SiteGround VPS Hosting Review: Get 70% Discount

Siteground is not offering pure VPS plans with root access. Instead, they’re offering a very powerful semi-dedicated cPanel hosting plan. This is the GoGeek plan. And this is considered to be the VPS upgrade on SiteGround. This article is dedicated to the SiteGround VPS hosting review.

The company has been featuring this package as the powerful upgrade you may need for robust performance. The only major drawback to this VPS hosting (GoGeek) is that it is not a true VPS hosting bundle! Nevertheless, It’s a very good and cost-effective VPS hosting solution.

Although other VPS hosting providers are giving you complete root access, SiteGround says the exclusive GoGeek Program will easily satisfy the requirements of its VPS focused customers without dedicated root access.

Let’s dig deeper and see why to choose the GoGeek plan for your VPS needs. The plan is very easy to manage without any prior technical experience. Also, you may need to check our previous article; SiteGround GoGeek Vs Cloud Hosting to find out more.

SiteGround VPS Hosting

SiteGround is now widely recommended among shared and VPS hosting users. Their plans are top-notch with great features and capabilities. Their servers are top-performing in 6 different worldwide locations to choose from.

While the GoGeek plan is not a true VPS hosting plan, SiteGround isolates the VPS Hosting service exclusively from the other accounts. They’re using exclusive HIVE technology to separate accounts on the same server. Furthermore, GoGeek plans are being hosted on separate servers.

SiteGround does not have stringent guidelines on its web space usage, unlike most other hosting companies. Therefore, With the given cPanel control panel, it is possible to host your website/blog in a fully managed VPS server.

I should clarify their GoGeek program (in detail) in this SiteGround VPS hosting overview. You will also get to know precisely this special SiteGround semi-dedicated hosting service that provides an outstanding substitute for the conventional VPS hosting services.

SiteGround VPS Pricing

SiteGround Shared Hosting Plans

SiteGround is offering their semi-dedicated plan (GoGeek) from 6 different worldwide locations. Unlike many other providers, this wide range of locations gives you the perfect features to offer the best user-experience to your website visitors.

You don’t have to pay for an annual term. SiteGround allows you to pay on a month-to-month basis. And this gives you the flexibility to get the best for less budget. There’s only one downside here If you choose to pay monthly; there will be a one-time account setup fee.

Furthermore, you will get a discounted price for the first month; $11.95 instead of $34.95. On the other side, paying on the annual term will lock this first billing term discount a bit longer but will require a good money investment in the very beginning.

SiteGround VPS Features

The company is offering tons of amazing features on their VPS hosting plan. First and foremost, the packages come with full management. Thus, SiteGround support staff is always available to help and assist shall anything went wrong on your side.

The GoGeek SiteGround plan is a highly advanced shared hosting plan specifically created for real WordPress users. The plan is known as the half dedicated SiteGlobal plan with semi-dedicated servers.

The GoGeek plan offers exceptional 4x faster speed than the Start-Up plan in terms of speed, performance, and resources. During the research for this GoGeek SiteGround Review, We found that this is the best semi-dedicated hosting scheme you can purchase today, even compared with the best shared hosting plans by other web hosting companies.

Here is a quick list for the SiteGround GoGeek hosting plan:

  • Host unlimited domains.
  • Enhanced cPanel Control Panel
  • Free Regular Backups
  • Receiving up to 100,000 monthly visitors
  • Up to 30 GB SSD disk space
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Advanced SG SuperCacher
  • Backup Restoration Access
  • Prioritized Support

I definitely recommend the SiteGround GoGeek plan for your website only if you’re receiving tons of traffic each month. You will also get prioritized support from the SiteGround staff members which is really amazing when you need urgent help.

SiteGround provides web hosting services to thousands of consumers worldwide. Three amazing collaborative hosting options are accessible on SiteGround: StartUp, GrowBig, & GoGeek. The last package is the one that comes with VPS features for you.

Features such as 1-click database access, significantly greater server capacity, and an added 10 GB of cloud storage are some of the features that cater to customers with different needs. You have a very great experience with this semi-dedicated hosting plan, especially if you only spend $11.95 a month!

The GoGeek plan includes features that fulfill all web hosting requirements of enthusiastic bloggers, small companies, and freelancers who want to attract more customers.


Speed & Performance

This plan is strongly recommended if your site becomes more traffic (up to 100,000 visitors monthly) and requires more resources. This hosting plan is basically the tailored equivalent for the VPS plan but with a relatively lower cost.

The SiteGround VPS Hosting Plans come with lots of specialized functionality such as; Pure SSD Disk Space, NGINX Servers, HTTP/2 Supported Web Support, SuperCacher, Unlimited CDN, and much more advanced features.

All these server specifications are allowing their customers to get the best website performance and speed for their websites. If you’re counting on SEO, these server specs will give you an edge over the competition and accordingly, better loading time and better rankings.

Network & Support

SiteGround Server Locations

This plan allows you to receive up to 100,000 visits per month. The number is quite large and will give the ultimate performance. However, this visit count as such does not have a strict limit (as opposed to most VPS hosts). You do get 30 GB SSD disk storage space to have a website of some capacity.

Any problems identified by customers running the SiteGround VPS would be addressed with SiteGround priority support. Furthermore, the GoGeek plan is also supporting automatic daily backups and up to 30 prior restoration points easily accessible.

I actually have been running SiteGround’s VPS hosting service for many years and their help time for VPS-oriented pages has also been awesome. Good quality VPS customer support was always a costly business with most web hosting companies, but the VPS hosting plans of Siteground was very reasonable.

Caching & WordPress Staging

SiteGround Caching

Dynamic Catching is implemented at the server level by default by SiteGround SuperCacher. This feature will give your customers the best user-experience browsing your site as it automatically processes dynamic pages as static pages. Thus, a better loading time will be offered.

The real advantage of SiteGround’s VPS hosting is its Geeky SiteGround Staging service. This basically allows you to automatically copy and duplicate your WordPress site with a click of a button. The WordPress staging environment helps you to apply changes, themes, or plugins to your site without directly working on the live version.

I would consider using W3ToTal Cache or WP Rocket in lieu of the built-in SuperCacher if you run WordPress and want to load your website as soon as possible. These plugins have better ratings and integrate the Cloudflare, allowing loading times to be easily increased in several seconds.

SiteGround Security

SiteGround servers and hosting plans are secured and safe to use. Furthermore, their support staff is always available to assist shall anything went wrong. With the GoGeek hosting plan, you get an additional line of security and priority support from their staff.

We know it may be a terrifying idea for beginners to improve WordPress security. Particularly if you’re not technology. You aren’t isolated, guess what. Thousands of WordPress users have helped to strengthen the security of WordPress.

You can restore your WordPress website in the event that something bad happens fast. Backups You can use a number of free and paid WordPress backup plugins. When it comes to backups, the most important thing you need to know is to save full site backups regularly to a remote location (not your hosting account).

Free Website Transfer

Unlike many other web hosting providers, SiteGround will migrate your website for free all the way from your old web hosting provider to SiteGround servers. It’s a free service but you won’t have to wait several days. SiteGround will move your site without charge for this special support within one day.

And to make it more clear, other companies may charge all the way from $50 to $150 for the website transfer. They take several days to migrate the customer’s website, even after charging such a large amount.

SiteGround limits itself to delivering site migrations in 24 hours and this is why it is very impractical. It is also optional. Typically, SiteGround takes five to six hours to migrate and you just have to change your domain name Nameservers. And you’ll be all set!

SiteGround Windows VPS

All SiteGround hosting services run on Linux OS with their VPS-hosting and they don’t have a hosting plan for Windows. If you need Windows hosting for a VPS platform, SiteGround will not fit well. Furthermore, it is not appropriate that Windows hosting is suitable for a complex hosting platform like VPS!

SiteGround provides its VPS Hosting Service (GoGeek) and its other Shared Domain Hosting packages with 30 days of MoneyBack Guarantee. Furthermore, Cloud hosting plans are supplied with a 14-day refund guarantee from SiteGround.

Wrapping Up

SiteGround VPS Hosting Review: Get 70% Discount

The GoGeek Plan hosting system of Siteround, also known as the half-dedicated hosting solution, is good enough to accommodate your website on a VPS-like platform. You can migrate from this package to your cloud storage at any time for you can need it because they can handle it all!

Most people require VPS hosting to obtain that additional power for their websites to handle more traffic inflows, not really because they need root access. In this respect, the SiteGround VPS hosting review (GoGeek) is more than good, as I have run a number of high traffic sites on a single SiteGround VPS hosting plan for a long period of time.

The greatest thing is that my cloud space caps are already well below. So, is that okay? Ideally, this analysis has been considered beneficial on the 2020 SiteGround VPS Hosting Program. Contact SiteGround VPS Priority Support for all additional information.

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