SamCart Vs WooCommerce: The Ultimate Comparison

Have you been planning to launch an eCommerce business? If so, this article is exactly for you. We’re comparing SamCart Vs WooCommerce for creating a professional eCommerce website for your business.

On launching a website, you’ll get to choose between a number of software choices and availabilities. Before getting started, you’ll need to perfectly do your research before deciding which platform to rely on.

You may tell yourself I just want to get started with anything. But this is indeed not correct! The good choice you make at the entry-level saves you tons of effort and time later on.

In this article, we’re reviewing both SamCart Vs WooCommerce. Both solutions have been always recommended on blogs and popular forums. Both will help to maximize your online opportunities and sales.

SamCart Vs WooCommerce:

Both solutions are popular eCommerce software. They’re offering multiple levels of support to both buyer and seller on your eCommerce website. And both are pretty easy and straight forward to set up and use right away.

We’re here digging deeper onto both software and compare each software’s pros and cons. I’m looking forward to helping you make an informed decision on starting your brand-new business.



SamCart is basically a SaaS (Software as a service) project. They’re offering a platform for you to use as your eCommerce platform. The service is all internet-based without any downloads or installs required.

It has been developed to give you an added value and maximize your profitability. All features are conversion-oriented with well-tailored tools to get the job done.

SamCart has been so popular over the past few years. Many bloggers and entrepreneurs are just using it for their eCommerce needs.

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SamCart Interface

SamCart platform has an awesome interface with a professional design. Your account is packed with multiple templates for your online store. Besides, it offers tons of features such as; one-click upsell, recurring subscription, installment plans, and much more.

Not only does SamCart offer the functionality, but also the simplicity! Their checkout templates are just stunning and have been proved to offer the best conversion rates. Maximizing conversion simply means more sales.

SamCart One Page Checkout

SamCart Vs WooCommerce: SamCart Dashboard

This is one of the most unique features offered by SamCart. The platform offers you the ability to create a one-page checkout for your product.

Furthermore, this feature is supporting various payment options for customers to choose from. And this choice is being done on the same one-page checkout process.

Unlike other platforms and software, SamCart is very unique here. There is no need for additional pages to choose a payment method on checkout. The less checkout steps the better conversion rates.

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SamCart One Click Upsell

Upsell basically means increasing the value of the average customer purchase. This is to be done by coupling and partnering with other products along the way while checking out the original item.

This is one of the best practices to increase the average cart value. SamCart is basically making the upsell process relatively easy, store owners get more customer lifetime value.

SamCart Checkout

SamCart is featuring multiple ready-made templates for your eCommerce page. These templates have been professionally designed. And most importantly, they’ve been tested and proved for better conversion rates.

All these templates save you time and effort to build something that simply works. You won’t need to research, test, or develop features for long hours anymore. Each template is guaranteed and secured.

Not only can you use these templates! But also, you can further customize these templates if needed. You can alter the button options, footers, header content, colors, ..etc.

You can also customize the required fields during the checkout. Or you can add more fields based on your product and requirements. Customs will have all that information readily available in the one-page checkout process.

It’s also worth noting that all SamCart templates are fully responsive. This means that your eCommerce platform will be well-displayed on a variety of different screen sizes; desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet, ..etc.

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SamCart AB Split Testing

Correct! You can split-test everything on your SamCart platform. The AB split testing allows you to customize variations and specifications differently for better conversion rates.

This way; product comparisons can be done faster. This feature is really crucial for eCommerce businesses. It basically gives owners full control over the customer’s journey on their website.


WordPress WooCommerce

WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce plugin. This has been developed for WordPress. WooCommerce is basically adding the eCommerce facility to the WordPress content management system.

WordPress is empowering over 30% of internet websites. It basically gives developers and entrepreneurs full control over their websites. WordPress allows you to create and manage a professional website easily.

WordPress is widely supported by its awesome community. Thousands of plugins and templates are available at your fingertip. Furthermore, you can scale up your website features with additional premium themes and plugins.

WooCommerce works on top of WordPress. It has got all the popular eCommerce features by default after installing the WooCommerce plugin on your website.

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WooCommerce Checkout

The plugin gives you tons of features. And you can expand these features by implementing additional plugins and add-ons. WordPress & WooCommerce are together highly scalable to create a professional online store.

While the software comes with the default basic template, it all can be customized to give it a more personalized style without abandoning the primary functions.

WooCommerce is also offering detailed features;

  • Checkout as a guest
  • Upselling options
  • Related products
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Client login & registration
  • and more!

Not only are these features available and ready to apply! But also, you can advance these features with the power of premium plugins. The bottom line, WooCommerce is the middle option between platforms like SamCart and custom coded options like Laravel.

WooCommerce doesn’t have all SamCart options in place! But with premium extensions, a seller can certainly provide recurring subscriptions, memberships, and online bookings.

WooCommerce For Developers

SamCart Vs WooCommerce Dashboard

Being open-source gives WordPress huge benefits among competitors. You can basically build an eCommerce website for free! You will just need to sign up for web hosting.

Whether you’re an advanced user or just getting started, WordPress is an ultimate option for you. But you also need to understand that premium results require premium expertise too.

I mean that you will not be able to get proven results like what SamCart offers! You must be a WordPress expert for that. If you’re a WordPress beginner, you’ll just get nice results. But not proven-to-convert results.

The software requires work and custom coding to customize. While the defaults are fine, additional work is required for tapping the greatness. Nevertheless, you can improve, upgrade, and augment the store features to match your specific client needs and the product type.

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WordPress Support

WooCommerce is highly scalable, thanks to the WordPress Repository. It can accommodate most services made for integration with Representational State Transfer API. Developers also get robust reports and analytics.

Besides, there is an awesome forum on the WordPress official website. People discuss and breathe WordPress. You’re most likely to find answers for your technical inquiries in there.

Is SamCart Legit?

Yes, SamCart is a very legit platform. Founded in 2013, SamCart is a web-based eCommerce & checkout platform. it has been designed to offer proven solutions to the online shopping cart and conversion rates.

Whether you’re selling digital or physical products, SamCart allows users to create a fully functional check out page in as little as a few minutes. The checkout page is highly converting and scalable.

SamCart has all the standard features you’d want in a shopping cart. They’ve also got an easy-to-use interface (drag & drop) that will let you build beautiful checkout pages.

How Much is SamCart?

SamCart prices are a bit hefty; starting at $49 per month. Despite the high pricing, the software is really worth it. There are multiple options that will definitely enhance your customer’s journey and overall shopping experience.

The monthly pricing will be very okay only if you’re doing okay with your business! Along with the platform, SamCart has got support staff behind the scenes to help you with your checkout pages.

SamCart or WooCommerce?

In comparing SamCart Vs WooCommerce; SamCart is perfect for beginners and business owners. if you’re just getting started, SamCart will let you put up altogether without any coding mess or integration hassles.

WordPress is awesome for developers and tech-savvies. If you understand WordPress language, you can definitely use WooCommerce; it’s free and highly scalable. But it will take you some time to put it all up together.

The money you may use to hire a WooCommerce expert could be better invested in the SamCart monthly subscription. This is what I think for beginners and business owners to just focus on their business and sales.


Please note that SamCart vs WooCommerce is NOT to be integrated together. Indeed, you can link your WordPress site to the SamCart checkout page. But it’s not a shopping experience integration!

The beauty of SamCart is that it creates a unique shopping experience via the one-page checkout. Furthermore, SamCart provides the best in class templates for checkout pages to get better conversion rates. Some others may say that SamCart templates are too generic!

If you’re into having an online shop with many products and upsells, WooCommerce is your best bet. On the other side, if you don’t have many upsells, SamCart is pretty awesome with proven results. That was everything about the comparison; SamCart Vs WooCommerce.

4 thoughts on “SamCart Vs WooCommerce: The Ultimate Comparison”

  1. Hi,

    You clearly describe the difference between smartcard and woocommerce. Nice article high recommended!!!

    1. WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin. Both are completely free to upload and use on your website. You’ll need to get a decent web hosting to start using WordPress. Good Luck!

  2. I think Woo-commerce is the best as it is proved above. Thank you for sharing the comparison between SamCart and Woo-commerce.
    In contrasting SamCart Vs WooCommerce; SamCart is ideal for apprentices and entrepreneurs. in case you’re simply beginning, SamCart will let you set up out and out with no coding wreckage or coordination bothers.

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