SiteGround GoGeek vs Cloud Hosting (Quick Review)

SiteGround’s GoGeek package could almost be considered as a partial VPS hosting plan. While it’s a shared hosting plan, it comes backed up with dedicated server resources. In this article, we’re comparing SiteGround GoGeek Vs Cloud Hosting plans.

Actually, the GoGeek plan is the most professional shared hosting plan on SiteGround. This package can effectively handle any mid-range traffic website. We’ve been using the GoGeek plan on a couple of websites for us and clients as well.

The server performance has always been up. And we’ve had no significant issues so far! Yet Cloud servers from SiteGround are very efficient but comes with extra charges as well. Depending on your website traffic, you may consider moving to a more robust cloud server.

Luckily, moving from a shared GoGeek plan to a Cloud server could be done with a click of a button. SiteGround has made server upgrades very easy and straight-forward. Let’s find out the comparison and differences; SiteGround GoGeek Vs Cloud hosting.

SiteGround GoGeek Vs Cloud

SiteGround is offering three different shared hosting plans; StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek. Each plan comes with certain features and limitations. The GoGeek plan the most professional shared hosting plan SiteGround actually offers.

If your website performance is compromised on the GoGeek plan, this could be a sign that your website needs more server resources. And thus, an upgrade is necessary to get better performance and faster loading time.

And here, the beauty of using cloud hosting comes in place! The advanced automated scaling method allows you to build your custom Cloud Server with the correct requirements. This is highly scalable and will let you only pay for the server resource you actually need.

Both SiteGround GoGeek and Cloud hosting plans offer exactly the same outstanding uptime. The SiteGround Cloud Server is even quicker and simpler than the GoGeek shared hosting system as for the relatively-higher traffic websites.

The main key features for SiteGround GoGeek plan:

  • 30GB SSD Disk Storage
  • Handles up to ~100k visits per month
  • Shared hosting with sub cPanel Accounts
  • Only $11.95 per month

The main key features for SiteGround Cloud Hosting:

  • 40GB – 100GB SSD Disk Storage
  • Handles up to >100k to Millions of visits per month
  • High-Performance Cloud Server
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Custom Server Setup & Auto-Scaling
  • Guaranteed Server Resources
  • Starts at $80 per month

SiteGround gives you a higher level of service control by giving access to WHM. This WHM control panel is accessible on SiteGround Cloud hosting and SiteGround Enterprise accounts. Whereas only the Improved cPanel access is the enabled option for SiteGround shared hosting like GoGeek plan.

How To Upgrade from GoGeek to Cloud Hosting?

SiteGround Cloud Hosting

If you order an upgrade/transfer from your SiteGround GoGeek (Shared hosting plan) to their Cloud hosting account, you should ask for a service upgrade. The process will include zero downtime and the staff will take care of everything technical for you.

Here are the steps to upgrade your account:

  • Open a new ticket for the Cloud Hosting upgrade.
  • An invoice will be generated, and the new server will be set up.
  • SiteGroud Staff will take care of all the data sync and migration.
  • You will need to point your domain to the new cloud server.
  • And you’re done!

SiteGround team will then start testing the functionality of their services on your new Cloud Server to make sure that the migration process is properly completed. Lastly, if your domain is managed by SiteGround along with its Cloud Server, then they will carry out the task of pointing it to your new Cloud Server.


Wrapping Up

SiteGround GoGeek vs Cloud Hosting (Quick Review)

If you are looking for a quicker hosting plan with greater flexibility more stability, SiteGround Cloud hosting is your perfect choice. Their cloud servers have been designed to handle tremendous traffic spikes.

The GoGeek plan is as well offering robust features for your website. I only recommend upgrading to cloud hosting if your website is getting huge traffic spikes that a regular shared hosting plan cannot handle.

All in all, the budget-oriented SiteGround GoGeek is fairly decent for about any use. You can also conveniently upgrade from the GoGeek to cloud hosting with a click of a button. Without huge traffic, GoGeek is a decent alternative to SiteGround’s Cloud hosting.

That was it about the comparison; SiteGround GoGeek Vs Cloud hosting. I hope you’ve found this article helpful. Let me know about your experience in the comments section below. I would love to hear back from you.

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