What is InMotion Hosting Temporary URL? (Quick)

InMotion Hosting is a reputable web hosting company. It has been around for a long while serving customers from around the world. In this article, we’re reviewing the InMotion Hosting temporary URL.

Before going in-depth, It’s worth noting that the company is offering a wide range of web hosting services; shared hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, and dedicated servers.

They’re also offering high-performing WordPress hosting for bigger websites. Their WordPress plans are of a very good value as for the price range.

The temporary URL is the main account path after purchasing your web hosting plan. This could be used in testing purposes in case you’re not yet using a domain name with your host.

Sign Up for InMotion Hosting

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What is Temporary URL?

InMotion Hosting is offering a free domain name along with their web hosting plans. In case you’ve already got a domain name, you’ll need to point it to your hosting account using InMotion nameservers.

So let’s say that you’ve purchased a web hosting account from InMotion Hosting. But you didn’t yet have a domain name connected to it. Here, you can still use your web hosting account with a temporary URL.

The bottom line, the temporary URL is a link path you can follow to use your web hosting account. It didn’t have to be permanent. It’s just being used temporarily until you get a domain name synced with the host.

InMotion Hosting Temporary URL

As being said, the temporary URL allows you to test your website without a domain name. You may have just purchased your new InMotion hosting account, but didn’t yet point your domain over.

In this case, a temporary URL will be very helpful. Your domain name will still point to your previous hosting provider while you’re uploading and testing your website on our servers.

Kindly Note: the temporary URL is not actually temporary. It’s redirecting to the same location as your regular cPanel and web files. Even after pointing your domain to the host, you still can use the temporary URL.

Temporary IP based URL

The temporary URL is not findable by search engines as long as you’re already using a domain name on your host. You can access the server when your domain is not active or not pointing to your server.

You can find it on your InMotion Hosting account:

  • Log in to your Client Portal
  • Click the Account Technical Details button
  • Temporary URL will be listed next to Temp URL

InMotion Hosting Temp URL


We’ve shown you how to use the InMotion Hosting temporary URL. To test your website using the Temporary URL, simply visit that URL. You should see your website at this point.

That was it about the InMotion Hosting temporary URL and how to use it. Let us know your experience in the comments section below. And let us know for any questions or inquiries.

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