How To Use SEMRush Export Manager?

SEMRush is a great tool. It allows you to search for keywords and analyze the competition. Most of the internet marketers are using SEMRush and getting great results. Today, we’re discussing how to use SEMRush Export Manager for better results.

One of the coolest features of SEMRush is the awesome export manager. The tool allows you to export the data for further study and analysis. It also gives you a wider scope for building your content strategy.

Using SEMRush is giving you an edge when it comes to content marketing. Furthermore, the SEMRush team has been always updating the product to better help you succeed in the digital marketing world.

In this article, we’re exploring the SEMRush Export Manager. We will also see how to select specific data to export for a keywords list. Let’s get into it and see how to use export keywords & data in SEMRush.

First: Sign Up For SEMRush

If you’ve already bought SEMRush, then you can skip this step and proceed with the tutorial. We will show you how to use SEMRush export manager to create reports and export search data.

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What is SEMRush Export Manager?

SEMRush is an all-in-one marketing toolkit. It got over 4 million users and analyze data for over 16 billion keywords across the globe. The tool covers keywords and data on organic search, paid advertising, content marketing, and social media strategies.

One of the SEMRush great features is the export manager. Basically, it allows you to export the fetched data in different formats for further studying. You can export data on; CSV, XLSX Sheets, and PDF formats.

Besides the ability to export keywords data and analytics, you can also export the site audits into different formats. The site audit export includes Crawled Pages, Issues, and Reports. You can also email the PDF report, schedule sending the report at a later date.

SEMRush Export Keywords Data

SEMRush users can now select which keywords to include in the to-be-exported report. Instead of exporting all keywords in the list, you can select the keywords and which data you want for them specifically.

SEMrush now gives you the option to select what information you would like exported. This awesome SEMRush export manager feature will help to:

  • Decrease the time spent on analysis.
  • Export the needed information without the fluff.

How To Export Data Using SEMRush?

SEMRush Export Button

On the top left side, click on the “Export” button to start exporting your report. You’ll be given different options here. on the exported data. You can choose your preference from the list.

  • Export All – All Keywords in the report.
  • Export Selected – Only the selected keywords & their data. 
  • Export First – Number of results within the report. 

You can also filter results on the go by typing in the phrase in the search box. This will filter the list to find only those that have got the phrase included.

Another cool feature is the advanced filter. This will help you filter your results based on the chosen data. The advanced filter will save you time and give you more accurate results.


SEMRush export manager is a great feature. It’s great to control your reports and keywords data. Not only will this feature help you get accurate results, but it also will let you better control your strategies.

No longer will you have to export a list of keywords and then filter out the export to finally get the information you need. SEMRush is making it easier and easier every day for users to succeed.

Have you been using the SEMRush export manager? Do you find it useful? Please let us know your thoughts and experience in the comments section below.

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