MailerLite Vs ConvertKit: Your Ultimate Comparison

In Short (MailerLite Vs ConvertKit): If you’re getting started and looking for free software, I would recommend MailerLite. While ConvertKit has got a free plan, it doesn’t offer automation tools. MailerLite’s free plan supports automation and workflow. Go a budget and willing to invest, Go ahead and get the ConvertKit premium package. 

I’ve been using both services; MailerLite Vs Convertkit. And I’ve to acknowledge both are offering awesome service quality and great value for money. In this article, we’re going over the comparison between both providers to see which once to use for your email marketing campaigns.

ConvertKit has been around for so long time. MailerLite is as well. MailerLite has been well-known in the email marketing industry to be offering an awesome free plan that allows you to serve up to 2,00 subscribers.

While ConvertKit’s most basic plan was paid, they’ve recently launched a free plan to get started. Yes, it’s completely free and you don’t have to pay a dime. ConvertKit gives you a free package for up to 1,000 subscribers. Over this number, you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription to maintain your list.

In this article, we’re going over the whole comparison MailerLite Vs ConvertKit to see which one may be better for your business. Read along and let me know for any thoughts or questions in the comments section below. I would love to help you further.

Quick Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links.

Why Have a Mailing List?

Before hitting the comparison, it’s important to mention that there are some people (you could be one of them) that are doubting the importance of having a mailing list. Should you start a mailing list in the first place? My short answer here is; definitely YES!

When I first started my blogging journey, I was basically looking for free alternatives. We’re all this person who is looking forward to getting started with the minimal costs possible. At that time, I’ve found MailChimp’s free plan very promising. And I used it for a while.

After some time, I’ve shifted over may mailing list to use MailerLite. While I use ConvertKit for a couple of other projects, I love how MailerLite is offering much of automation rules that will let you run your mailing lists very in a simple few steps.

And now, I’m reassuring you that launching a mailing list is very important for your website. Simply speaking, those who subscribe to your mailing list will be your very first readers when you launch a very new piece of content. Those are your very loyal blog readers and website visitors.

Whether you’re running an online business on its own or even running a blog, having a mailing list will give you an edge over competitors. It will let you build your own community which will help you go forward and grow. It’s exactly like how the “Subscribe” button works on Youtube, for example.

MailerLite Vs ConvertKit

The best thing about both tools is how flexible they really are. Not only can you manage a list of subscribers and email addresses, but also you can go over the flexibility and scalability of automation rules and landing pages creativity.

Yes, you can automate certain rules that will let your overall system works automatically while you’re traveling somewhere with no internet connection. To be honest, MailerLite Vs ConcertKit is offering automation rules. I personally love how MailerLite works for this.

ConvertKit has been around for a while now with a strong experience in the market. Many bloggers and entrepreneurs have reported recently shifting over to ConvertKit to manage and automate their mailing lists.

ConvertKit has got many amusing features such as; tags management, landing page creator, and more. You can also easily create several forms, touchdown websites, and run auto-responders for your email messages and replies. Yes, it’s that awesome!


MailerLite - Free LeadPages Alternative

MailerLite is simply an email marketing software that lets you design and sends email messages to your subscribers at once. You don’t have to send a separate email message to every single subscriber. MailerLite automates it all for you with the notes and rules you’ve specified.

It’s very helpful and comes with tons of features for email marketing, newsletter templates, taking surveys, analyzing results, video blocks, and eCommerce campaigns with a call to action buttons. MailerLite also offers tons of auto-responding tools to manage the interaction with subscribers.

You’ll also get a full list of reports and graphs that are telling you constant information about how your email campaigns are actually doing. You’ll get to know how many subscribers have opened your message. And out of them, how many really clicked a hyperlink on your email message.

Furthermore, You’ll get a handful set of all these tools for free! Yes, You can get started today on MailerLite for as low as $0 per month for your very first 2,000 subscribers. After some time, you can really invest more in your email marketing campaigns by upgrading your package.

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MailerLite Editor


One of the best features of MailerLite is its influential email writing editor. The tool is very handy that comes with tons of features. Furthermore, it’s pretty easy to use and understand even for beginners and those getting started.

The Drag & Drop Email Editor is installed with the Most but custom HTML can also be imported. When you have done this, you will reuse previous e-mails for the next campaign as an e-mail prototype. The key playground is the MailerLite e-mail writer. The pre-built modules are more than 20. They can be pulled to the canvas from the left.

You will dynamic the material with MailerLite. Display a block for immediate personalization of just one party. Overall, what you get here at the price is amazing. There are plenty of roles in the email editor. You can start designing fantastic email campaigns with email models.

It’s quite easy to use and at the same time you can do very sophisticated stuff (Mailchimp users feel right at home). There are several major corporations that do not use half of this capability, I know. But the interface to edit and launch campaigns will take you for some time to outgrow.

Templates are the ideal starting point for creating a pop-up website. Or you can leap right into the publisher and build it however you wish. It’s pretty quick to build shape or pop-up. The font, text, color, and photographs can be customized.

Formatting is easier than the creator of the email address. You choose a format (default, horizontal, or picture card), which is what you get.

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MailerLite Automation


You incorporate the follow-up flow after generating the opt-in form. You would like new users to validate your membership and then send several automatic follow-up e-mails. It is cool to be able to pick from by form with double-opt-in.

The above-mentioned sequence is very popular and can be achieved easily on the MailerLite Dashboard. Thanks to many templates available, you can choose from pre-built templates and start building your automation rules and workflow.

If your website is based on WordPress or Shopify, MailerLite has got you covered. You can easily install the associated plugin or addon and you’re done! This simple step will save you tons of hours trying to setup and integrate forms within your website pages.

The form and pop-up snippets are immediately enabled on these sites and are supported with Mailerlite WordPress plug-ins and a Shopify integration. The website and the landing page of MailerLite are built. What are the landing page competitions for CMS like WordPress from MailerLite?

You can host the landing pages and websites that are built on MailerLite either on their domain ( or directly on your website. Therefore, if you have a website already built, you may want to add a few more landing pages to MailerLite ‘s founder.

Otherwise use the website creator to create a minisite on your own if you don’t have a website. Managed a website easily with the hosting of MailerLite and you might switch to something else in the future.

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MailerLite Landing Pages


A landing page may be built from scratch or one of the 30 premade landing page models from MailerLite is used. (About the contract paid). The page editor looks and sounds the same (as it should!) as the email editor. The drag-and-drop editor can be added to modular “content blocks.”

You can create basic websites with many pages with the MailerLite website creator. The only thing that is unusual is to link the website to a subscription community while building a MailerLite website. There is no negative influence, but at first, it was somewhat overwhelming. Multi-group structures may be related.

The platform models are focused on numerous sectors and case studies. I chose a website for testing: a five-page prototype with featured assets on the website, single listings and a “Crew Meet” tab. I haven’t yet sold a home, but who knows that.

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ConvertKit is a relatively young, strong, and intuitive provider of e-mail marketing services. One of the best things about it is that it makes starting up simple for anyone and everyone. Their product is designed to make e-mail marketing pretty easy for professional bloggers like you “easier and robust.”

ConvertKit marketing strategists are targetting; podcasters, course builders, professional bloggers, and YouTubers. You can get all the characteristics of (most) any package you select from with ConvertKit. And recently, they’ve got a free plan for up to 1,000 subscribers.

The Free Network Migration is one of the best addons here. You will be able to transfer the lists into their system when you buy a package for more than 5,000 contacts so that you don’t have to think about the hassle of migrating your email list from another provider to ConvertKit.

ConvertKit has also a landing page editor that lets you gather subscribers for social media promotions. This landing page builder is very beneficial if you do not have a website. However, we must admit that the available email designs are simple. When it comes to MailerLite Vs ConvertKit; MailerLite templates are much better.

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ConvertKit Pricing

MailerLite Vs ConvertKit Pricing

Only remember how many customers you have, since this is the only group that varies from schedule to schedule. To see if ConvertKit wins up the market and watches higher prices, you can check the breakthrough below for how much ConvertKit really costs.

  • Up to 1,000 Subscribers: Free!
  • Up to 3,000 Subscribers: $49/mo
  • Up to 5,000 Subscribers: $79/mo
  • Up to 10,000 Subscribers: $110/mo
  • and more!

It’s also worth noting that the free plan comes with no automation rules. This feature doesn’t even exist on the ConvertKit. In my opinion, this makes the whole thing useless. You definitely need the automation features for which you’ll have to pay $29 for up to 1,000 subscribers.

If you’re just getting started, one of the things that will possibly make you doubt ConvertKit is the price. Ok, I’m here to make your feelings easy. Certainly, it is no shame why you pay the price, nor that they are more costly than most alternatives.

I don’t know about you, but I (and a serious business) tend to pay a reward whenever your e-mail hits your subscriber’s inboxes instead of getting spammed. ConvertKit and other email marketing software will set up sophisticated, complicated, and multi-phase sequences of efficient automation.

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ConvertKit Support

One of the greatest advantages of using ConvertKit, which has no link to the strength and features of the device, is its support. Their team is always available for help and support. Even if it’s the weekend days, you’ll still get a response to your email messages very quickly.

Again, the priority support is not available on the Free plan. In order to get decent support from the technical team, you’ll need to be on at least the basic paid plan. Notice that my perception of your funding is that it is comparable with your rivals (i.e. other firms in the same industry).

The helping levels are considerably higher than in e-mail services suppliers in other sectors, such as web hosting. Yes, their support department is functioning way better than many other competitors. And this alone could be a great justification for the comparatively higher pricing.

On the other side, MailChimp, for example, does not really have a lot of support for comparison – specifically for free users, which is very disappointing. Although live chat support is fantastic, sometimes it’s not suitable for the sort of problems you don’t have to look at. For that, you may need to send an email instead.

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ConvertKit Broadcasting

MailerLite Vs ConvertKit Broadcast

With ConvertKit, You certainly have the option to send Broadcast Emails in addition to the awesome ConvertKit automation features. There is e-mail messages that needs to be sent with certain marks to a specific segment of the list or to certain subscribers on your list.

Sending broadcast to those persons of specific interest is very possible too.  It all depends on the connexions they have associated with past emails. The editing interface of ConvertKit is as easy as it ought to be. They rely on plain text emails which should be normal in my view.

The email editor box is pretty simple and straight-forward. This will let you write influential emails as if you’re writing email messages to family and friends. This makes your life easier. I personally prefer plain emails with no templates or many colors. They fee more personalized!

ConvertKit Email Sequences

MailerLite Vs ConvertKit Support

Sequences are one of the most enticing aspects of ConvertKit. Sequences are key to how ConvertKit automation operates. In their own, it is only a collection of linked e-mails to be sent sequentially – as the name implies. However, they can be activated depending on a variety of acts if combined with ConvertKit Automations.

Up to 5 entry points may be available for each automation. Many people would not find this at all intimidating, but I advise them to reach out to their team and ask if their team is already doing incredibly sophisticated automation using a different method.

If you have more than 5,000 users, you can get a free concierge upgrade, which I definitely advise you to make use of if you have a complicated set-up with your current service, which literally saves your time more than you believe.

For quite some time now we use ConvertKit and regularly recommend it to both individual designers and organizations who need good automation and sequences. Overall, I guess it is important to know why ConvertKit is valued by so many advertisers and developers.

It is built to make all things straightforward as they should be – particularly for those who don’t want to spend time and work on more critical stuff like content creation or maybe running their company. That’s why I definitely recommend ConvertKit for the ultimate automation and nurture email sequence.

MailerLite Vs ConvertKit

Now, you should have got a clear idea of which email marketing software to choose for your business; MailerLite Vs ConvertKit. Both are robust software with lots of features. While ConvertKit is a bit more expensive, it comes handy with additional features and awesome support.

Let’s break it through below for your final conclusion:

That was it all about the comparison; MailerLite Vs ConvertKit. Please let me know in the comments section below shall you have got any questions or inquiries. And also don’t forget to share this article with everyone on social media.

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