PrettyLinks Vs. ThirstyAffiliates: Which To Choose?

Running an affiliate website is awesome. And it’s the perfect track to earning passive income in the future. But first of all, you should learn how to use the right tools for the perfect results.

When it comes to affiliate plugins, there are a wide variety of plugins and themes for you. The most important tool you should learn to use is cloaking your affiliate links.

Cloaking ana managing your affiliate links has a lot of benefits for your earnings; better management, organizing into categories, protecting your affiliate links, guarding your earnings against theft.

Among the increasing number of WordPress plugins, two plugins have been always the best. In this article, we’re comparing the best WordPress plugins for affiliate cloaking and links management.

NB: This article contains affiliate links. 

PrettyLinks Vs. ThirstyAffiliates:

This is a head to head comparison between these two awesome plugins; PrettyLinks Vs. ThirstyAffiliates. Follow along and read both benefits and cons before deciding which plugin is the right one for you.

ThirstyAffiliates is an affiliate links management plugin. Furthermore, it does cloak your affiliate links. While the actual affiliate links are too long and ugly, this plugin will shorten them for you. Cloaking affiliate links making it appear safer for customers to click on. The plugin also has got many other features such as; scheduling, link health checks, and more.

PrettyLinks is another affiliate links management. The plugin has got many features such as; shortening links and making them appear as if on your own domain name. Another awesome feature is the auto keyword linking inside your articles. PrettyLinks is an awesome plugin to use.

Let’s go over details of both plugins:



We’ve been using this plugin to cloak and manage affiliate links. Upon trials and testing, the plugin has been very helpful. And it becomes very useful with more and more affiliate links to manage.

ThirstyAffiliates simply puts icons into the WordPress editor box. These icons allow you to get links right into your article without even leaving the page.

In the plugin’s settings page, you can easily manage links and set preferences at once. For example, You can set up affiliate links to be in ‘nofollow’ format. This will automatically add all affiliate links into your article with ‘nofollow’ tag.

The plugin also has got a very interesting table to manage links. You can also create categories and assign links to the corresponding category with ease.

Besides all these cool features, ThirstyAffiliates allow you to automate the whole process. The plugin can fetch for the article keywords and automatically assign the affiliate link to the relative keywords. You can also do the same exact thing to attach affiliate links to images.

ThistyAffiliates also provide detailed reports and insights for affiliate links. These reports are really important to understand your visitor and see which links are being clicked the most.

It really is a great plugin and requires so minimal effort to understand and use. You’ll really love how simple it is. We’ve been using it for a long time and we’ve always been happy by how awesome it really is.

The plugin is available in both free and pro versions. The free version is downloadable on the WordPress repository. And you can start using it right away after installing on your WordPress site.

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Another awesome plugin to maintain and manage affiliate links. The plugin is super easy to use with tons of features to cloak affiliate and non-affiliate links the perfect way.

From its name, PrettyLinks are intended to make your links prettier. Basically, it will shorten your affiliate links so they look pretty short, cool, and safe to click on.

Furthermore, the plugin has got an interesting links management system. The system helps you to easily add, edit, or delete any of the links and categorize them accordingly. You can also set a customizable slug for each link.

This pretty little factory takes in your long ugly link and turns it into a shorter pretty link. Discover the plugin page and see yourself if this is the plugin you’ve been searching for.

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PrettyLinks Vs. ThirstyAffiliates are both offering nearly the same features. Both have got a reports section where to can follow your statistics and see which works better.

Both PrettyLinks Vs. ThirstyAffiliates have been awesome in terms of cloaking and managing affiliate links. While both will work perfectly for you, We would definitely recommend ThirstyAffiliates.

Share your thoughts on both plugins in the comments section below. And let us know if you’ve got any questions or inquiries. Also, don’t forget to share this article with everyone on social media.

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