Once done, click on Save All Changes.

Adding New Affiliate Links:

What’s seriously awesome about ThirstyAffiliates is that you’ve got two smart ways to add new affiliate links. You can simply add them via Affiliate Links > Add New. This is also where you can create categories.


Alternatively, You still can add new affiliate links On The Go while writing or editing a blog post from the WordPress Post Editor. There, You will find two icons: One to add new affiliate links, and the other to add existing affiliate links.

How-to-use-ThirstyAffiliates copy

There, You will find two icons on the post editor. One to add new affiliate links. And the other to search and find existing affiliate links.

ThirstyAffiliate Addons:

While offering the main basic plugin for Free, you can get advanced add-ons integrated to help you with a smarter affiliate links management. They’re offering 6 additional add-ons to the main basic plugin at an additional cost.

Keep reading below, I will give you clear detailed insights about each of these add-ons. So you can easily decide which is the best for your business.

Amazon Addon:

This is my favorite add-on all the times. With this particular add-on, I’m literally able to maximize my amazon affiliate earnings significantly.

Well, There is no magic up there. This addon allows you to set variables for the same amazon affiliate link. Have you been wondering which Amazon store I should point my visitors to?

For example: Instead of setting one affiliate link to Amazon US store, ThirstyAffiliates Amazon Add-on allows you to set the same link to go to Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon India based on your visitor Geolocation.

With a combination of Amazon add-0n and Geolocation add-on, Your visitor will be redirected to his local Amazon store. This way you’ll maximize your amazon affiliate earnings significantly.

CSV Importer Addon:


This is another powerful add-on that could save lives. Let’s say you want to migrate from another link cloaking plugin to ThirstyAffiliates, Would you do migrate all the affiliate links manually one by one?

This plugin resolves it all. What you need here is to export a .CSV file from your old plugin, then importing it on ThirstyAffiliates plugin using this add-on. And that was it all!

This particular one is crucial and very important to have for big affiliate marketers. As this way, they’re getting long affiliate links list arranged properly in a matter of seconds.

Geolocation Addon:


This is the WordPress country redirect plugin. This addon easily detects the user’s geolocation and redirects them to the corresponding local product page. So this way you’re not missing sales. And maximizing your affiliate earnings.

For example, BlueHost is offering their web hosting services via BlueHost U.S and BlueHost India. Using this add-on will allow you to direct Indian users to BlueHost India while pointing others to BlueHost U.S via the same link.

More Addons:

That is not all. ThirstyAffiliates is still serving more smart add-ons like Auto Linker, Stats, and Google Click Tracking. You may need to check them one by one to make decisions based on your business nature and preferences.

I’m not a big fan of Auto Linker addon. It simply detects certain keywords – you set – and auto-link them with your affiliate links. While looks promising, I think it will make the article to look spammy with many links.

ThirstyAffiliate Pricing:

Have you learned how to mask affiliate links with ThirstyAffiliates? Now, Let’s talk math and discuss the plugin pricing. Before all, the basic plugin is free and can be downloaded from plugins directory here.

You can purchase the each addon separately (starting at $29) one-time payment. Or you can get them bundled according to their available packages at further discounts and extra savings.

Here is the pricing table for ThirstyAffiliate add-ons bundles:



Free WordPress Link Cloaker

That’s it for today on how to mask affiliate links using ThirstyAffiliates free WordPress link Cloaker. I hope you’ve enjoyed our article today and this new tool being in the review.

Please make sure to give it a try yourself and let me know if you have any questions or inquiries. I would love to hear from you.

Also, Make sure to share this article with your friends who may find it useful on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Don’t forget to share your comment below.

3 thoughts on “ThirstyAffiliates Review: How To Mask Affiliate Links?”

  1. Thanks for the Amazing Article Karim. It seems that you have gone into more detailed and informative review of Thirsty Affliates plugin.

    Can you guide me what are the aspects you look while writing a review as well as on what basis or criteria you finalise a WordPress plugin or theme to review?

    1. Mehul,
      Thanks for your comment.

      I’m fetching for new blogging and SEO tools every day. I think this is how I’m coming up with ideas for review topics. I’m always reviewing these products I use and find useful for readers.

      So the only criteria is asking: is it useful? If so, then a review topic is to be in progress for publishing..


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