Oberlo Vs Printful: Best Dropshipping Apps

Have you been thinking to launch an eCommerce business? Of course, you’ve considered dropshipping. In this article, we’re comparing Oberlo Vs Printful, the best drop-shipping solution for your website.

DropShipping has a competitive edge over the manual stocking procedure. You basically require zero investment to set up your store and start selling. All the product stocking and labeling are to be done by the company.

This way you can focus more on your business and the top-notch designs for your online store. You can also focus on marketing and advertising for the best booming results. This is a decent guide on how to start a T-shirt drop shipping business; for example.

To make it even simpler, the dropshipping company will handle the shipping process to your customer. You’ve to head it just right! While this is really awesome, it’s wise to carefully choose a reputable provider.

Oberlo Vs Printful

Both Oberlo Vs Printful are great platforms for dropshipping. You can easily launch your store without too much headache. And you can only focus on promoting and selling your retail products.

Before delving deeper its very important to understand that Oberlo has been made for Shopify only. If your eCommerce store is based on WordPress, Oberlo is unfortunately not an option.

However, I’d recommend Oberlo+Shopify combination for just about anyone that’s into dropshipping. It takes very little time to set up and grants you access to a huge bank of suppliers.


Basically, Oberlo is a Shopify application that could be easily installed and configured on your Shopify store. Oberlo is literally making dropshipping a delicious piece of cake! It’s the ultimate choice if you’re getting started into dropshipping.

With Oberlo, you can integrate your store with a number of third-party platforms, such as; AliExpress and other providers. Thus, you will be directly connected to thousands of product providers and suppliers from all sorts of worldwide locations.

The main purpose of Oberlo is to allow you to import products quickly to your store. It will also allow you to get them packaged and shipped on your behalf.

While this company does have several good aspects, it does have its downsides too. For example, you may have a rough time with quality control, particularly if you will most of the time get your goods from different suppliers.

Check Oberlo + Shopify

Oberlo DropShipping

One thing you can’t manage is the timing of arrival. You can never predict how long it would take to bundle the goods and send them to the customers. If you can find your way through these barriers, it will turn out that Dropshipping is a lucrative business for you, especially because of Oberlo.

A good alternative at this point is to be specialized in certain products. This way, you will be able to dropship products from a single provider. Thus, shipping time and the overall packaging process will be easily estimated and predicted.

Since the app has been a great expansion of Shopify from the start, the developers have continued to build on it. They went far away in the development process by partnering with more vendors from all around the globe to make delivery simpler and quicker.

That also makes sense for vendors as getting near to the manufacturers would ensure you can easily order sample items to check them out and see whether they match the requirements before they are placed up for sale.

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How Oberlo Works?

Oberlo Dropshipping

The only explanation more people don’t do eCommerce is due to logistics. Very honestly, global e-commerce companies like Amazon are doing a lot of work. They invest time, effort, and money to ensure that their customers get their orders safe and most importantly fast.

You can’t follow the Amazon track because simply Oberlo will get all the work automatically don for you. The dropshipping process is beautifully automated.

Here is how Oberlo works:

  • Buyer check your products catalog.
  • Buyer purchases a product & pays on your store.
  • You’ll get a notice for a new order.
  • You request the product from Oberlo.
  • You pay for the order and make it Whitelabel.
  • Oberlo’s provider ships the order to your customer.
  • You make a profit!

That’s basically how simple and easy Oberlo works. You can count on that app for your thriving eCommerce business. Just get started and start your Shopify store.

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Oberlo Pricing

Oberlo Pricing

Oberlo has three price options. You’ll be offered a free 30-day trial period before you start paying for either package. And you can get a feel on what you decide to sign up on.

You would, of course, be asked to put in your credit card information to complete the signup. But Oberlo will not charge your card until the trial duration (30-days) has ended. You can cancel anytime before the due date without any imposing charges.

Oberlo has three different plans as follows:

  • Beginner – Free
  • Standard – $29.90 /month
  • Pro – $79.90 /month

The Beginner Package is a very good start if you’re just launching up your online store.  The free package helps you to connect up to 500 items to your shop. And you can receive unlimited monthly orders too.

Checkout Oberlo & Shopify Here >


Printful is another awesome platform that is responsible for the design, shipping, and distribution. It’s still one of the industry’s most successful dropshipping platforms.

It’s very important to understand that Printful is a provider itself. Thus, it doesn’t have a wide variety since you’re not using Alibaba as a provider here.

Printful is available in different formats. And the software is integrated with both Shopify and WordPress. Unlike Oberlo, you can use Printful on your Shopify store or any other software you’re utilizing on your website.

Check Printful

Printful Dropshipping

Printful doesn’t deliver a broad variety of items. And for that, you may question; why it’s still listed among the top dropshipping platforms.

If you choose to store a wide range of items in your store, then Printful is definitely not the right option for you. It does offer a limited variety of products.

With Printful, you’re never going to run out of products. Printful is printing products on demand. And these specifically-printed products will transform your first-time customers into lifelong clients.

Printful has a lengthy list of factors. Thus, it has been ranked as a strong printing-on-demand provider. You can basically count on them as the platform is featuring; ease of usage, quality, and product availability.

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How Printful Works?

Oberlo Vs Printful

According to the online experiences, Printful doesn’t seem to have an issue with the price of their goods. Pricing is very affordable and they’re always suggesting high-profit margins which are very decent and cool.

The only way to learn that Printful offers you what you’ve asked is to submit your template to your selected product and order it for yourself.

It’s never safe to buy and dropship from is by basically submitting an order yourself. A sample product order will help evaluate the business model and put expectations. They will give you a 20 percent discount on the product. And they provide free delivery for specified locations.

Print facilities operate in California and North Carolina. Prints purchased from such facilities are shipped free of charge from throughout the United States and Canada. The same is true in Europe.

You are entitled to just one sample order each month and you can get two samples sent to you on each sample you order. If you have to check quality each month, this method is perfect for you.

Check Printful here >

Can I Use Prinftul Free?

Printful does not work like other dropshipping sites. There’s no initial fee because you simply have to sign up for free, upload your plans, and bring your items up for free.

Upon making a sale, Printful would take their share and the remainder is your profit margin. Orders will be processed in your store. And you will have to place the order on Printful end to complete and ship it.

Your best bet here is touse WordPress. This is basically a content management system that will let you build an online store and sync it directly with prinftul. Please have a look at the following articles on how to build your WordPress website from scratch to get your store up and running.

Is Print On Demand Worth It?

This is literally an ultimate way to make extra money selling products online. The print-on-demand technique will save you time, money, and inventory. This will let you only produce the product when you receive a sale.

For newbies, a print on demand is a striking category in the eCommerce business model. It’s easy to get started since you don’t need to have any inventory. Just to give you a hint, it’s sensible to list some of the feasible niches in the market. Print on demand products, in the first instance, are usually blank products.

To balance the equation, it’s needless to say that you need to put in a significant portion of creativity. Print-on-demand, in the same manner as other selling structures, has a great potential to generate decent revenue for the end retailer.

Print On Demand Dropshipping

Whether you’re getting started or you’ve had a long experience, both options are really great. Oberlo Vs Printful are ideal platforms to use for dropshipping.

My ultimate recommendation for complete automation is Shopify+Oberlo.  It takes very little time to set up and grants you access to a bank of suppliers.

Printful is awesome if you’re using WordPress or any other custom eCommerce platform on your website. It’s free to create an account and add products. You only pay when you make a sale. You can also test quality by ordering a sample product on a monthly basis.

When it comes to Oberlo Vs Printful, Oberlo is great too. But it’s only limited to Shopify platform. The app is fully automated and allows you to run a completely automated eCommerce store. They’ve got a free plan that allows connecting unlimited products to your store.

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