13+ Best Monthly Billing WordPress Hosting (Updated)

There is a significantly large number of web hosting providers. But only a few of them proved to be reliable. And if you’re on a budget, It may a little harder to find a suitable high-quality provider. In this article, I’m sharing with you 13+ monthly billing WordPress hosting.

If you’re up to giving a service a try before committing on a long term, Monthly billing WordPress hosting is for you. You will be charged month to month. And you won’t have to pay for years ahead.

Thus, I’m here listing the best blog hosting companies with short-term billing plans. So if you’ve got to discover any issue or downtime, you can wipe out your record and move to another host.

Do you want a WordPress hosting that can be paid a month? And you’re looking for safe and fast hosting? So, start reading, we will speak to the best web host with monthly payment plans for WordPress hosting in this guide.

Choosing the best services that match your budget and business needs will take time with so many companies and deals. So if you want to try to find a provider, why not try a web host for a month?

Quick Disclosure: The links mentioned in this article could be affiliate links. This means we may earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you made a purchase using our promo links below. The commissions help us to produce helpful articles like this one. 

Monthly Billing WordPress Hosting

Monthly web hosting is basically a web hosting system that requires you to spend on a monthly basis without a long-term obligation. And you can terminate the web hosting account on any occasion without any extra costs or liability.

Monthly site hosting is easy, you pay month by month without charging for the whole year as with another hosting. You may not have any obligation or responsibility to remain with the hosting service that you do not want, or if you no longer require hosting, for whatever reason, you will cancel your hosting by the end of the month.

Therefore, I will mention the best company hosting the site with short-term plans. Then you can cancel your account and switch to another host even if you find any problems. Yet the good thing is that I’ve been checking these services and also using them.

So you know the specifics and features, and of course, I just talk with the positive encouragement of our customers about professional services.

These companies listed below are recommended based on my own personal experience as a paying customer. I tried and even utilized these providers. This way, you will get to know the genuine points of the pros and cons of each.

Now, let’s head over to the substance. You’ll discover more details and facts about each provider. Also, feel free to let me know shall you’ve got any questions or inquiries about each of those providers.

1. GreenGeeks:

GreenGeeks PHP 7 WordPress Hosting

Yes, This is my ultimate recommendation if you’re up to finding a reliable monthly billing web host. I started using this company for their month to month WordPress hosting. Their support is outstanding and uptime is 100% in a given three months period.

Furthermore, GreenGeeks claim to be a green company utilizing eco energy to run their servers. They’ve been around for a while with decades of combined experiences.

You will love how they’re optimizing their servers for WordPress. You’ll notice a great speed in page loading time like never before. Not only you’ll get a monthly billing WordPress hosting option. But also you’ll get an exceptional service that will certainly pay off.

Their shared hosting plans start at $3.95 per month. It comes with unlimited hosting features; Disk Storage, Monthly Bandwidth, Email Accounts. It also offers a Free Domain Name registration along with marketing offers.

While you still can pay on a monthly basis, GreenGeeks charges a flat setup fee for the first month only. After that, You still can pay on a month to month basis without worrying about any additional fees.

GreenGeeks provides free registration and conversion of domain names. When you obtain their domain name, they can hold it free as long as you use their services. For specifics, see the Endnote portion. When your website is hosted somewhere now, it will help you move the domain to the servers free of charge.

So it’s self-inflicted or anyone with a bad motive will seek to exploit it. In addition to SSH control, GreenGeeks provides free nightly backups. That means you will sleep soundly, trusting all the records were backed up frequently, even though anything goes wrong.

They also provide real-time security scanning, automatic brute force detection, Spam assassin protection, SSL security, and password protection of your directories for additional security measures.

Check GreenGeeks Monthly Offer

2. FastComet:


I’ve been using this company for over 10 months now. And I can clearly say that FastComet proved to be a reputable web hosting provider. You can pay on a month-to-month basis and get the same price for renewals.

Basically, It doesn’t change the pricing. Their prices start at $2.95 per month and you still can get the same price for renewals. Prices don’t ever go up like what happens with many other providers.

FastComet is offering great hosting features along with a free domain name registration. Furthermore, it gives you extra server resources as if you’re on a fully managed WordPress plan. Overall, It certainly worth every cent.

If you’re already having a website somewhere else, FastComet offers free website migration. Their web hosting services are perfectly optimized for WordPress. It gives what you need to run a super-fast WordPress site.

Check FastComet Monthly Offer

3. InterServer:

InterServer Free Trial

Although it’s not a well-known company like GreenGeeks or FastComet, Interserver is a reputable provider with many positive signals. Furthermore, it has very attractive hosting offers for bloggers.

Their shared hosting services start at $5 per month. And there are no additional setup fees for your first month. You’re not being locked in a contract. The same renewal price will apply.

Basically, you will be billed the same offering price for life without any price raises or policy changes. InterServer is offering their services from the cloud. That means you will get near 100% guaranteed uptime.

What’s unique about this company is that they’re offering Linux & Windows hosting. So if you want to run a website based on ASP.net, they have windows shared hosting packages for you. And it’s offered on a month-to-month basis too.

For swift management, cPanel is being offered with their hosting plans. You will also get lots of management tools for WordPress and server files. You can also use services like SFTP, FTP, or SSH access without extra charges. Furthermore, They offer free website migration.

Check InterServer Monthly Offer

4. InMotion Hosting:

InMotionHosting - Best Monthly Billing WordPress Hosting

They’re offering on the best web hosting services in the industry. I’ve been using their shared hosting services for so long time. But recently, I’ve upgraded to a power-horse VPS. They’re featuring a great uptime guarantee.

It’s -one of the best monthly billing WordPress hostings. But unfortunately, the Pro plan only is to be billed monthly. The other packages are only available for annual billing.

InMotion Hosting is having a great offering for the money. Their hosting is top-notch with many features included. Furthermore, They’re offering a free domain name registration along with unlimited hosting features.

The support staff is always there to help you at that time of need. They’ve multiple support channels; Email, Phone, Live Chat, and Ticketing System. All my previous tickets have been served promptly with 100% satisfaction.

Also, InMotion Hosting is having a huge online knowledge-base. They’re offering several guides and complete tutorials for their clients. Everything is being documented in a way that you might not even need to contact their support staff.

Check InMotion Hosting Offer

5. HostGator:

HostGator Free Trial

With over 9 million hosted websites, HostGator is becoming a leader in the market. They’re offering great affordable monthly billing WordPress hosting.

Their plans come with free setup and cPanel. You can start your WordPress blog in no time with their services. Their monthly prices start at $10.95 per month. And you can choose other plans like HostGator Baby or Business plan.

HostGator shared hosting packages should work perfectly for your low or intermediate traffic site. And I only recommend the business plan if you’re after launching an eCommerce website. HostGator doesn’t offer a free domain name registration included.

Instead, they charge $12.95 for .com domain registration which is a bit expensive comparatively.

You can also give HostGator a trial for only $0.01 a first month. This should be a great way to test-drive everything before having a real commitment with a monthly billing WordPress hosting.

With a significant emphasis on technological support of good quality, HostGator places in the monthly web hosting segment are structured to enable start-up bloggers (and small companies) to introduce their websites with a little budget as possible.

That’s why all consumers are faced with an amazing 24/7/365 mobile, online chat, and email service. Back in 2002, HostGator was originally created in a Florida dorm room and has become a famous brand in an inexpensive shared hosting world.

The company is supporting hundreds of thousands of writers, small businesses, and corporations to get their website off-site and to make it optimized. We have seen all of this and have a support network that is incredibly supportive to push traffic to the site and to keep through.

Check HostGator Monthly Offer

6. A2 Hosting:

A2 Hosting isn’t so much well known like different providers specified on this rundown. However, It has been widely noted for its outstanding hosting performance. Numerous customers have noticed a noticeable page speed increment on shifting to use A2 Hosting.

Their monthly prices start at $4.95 (with promo). And you can pay month to month without being locked up in a contract. If you decided to go on an annual plan, you could save more money on the go.

A2 Hosting services are purely optimized for WordPress. They’re using advanced caching techniques and strategies that will optimally serve your site like no one else in the market. Their helping staff is solid and constantly supportive around the clock.

For the three lowest-cost monthly billed web hosting services that are currently available, Dreamhost or HostGator are sold at the maximum price point with the same (sometimes less) functionality. But in the context of WordPress hosting plans month after month, they are always a strong option.

Initially started as a side project back in 2001 by a former network developer, Bryan Muthig, A2 Hosting has been autonomous and run for almost 20 years – making it a big player in blogging culture – and less susceptible to significant price or schedule changes over time.

If you’re after finding a decent host for your upcoming WordPress site, A2 Hosting is an ideal match here.

Check A2Hosting Monthly Offer

7. DreamHost:

DreamHost PHP 7 WordPress Hosting

DreamHost is an award-winning web hosting provider. Since it’s launch in 1997, DreamHost has always been the correct decision for eCommerce websites, individual websites, new businesses, or some other locales.

This hosting company is offering a very affordable monthly billing WordPress hosting. It also features a free domain name registration along with unlimited hosting features.

DreamHost offers three different web hosting plans. It also offers multiple billing cycles; 3-year, 1-year, and monthly payment plans. The month-to-month plan starts at $10.95 with more savings on annual billing. You can pay your monthly bill via Credit Card or PayPal.

My choice for the best monthly web hosting service is Dreamhost’s Shared Starter Plan, one of the longest-term web hosting providers in the world. In reality, I’ve been working on Dreamhost websites for clients through the years (and I’m still using their web hosting services for many ventures on a monthly basis).

All of the classic web hosting features like pre-installed WordPress, fast loads, free SSL certificate and website security, aside, one of the main reasons I frequently recommend Dreamhost to new bloggers, is that they offer a true month-to-month plan to pay for your blog hosting each month without any long-term contracts or links.

Check DreamHost Monthly Offer

8. WPX Hosting:


Unlike many other shared hosting companies, WPX Hosting is offering dedicated server resources for each plan. This means that your shared hosting account is not sharing server resources with other accounts.

WPX Hosting is ensuring free day by day backups put away. These backups are restorable at whatever point required. So if your site gets hacked or slammed, you could re-establish it with a click of a button.

They’re charing on a month-to-month basis. But they’re relatively expensive. Their pricing starts at $24.95 per month for the basic plan. This plan allows you to host up to five websites with strongly dedicated resources.

I’m already using WPX Hosting for a couple of sites on my network. These sites are of heavy traffic. So unless you’re having a heavy traffic site (> 600k page views per month), you can use a regular shared hosting just fine.

Check WPX Hosting Offer

Bonus: Month-to-Month Hosting Sites

I’ve made sure to include the top companies based on my own experience. Furthermore, there are many other providers that I believe having a huge potential and worth trying them out.

The above-mentioned companies are all charging on a month-to-month basis. Feel free to go over them one by one to find your perfect hosting provider. And let me know for questions, concerns, or assistance.

Any Missing Features?

No. No. The idea of the monthly billing is that you’re paying for your web hosting account on a month to month basis. Other than that, both are exactly the same whether you’ve paid on a monthly or an annual basis. At least not the strongest monthly hosting arrangements (as we evaluate today).

You just have to switch to a service that offers you the same options as your annual plans while choosing a monthly hosting package. The only possible drawback to monthly hosting is that it is typically marginally more costly than if you paid for the same company on a longer-term contract.

Hosting Per Month Advantages

10 years ago when I got started, I always preferred to pay on a month-to-month basis. I was always worrying about downtime or technical issue that may arise. Later on, I started to work on annual plans. Not only do I save more money by paying annually, but also I’m getting complete peace of mind.

Furthermore, Annual billing gives me extra premium features. I’m not stressing you out here. I would suggest that you first pick up a monthly plan. When you get assured that everything looks good, shift over to an annual plan. This will be an ultimate strategy for a long term commitment.

I began blogging and paying hosting costs every month because there were concerns regarding the content and problems confronting the web. Yet later I preferred the yearly package as qualified, as it saves money with exclusive promotions and also includes extra functionality.

So I also suggest the selection of monthly web hosting at the outset and get a clear understanding of the business and its facilities. Eventually, if anything you think goes good, you can sign up for a long-term contract or you can easily terminate your hosting agreement and switch to another site host.

Monthly Billing Hosting Disadvantages

Well, Paying per month is a great way to test the hosting company before long commitment. But if you go longer on the monthly billing, you’re on your way to lose more money than you thought you could save.

Usually, the annual plans come with a free domain name. Going monthly will force you to pay an extra fee for the domain name. Furthermore, You may end up paying an extra setup fee for the first month. For me, All these extra fees could have been saved if you’re to go for annual billing.

Annual billing hosting will give you peace of mind knowing that your website hosting has been paid for. Furthermore, You will not worry about getting up one morning to find your website suspended due to an unpaid monthly invoice!

If you will just pay your hosting fee every month, it is all right and nothing to be concerned about. Nonetheless, blogs with a small hosting budget can prefer this alternative, which in the long run would require high costs. In comparison to the annual payment, monthly payment options are expensive.

In fact, you might have trouble with the payment process, in particular with expiring credit cards, so you may need to upgrade to prevent cancelation of operation. And, occasionally, you would have to pay manually and for whatever reason, the device is operating properly.

However, the bulk of hosting providers still provide long-term connections for a free domain name. Therefore, the monthly hosting plan still has a good alternative, but the blogger will have to buy or already have the domain name.

But, in addition, if you want to save time, select a year or longer hosting contract, it will be far cheaper and you will concentrate on creating blog content rather than on accounting concerns.

Over To You

This has been my ultimate shortlist for the monthly billing WordPress hosting. If your company is not on the list, please let me know in the comments below and I would be very happy to review it.

What do you think of the monthly billing of your hosting instead of 12 months’ rent? And which of the web hosting firms you ‘d want to use – and why? Share your reflections in the following comment line. Let me see what you think. What you think.

Please let me know shall you’ve got any questions or concerns. I would love to help you further choosing the best monthly billing WordPress hosting for your website. Also, don’t forget to share shortlist with everyone on social media.

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