InMotion Hosting Vs NameCheap: Which To Choose?

Both providers are reputable companies that have been offering web hosting services for years. In this article, we’re writing a fair comparison for both companies; InMotion Hosting Vs NameCheap to see which one is better to host your upcoming website.

InMotion Hosting – while a bit more expensive – is actually offering great plans with additional features for your website. They’re offering three different web hosting plans that will ultimately fit your website needs and requirements.

On the other side, NameCheap is a more affordable web hosting provider. Besides, it offers additional services such as domain name registration and reseller hosting solutions. NameCheap customer service is iconic. The staff is always available to address your inquiries.

In this article, we’re comparing both providers InMotion Hosting Vs NameCheap. And our goal is to see which of them is the best provider for your website. Keep tuned and read along. Also, let us know in the comments below if you’ve got any inquiries or questions.

InMotion Hosting Vs NameCheap

Your ultimate goal at this point is to find a good web hosting choice for your business. NameCheap is better known for its incredibly inexpensive hosting plans. They have a wide variety of plans to choose from, consistent uptime, and offer hosting based on both Linux and Windows.

We have to give InMotion the advantage in this matchup, however. Their plans have better features (fewer constraints), have a much longer money-back guarantee, and outperform NameCheap (such as much faster page loading speeds and superior technical support).

NameCheap offers some of the cheapest available hosting services. Their shared hosting can cost as little as $9.88/year, resulting in about $0.82/month! The cheapest shared hosting service that you can get with InMotion, meanwhile, costs $3.49/month. Besides, NameCheap has costly renewal prices.

Let’s dig deeper and analyze each web hosting provider; InMotion Hosting Vs NameCheap ultimately. This review is coming up out of a personal experience of both services either for one of our testing websites or for a client’s website.

InMotion Hosting


InMotion Hosting provides three enterprise hosting options. The plans are suitable in order to control the resources and database work on your web hosting account. Each plan supports solid-state drive, which is added for an additional cost by most other hosts.

With the Launch Plan, you’ll be able to host two websites on the same hosting account. You’ll also get; 6 parked domains, 25 sub-domains, 2 MySQL, and PostgreSQL databases. This package is an excellent choice for you if you’re getting started with a brand new website.

Their most capable software, the Power Plan, provides a great deal of versatility and ability. The plan allows hosting of up to 50 websites on the same plan. It also will give you up to 50 email addresses, unlimited databases, unrestricted parking, and sub-domains as well as greater customer support.

The Power Plan is their most popular option and provides customers with additional resources. The plan will give you up to 100 websites to host on the same account. It will also give you unlimited databases, unlimited sub-domains, and 6x the performance and speed.

Every three plans include unlimited drive space, unlimited monthly transfers, free backups, and IMAP-based SPAM Safe Email. Not only can all consumers register or move a free domain, but they will also get a free website move that would never lead to downtime on the platform.

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InMotion Hosting WordPress

InMotion Hosting Shared Hosting Pricing

InMotion Hosting’s WordPress plans is well completed and I believe you’d benefit from the offer if you’ve got a little experience. For both people and clients at any degree of knowledge and competence, they provide three separate WordPress hosting bundles.

The three plans are part of InMotion Hosting’s shared plans. This means that customers receive benefits available on the shared hosting plan for only slightly more each month, but also have access to BoldGrid to help customers design the site of their dreams.

Easy to use, offers a wide range of integrations, and after InMotion Hosting has installed the website, free backups are provided. These are not really 100% WordPress managed to host plans, but they contain many elements.

When you’re looking to build a WordPress site on an easy-to-use platform, your plans could be worth it. WordPress masters, however, may find they prefer to save a month a little less than a dollar to build their own site.

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Uptime & Server Stability


InMotion Hosting promises 99,9% uptime, maintaining your trust and quality, whether you want a data center in Los Angeles or Virginia. In both centers, customers receive a carrier-grade network core, as well as BGP route optimization, multiple layers of redundancy, and 20GB of connectivity over a 10GB Ethernet connection.

This ensures that the server is linked on various layers to maintain the site up and running regardless of what occurs. InMotion hosting now provides a dedicated management network that allows its experts to easily cope with network events that may impact the link to your Website.

I’ve seen trustworthy uptime on InMotion Hosting and both its speed and response times impressed me.  I think this is an excellent option because it increases the functionality and performance of your website while making it easy for you to manage and grow your website.

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WordPress Test Site - NameCheap DOmain Registrar

NameCheap is one of the most affordable web hosting providers available in the market today. Their pricing starts at $1 per month or even less. And the surprise is that you still can pay month to month if you prefer to.

The best thing is that you can host up to 3 domain names with your simple shared hosting service. Yeah, we have so many companies including; BlueHost, HostGator, GreenGeeks, .. etc. Yet, NameCheap is offering an amazing service quality for way less than other company’s charges.

And if you’re migrating your website from another web hosting provider, NameCheap staff are willing to migrate your website over for free. Yes, their service includes free website migration to ease the process for you.

We all know how challenging and tedious it is to transfer all your site data without missing files to a different hosting platform. You can find it virtually difficult for you to migrate if you are a novice. Here, you may easily use the Namecheap web migration service to move the site free of charge from an established hosting to their hosting servers.

They manage all manner of free site relocation, including;

  • Migration of cPanel Site
  • Email Transfer
  • Switch to a VPS or Cloud

A cPanel (control panel) is a functional GUI, where all website specific materials such as addresses, directories, field parking, server backups, etc. are handled and preserved. From email accounts to file management, you can navigate through everything in one place.

You can always access your cPanel account from Namecheap quite quickly even though you are just getting started. As a side note, you should only use certain hosting providers that have a cPanel GUI. Otherwise, handling all the files, directories, domains, etc. will be very complicated for you.

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Quality Technical Support

Support PIN link

One of the biggest factors to remember when choosing a common hosting site is the availability of your support staff. Fortunately, Namecheap provides assistance to all of its hosting customers from 24 to 7, enabling you to link to them in several different ways;

  • Rich Online Knowledgebase
  • Support Ticketing System
  • Live Chat

If you are not yet a customer of Namecheap, you may easily access their “Send a Ticket” page to ask questions about the hosts or domain registration. By doing this, you’re giving yourself a chance to see how responsive this company is for inquiries.

Once you get assured about their support quality, you can definitely sign up for their services and start getting your website up and running on their servers. The live chat is as well another great feature to reach their staff at times of urgency or technical problems with your website.

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Protection & Security

Namecheap achieves precisely by supplying SSL, WhoisGuard, unbelievable OS, and data servers to their hosting servers. Any Namecheap Client is issued with both SSL and WhoisGuard certificates at no extra fees.

  • SSL certificates: Securing your website visitors against identity theft.
  • WhoisGuard: Protecting your domain name WHOIS information.

You ought to get good performance paid DNS over free or ordinary DNS whether you operate an eCommerce shop or have to use a high traffic website. Namecheap provides premium DNS for Verisign-powered website authentication upgrades.

Through Namecheap, you’ll be able to access the premium DNS for a little extra fee. The premium DNS gives you a variety of valuable advantages. DNS (Domain Name Server) influences the protection and efficiency of your website directly.

If you run an e-commerce shop, digital marketing firm, or something you consider to be a serious online operation, try to get a premium DNS (Namecheap just gives you $5 for a year, so it is not too expensive),. This will give you 100% uptime and total protection.

Besides, NameCheap offers free included SSL Certificates along with their web hosting plans. These SSL certificates can be activated on each single domain name on your web hosting package. Yes, unlimited certificates for the number of domains you’ve got with NameCheap.

These SSL certificates are typically used to protect all credit card purchases undertaken on the websites, username, and other data transfer content. A website using SSL certificates is also deemed secure to buy online.

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InMotion Hosting Vs NameCheap

That was it all about the comparison between InMotion Hosting Vs NameCheap. Read along and find the best for your website. Both providers have been around for a while. And they’re serving clients from around the world.

Both rely on the cPanel control panel which is really awesome. cPanel will make your life easier when it comes to managing the technical stuff of your website. Furthermore, the support staff is always available to assist.

If you’re on a tight budget, NameCheap could be your perfect option for the best price. However, if you’re willing to pay a little bit extra, InMotion Hosting is offering a top-nothc support via multiple channels; live chat, support tickets, phone, email, ..etc.

That was it all. Which web hosting provider have you decided to go for; InMotion Hosting Vs NameCheap? Let me know in the comments section below if you’ve got any questions or inquiries. We’re always available to assist.

2 thoughts on “InMotion Hosting Vs NameCheap: Which To Choose?”

  1. We can go with Namecheap, if we are low on budget. Inmotion Hosting are also providing some good options for the set price.

  2. Amit Maheshwari

    I prefer Namecheap because it is not very costly compared to others. Its name signifies the best feature it has.

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