PayPal Me Egypt: Easier Way To Get Paid Online

Recently, PayPal opened gates to Egyptian netizens and freelancers to use their services and get paid online. Now, Egyptians can use PayPal Egypt to send and receive money worldwide with ease.

Furthermore, they lifted the restriction on PayPal Me Egypt service and made it available for Egyptian users.

PayPal simply allows you to receive money online with ease and withdraw the balance to your credit card. It also allows you to create and send invoices and to request payments from your clients securely.

Now, You’ve got the capability to get paid in a more professional way. I’m talking about PayPal Me service which was only available for clients in the U.S.

Recently, PayPal lifted that restrictions and allowed Egyptian Users to use PayPal Me service (as officially stated on their site here). The service is also available in many other countries.

Please check this page to see if it’s available in your country.

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How PayPal Me Egypt works?

PayPal Me Egypt is a service from PayPal which allows you to have a short memorable URL link like And you get paid via this URL with ease.

I’m so happy to see such a service available out there. In today’s world, Nobody got the time to search for a user by the email address to send a payment.

It could be a lengthy process. Instead, PayPal Me Egypt made sending payments a one click process. Isn’t it really awesome?

You don’t anymore need to disclose your PayPal email address. All you will do is to pass the link to the client and see the money rolling into your balance! For me, it’s more convenient and way professional as it works as my very own online payment gateway.

What Would Be My Link?

What’s so sweet about the service is that you can customize the link according to the amount as follows:

To request $100:
To request $250:
and so on..

How To Get Started?

If you already do have a PayPal account, you will need to head over to PayPal Me Egypt ( ) and click on Create Your PayPal.Me Link.


It will then ask you to grab your special link. You put in your name or the username you want to use then hit Grab This Link.


Please note that this process is irreversible which means you won’t be able to change or edit this link afterward. You’ve to be careful while setting the link up from the first time.

There, It will ask you whether you already have a PayPal account to login or to create a new account if you don’t have one.

Now, Congratulations!

You’re all set to get paid professionally.


PayPal Me Egypt: Easier Way To Get Paid #PayPal #Egypt #Blogging

I’m so glad to see more of the PayPal features enabled for Egyptian users a day after another. It simply means that you’ve got more online business opportunities. Not far ago, It was a struggle for Egyptian users to get paid online and do business globally.

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Note: PayPal is an amazing feature to get paid online, but have you yet checked Payoneer? Payoneer also allows you to receive payments online with the capability to withdraw your funds to the bank account. It does worth checking it out (Read my Payoneer Review here).

I’m looking forward to hearing back from you regarding PayPal Egypt. If you have a question or an inquiry about the service, let me know in the comments section below. I would love to help you further.

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3 thoughts on “PayPal Me Egypt: Easier Way To Get Paid Online”

  1. Dear Karim,
    I am about to start working online on Upwork. I have done several research still I want to figure out a way to withdraw the money from Paypal account in USD currency NOT EGP…. please help!

  2. Hi Dr. karim,

    I really need your assistance in understanding some issues regarding paypal, as I need a paypal account to start working online:

    – Which bank in Egypt do you prefer to open an account ? and what kind of bank account do you suggest – credit, debit, pre payed – to be linked to paypal and valid for send, receive and withdrawing money?

    – What is the different between paypal. Me Egypt and other normal paypal account?

    Last thing, Is there is a different between MasterCard or Visa for using in paypal?
    Thanks in advance for your time. Your response will be highly appreciated…



    1. Ahmed,
      I do apologize for any delays to get back to you.

      – I would recommend using The National Bank of Egypt. They have been doing great job. You will need to open a savings account, make deposit certificates, an get a credit card issued (not debit card, not prepaid card).

      – PayPal Me is a sub service based on the main PayPal account. In order to get PayPal Me activated, you still need to get a normal PayPal account.

      – There should not be any problems with both Visa and MasterCard, However I always prefer and recommend using Visa Credit Cards.

      Please let me know shall I can be of any further assistance,


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