SiteGround Server Locations: Where Are Data Centers?

The speed, efficiency, and reliability of your website depend mainly on the server location. And this is actually where your web hosting company server is situated and the hosting data center characteristics. In this article, we’re discussing the SiteGround server locations and where are their data centers located.

And because of that, SiteGround is actually partnering up with the best facilities available. Their service is all based on the better resources and servers scalability to ensure their customers are receiving the best performance for their sites.

It’s actually very important to pick up the server location that is closest to your website/blog users. This basically guarantees that your users are getting the fastest load times by choosing the hosting service venue.

Unlike many other web hosting companies, SiteGround allows its customers to choose the server locations for their web hosting service. In this article, we’re getting to know more about SiteGround server locations and data centers.


SiteGround Server Locations

SiteGround currently has 6 data center locations around the globe. This is where you have an opportunity to choose the actual server location for your web hosting plan with SiteGround. This guarantees your users are getting an optimal experience on your website.

This is the collection of server locations (SiteGround data centers):

  • Chicago, USA
  • Iowa, USA
  • London, UK
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Eemshaven, Netherlands
  • Singapore, Singapore

When selecting data centers for their web hosting services, SiteGround took particular care to pick the most comfortable ones with the most effective servers. Choosing these particular server locations is actually based on careful studies and investigations for user needs.

The extremely trained SiteGround Network Managers technical staff carries out constant surveillance (24/7), development, rapid error correction, and securing of the high-end SiteGround servers (located at 6 separate data center locations).

SiteGround Data Centers

SiteGround Server Locations

Here are the three major factors closely observed by the qualified staff at SiteGround. This ensures that their data centers will not only suit the strongest hosting services but also meet the standards.

According to SiteGround, we’re mentioning a few details about why SiteGround server locations are great choices for your website and your overall online business needs. Let’s find out more details below:

100% Uptime

For the full capacity, pace, and efficiency, SiteGround ‘s partner facility depends particularly on the network connection to other major carriers. It guarantees the stability, productivity, and affordability of SiteGround hosting networks, which in effect boost server operating capacity and volume.

All these practices guarantee 100% uptime for your website and the overall network. The uptime is actually how long your website is online. With SiteGround server locations, your website will be always online and publically available.

Fully Managed Servers

SiteGround facilities also have a 24/7/365-day protection team, man traps, biometric verification, visual continuous surveillance, and newsletter-safe lobbies, and these are completely secured.

The SiteGround team definitely manages the managing and surveillance of its server facility to the fullest with such stringent protection mechanisms in effect such that no outside party will have some unauthorized exposure to its network.

Secure & Powerful Network

SiteGround particularly utilizes patented power turbines, numerous power feeds and very strong enterprise-class UPS systems to avoid the energy failure of its data centers. This allows SiteGround servers to operate without or after a minimal power loss efficiently and easily so that the website will be up and running (every day).

Changing SiteGround Server Location

Change SiteGround Server Location

You can easily convert the existing SiteGround web hosting account from a server location to another server. And surprisingly, you can do that right from your SiteGround control panel. The support staff will take care of any migrations or transfers needed.

It’s always advisable that you get a server location that is close to your user’s location. For example, if you’re mainly serving customers in Amsterdam, it will be very wise to get an Amsterdam server location. This will give your users the best loading times on your website.


SiteGround Server Locations: Where Are Data Centers?

Yes, you can initially choose SiteGround server locations. Furthermore, you can relocate your web hosting account from a server location to another with ease anytime. The server location must be chosen as per the nearest regional distance from the target audience of your website.

This will not merely help you to optimize the page speed of your site, but will also help your visitors load the content much faster. In addition, you can also customize the CDN service in any country to increase load times for your site.

That was it all about SiteGround server locations. I hope this article was helpful to you. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. And don’t forget to share this article with everyone on social media.

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