How To Point GoDaddy Domain To Bluehost? (Quick)

In my recent article, Installing WordPress on Bluehost, I mentioned how easy it is to install WordPress on BlueHost web hosting account. That was awesome to get started. But for non-techy users, How To Point GoDaddy domain to Bluehost in a few simple steps.

Godaddy is a great domain registrar that has been around for a long time. And BlueHost is reputable web hosting provider that I strongly recommend

Today, I will show you in details along with snapshots how to point Godaddy domain to BlueHost with few simple steps. After doing this, You should be able to start building your website or blog.

First: Sign Up For BlueHost Web Hosting

If you’ve already bought web hosting from BlueHost, then you can skip this step and proceed with the other technical steps to point Godaddy domain to BlueHost.

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How Can I Host My GoDaddy Domain on BlueHost?

Well, It’s pretty simple and straight-forward. We will just need to update the nameservers fields in Godaddy control panel. Then, we might need to give it a few hours for DNS propagation.

Don’t worry! Your domain will still be with Godaddy. You will just use it for the BlueHost web hosting account. And it is the same way when adding addon domains to your hosting account.

Change Godaddy Nameservers:

The first thing to do is to change GoDaddy nameservers. You will need to login to your GoDaddy account and then put in BlueHost nameservers in the designated section. Keep reading and I will reveil everything in details.

The situation now should be as follows:

Before getting started: if you’ve not yet purchased your BlueHost account, You may find the following article very useful to claim your BlueHost 50% discount coupon (+ free domain name registration):

Connect GoDaddy Domain to Bluehost

In order to connect GoDaddy to Bluehost, You will need to login to your GoDaddy control panel with your username and password. And follow the following steps:

  • Head to Domain Manager section.
  • Choose The Domain you want to host on BlueHost
  • Then, Click “Launch

Here, You will be able to see the following screen for your domain name manager tool:

How to Connect GoDaddy domain To Bluehost

There, You will need to follow the steps below to host GoDaddy domain on BlueHost:

  • Under “Nameservers Section”, Click Manage.
  • Set “Nameservers Type” as Custom.
  • Change them to point to BlueHost nameservers.

Now, What are the bluehost nameservers?

The Default BlueHost DNS Nameservers Godaddy are as follows:


After completion, The final screen should look like this:

How To Point Godaddy Domain to BlueHost?

Now that you’ve completed pointing BlueHost Nameservers Godaddy, You will need to wait for up to a few hours in order for the changes to propagate globally. While waiting for it to be finished, you may spend the time installing WordPress or configuring BlueHost free SSL certificate.

Point GoDaddy Domain to Bluehost:

Yes! It was that easy to host Godaddy domain on BlueHost. Please be noted that the waiting period is the same whether for Godaddy, Namecheap, or any other domain registrar. You should now completed connect GoDaddy domain to Bluehost hosting.

Once the propagation completed, You should be able to start using your BlueHost web hosting account with your domain name just fine.

Let me know in comments below shall you require further assistance or still facing issues. I’m here to help you getting it don just the right way. Don’t forget to share this article with everyone on social media.

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