MyThemeShop: Blazing Fast Loading WordPress Themes

Have you been wondering which theme to use for your WordPress site? If you’re looking for a stunning look with blazing fast loading speed, then this MyThemeShop Review is for you.

Along time ago, I was not paying that much attention to which WordPress theme I should use. Once I find a good looking theme, I just go ahead and start using it.

And I was TOTALLY wrong! There are many things to look for when you choose a WordPress theme for your site. Not any good looking theme will work! Instead, the clean well-coded WordPress themes will do.

Who doesn’t look to build a strong money making blog?

For me, I strength on the following three factors when I decide to use this or that WordPress theme.

  • SEO Friendly.
  • Fast Loading.
  • Mobile Responsiveness.

Basically, I’m looking to build a blog that will hopefully rank on search engines. And to do so, I need a clean well-coded theme with better indexing capabilities.

Furthermore, A fast loading site will do magic for better rankings, Don’t you agree with me?

In this article, I’m going to talk about WordPress themes that will CERTAINLY help you creating a ranking profitable blog. I’m ONLY reviewing these themes based on my personal experience for a couple of my other niche authority sites.

I’m talking about MyThemeShop Review, Are you ready?

MyThemeShop Review:

There are tons and tons of WordPress themes developers stepping in the industry each day. I’ve been using StudioPress, ElegantThemes, Thesis, and many others.

Why should you prefer MyThemeShop over any other theme?

Keep reading and I will explain to you the top reasons why I’ve been using MyThemeShop Review for a long time. And I’m certainly happy with the outcome and the profitability of my other sites.

SEO Friendly:

MyThemeShop review

I hear you, and I know how hard you worked on SEO for your site. And yes, many things didn’t work for you as expected. You’re not even seeing any traffic growth on your sites.

I see what you say. I even guess that you’re wondering what could be wrong? Why you’re not receiving any search engines traction despite being blogging for so long time!

Basically, Most of the sites on the internet are not 100% optimized for search engines. And FYI, Search Engine Optimization is not setting up keywords on your articles and that’s it.

SEO is a whole big story with every single line of code on your site being included and extremely powerful on determining your site ranking position.

That being said, I would recommend using a well-coded SEO-Friendly WordPress theme. And believe me, this step alone could do magic for your site traffic growth.

Thanks to MyThemeShop, Every single theme they’re providing are just perfectly optimized for search engines. It’s time to say Bye Bye to your SEO fears and starting using a search engine optimized WordPress theme from MyThemeShop

Fast Loading:


According to the SEO experts, Most of your site visitors will just leave your site if it loads in over 2-3 seconds. Would you be happy risking 50-70% of your site visitors and letting them go away?

If you find that your site is taking anywhere after the 3 seconds loading time, then SERIOUSLY consider changing the design. Although it seems luxurious, but honestly that will work.

On my other niche authority sites, MyThemeShop themes are just doing a perfect job for me. I’m experiencing a loading time under 2 seconds which seriously surpassed my expectations.

I would say consider using MyThemeShop themes if you’re looking forward to creating a fast loading site with no coding glitches or loading hassles.

They take extra care to just provide professionally optimized WordPress themes with no additional CSS, Javascript or Flash files.

Let’s make your life easier, And use MyThemeShop.

Mobile Responsive:

Mobile Responsiveness is another important factor in choosing the best WordPress theme for your blog. You have to take in mind that mobile users are increasing every single day.

Clearly, If your site is not responsive, you’ll be losing traffic and potential earnings. So if you want to leverage sales and conversions on your site, Consider using a mobile responsive theme.

Fortunately, MyThemeShop themes are all well-optimized and fully responsive for mobile users. You won’t have to tweak any code or use any third-party plugin. Just the theme, And you’ll be good to go.

My advice here is to stop losing leads and leaving more money on the table. Leverage up your site user experience and consider mobile responsiveness right today.

Cheap, yet Powerful:


Every single theme on MyThemeShop is priced between $29 up to $59. That’s incredibly awesome when it comes to features-packed WordPress themes.

Your theme from MyThemeShop Review comes with the following additional features:

  • 24/7 Technical Support.
  • Free Theme Updates.
  • Copyright Removal (Place your own credits).
  • Full Documentation & Video Tutorials.
  • Lifetime access to Themes.

All these features come for only $29 up to $59 per any of their themes.

They’re also offering an Extended Membership to access all their 107 themes and 27 plugins for only $87. What’s an awesome deal?

Grab it right today & claim your discount (75% OFF – Limited Time).

Click Here to Buy All Themes & Plugins for $87

MyThemeShop Pricing Alert: You only need to renew your package if you want to continue getting support from their staff. The one-time payment secures a LIFE-TIME full access on the purchased item.

Clean Engaging Design:


Not only will you get a well-coded, SEO-friendly WordPress theme, but also you’ll get a stunning unique design for your site. And that’s EXACTLY what makes you different among the crowd.

The website design is what makes me stay longer on a site. If it’s not well designed with easy navigation, why should I waste more time trying to figure it out? I will DEFINITELY leave right away.

MyThemeShop is offering a wide range of themes with different looks and layout. All you need to do is to check their WordPress themes gallery here and I’m sure you will find many awesome themes that will fit your site.

Which Theme should you Buy?

At this current moment, MyThemeShop is having a total of 107 WordPress themes. I would say it’s better to navigate over their themes directory to check what they’ve to offer. Click here to find your awesome theme

Based on my experience with their products, I would suggest the following as MyThemeShop Top 10 WordPress Themes:

  • SociallyViral
  • Blogging
  • JustFit
  • MyBlog
  • Portfolio
  • Salvation
  • NewsPaper
  • Magazine
  • AppTheme
  • Architect

Upon clicking on any of the above-recommended themes, you will find that each theme is offering a wide range of layout for different usage purposes.

Over To You:

Do you agree with me that well-coded themes can boost your earnings?

If so, then it’s the time to check MyThemeShop themes gallery here and find your awesome theme. Do not waste more time trying to get things to work while they won’t do.

The perfect code saves more time and will eventually make you more money. Furthermore, MyThemeShop support staff are always there and ready to help you with any design issue you may have.

What else could you look for? A great design, clean code, SEO-Friendly, and Blazing Fast Loading. Making the switch right today should be your upcoming decision to boost your site.

And now, What do you think about MyThemeShop Review?
Please share your thoughts and concerns on the comments section below.

I will be very happy to help!


3 thoughts on “MyThemeShop: Blazing Fast Loading WordPress Themes”

  1. Meer Irshad Khan

    hi, Kareem, nice article I am new to blogging this article helps me a lot to improve myself and blog thanks for sharing this keep updating us.

  2. Hi Karim,

    I am using MyThemeShop from day one, and till now I love it. It is easy to use, customize, and looks brilliant to eyes.

    Your review is to the point and I hope more bloggers will find it useful.


    Shafi Khan

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