How To Use PayPal in Egypt? (Truthful Q&A)

A few months ago, I published PayPal Egypt: How To Send & Receive Money?. I made sure to include all the details and information about how to use PayPal in Egypt the optimal way. Wondering what are PayPal banks in Egypt? This article is all about how to use PayPal in Egypt the optimal way.

I received many comments and questions about this article. So, I decided to write down this truthful Q&A to answer many of your questions and spread the knowledge about How to use PayPal in Egypt for Egyptian netizens.

Before getting started, I want to stress that I’ve been using PayPal in Egypt since August 2016 and it has been working perfectly with no complaints. I needed to contact PayPal Egypt customer service a couple of times and their staff were very professional and helpful.

How To Use PayPal in Egypt (Q&A):

How To Use PayPal in Egypt? (Thruthful Q&A)

In that article, I will make sure to include all the frequent questions I received earlier about how to use PayPal in Egypt and I will honestly do my best to clear them all for your convenience. So grab a cup of coffee and stick around until the end of the article and you will get your inquiries answered.

Q: Is PayPal available in Egypt?

Yes, PayPal is available in Egypt to send and receive payments worldwide.

Q: How to make a PayPal account in Egypt?

To make a PayPal account in Egypt, It’s pretty straight-forward:

  • Go to PayPal website
  • Click the signup button on the top bar (left-side)
  • It asks you whether you want to open “Personal” or “Business” account.
  • Then, it will ask you to fill up your personal information
  • And you’re done!

Q: Can I use my PayPal balance to make purchases?

PayPal in Egypt doesn’t allow you to use your balance to make purchases. However, the workaround here is to withdraw your balance into your credit card and then use your credit card to make purchases.

You still can use your PayPal account to pay, But PayPal will deduct the payable amount from your credit card and not from your PayPal balance even if you have balance. 

I’ve contacted their support staff about this issue, and they instructed that PayPal has been newly introduced to the Egyptian market and it takes time until they unlock more features. 

Q: How high the fee to withdraw money from PayPal?

It will cost you $5 USD to withdraw your money from your PayPal balance into your credit card. For example, If you’re about to withdraw $100 USD, you will get $95 USD after the withdrawal fee deduction. 

PayPal in Egypt still allows you to withdraw your money for free with “Auto Sweep” feature. By enabling that feature, PayPal will automatically withdraw your available balance at the end of the month into without any extra deductions or fees included.  

Q: How to change the currency in my PayPal account to USD?

You can change your account’s currency to USD by heading to: PayPal Balance in your account’s Dashboard > Manage Currencies. Then, you will need to change that currency from Euro to USD. And save changes!

Q: Which bank in Egypt allows me to withdraw money from PayPal?

PayPal Banks in Egypt

How to use PayPal in Egypt?
What are the PayPal banks in Egypt?
Which bank accepts PayPal Withdrawals?

Well, I’ve been asked these questions several times. I will mention below the cards which worked recently for many Egyptians to withdraw their balance from PayPal in Egypt: 

  • Visa Classic – Credit Card – National Bank of Egypt (NBE).
  • Visa Classic – Credit Card – Qatar National Bank in Egypt (QNB).
  • Visa – Credit Card – Commercial Internation Bank (CIB).

Please be noted that all the above cards are of VISA Credit Card types. Upon other’s experiences, Mastercards are not working properly for money withdrawal from PayPal.

The above-mentioned cards can be issued by a guarantee of deposit certificates. For example, when you make a certain fixed deposit of 7,000 EGP, The bank can issue you a credit card with 5,600 EGP spending limit.

As another alternative, You can use DixiPay Prepaid Visa Card to withdraw your money from PayPal Egypt in USD. This should be a quick straightforward solution for PayPal Egypt Withdrawals.

Get DixiPay Prepaid Visa Card
Only for Egyptians – 50% Discount Applied

Q: What are PayPal limits to pay from Egypt?

This is another important question especially for affiliate marketers and advertisers who are spending money on the internet on a daily basis. 

As we agreed on, PayPal won’t allow you to use your balance to make purchases, However; you will be using your credit card for that. Each credit card is having a spending limit based on the bank guarantees.

Let’s say I have a credit card from NBE and the spending limit is 5,600 EGP. It means that I can only spend 5,600 EGP every month to make online purchases.

For example, I’ve increased the spending limit to 11,200 EGP. It means that the spending limit every month will be 11,200 EGP for online purchases.

If you’re spending more money and have been unable to complete purchases because of that limitations, I would recommend that you get three to four credit cards from different banks and link them all with your PayPal account. This way you can work around limits and get your purchases paid for. 

Q: What if my Paypal balance is higher than my Credit Card limit?

As long as it’s not too much difference, you should be able to withdraw your PayPal balance into your credit card without any problems. I mean make sure it’s not more than a few thousand over the card limit, not more than that. 

For example, If my credit card limit is 5,600 EGP and my current PayPal balance equals 7,000 EGP, then you should be fine withdrawing that amount into your card without any issues.

I would say make sure to withdraw your remaining credit card balance and set it close to zero before making the withdrawal. This way you’re simply making a room for money to be loaded into your card. 

Q: Can I receive money on PayPal without a credit card?

How To Use PayPal in Egypt?

The short answer is YES! You still can verify and use your PayPal account without getting a credit card or even a bank account. You may find the following alternative solutions interesting:

Please be noted that you need to get your Paypal account verified first before being able to receive payments onto it. As a part of this verification process, Paypal is charging your credit card a small fee, and then refunding it back as a credit balance.

They want to make sure you’re a real person, and this process is verifying you. My answer is Yes, However; You still need to get your card added in order to be able to get the Paypal full range of services. as a verified member.

Q: Can I use Payoneer US Bank account service to withdraw money from PayPal?

Unfortunately, This option is not anymore available. This has been confirmed that PayPal in Egypt is not accepting Payoneer US bank account as a withdrawal option.

Also, You may not be able anymore to use Payoneer Mastercard as a card to withdraw your money from PayPal. it seems like PayPal has ceased all transactions with Payoneer since they’re competitors in the first place!

Q: Can I use my debit card to withdraw funds from PayPal in Egypt?

Unfortunately, You can’t use debit cards (Unless they’re VISA /and activated for online transactions – Not Guaranteed). The proven tested method is a VISA credit card like mentioned above. PayPal is withdrawing funds in the form of purchases refund. Accordingly, They won’t be able to complete that kind of withdrawal on a local debit card. 

Q: Can I receive mon

 Q: I’m a freelancer working remotely for a company abroad. What are my best options to get paid in USD?

Your best option here to get paid is to use Payoneer. It allows you to get paid easily from companies worldwide. What’s great about it is that you can withdraw your funds to your Egyptian Local bank account in USD currency. 

Alternatively, You can use PayPal Me in sync with your main PayPal account. It allows you to get paid faster and easier by creating a secured pay me page like: It’s available for Egyptian user. You have to check it out. 

Q: Where to find the PayPal code to activate my credit card on PayPal?

where to find paypal code

After adding your credit card to your account. PayPal will charge you an amount of less than $2 USD as a verification step. Once charged, you should receive a purchase notification SMS on your mobile phone for that transaction. You should be able to find the code in that message.

Alternatively, you can call your bank customer support and ask them about the transaction details for that amount. They should be able to give you the code as it’s straight forward. 

Q: How to make money online on my PayPal account?

I did show you how to use PayPal in Egypt, but how to make money? There are tons of ways to make money online. I’ve been making money online since 2010 and I wish I started a bit earlier. Here are my exclusive resources on how to work online in Egypt.

PayPal Banks in Egypt:

I hope you’ve got a clear idea now on how to use PayPal in Egypt and what are the PayPal banks in Egypt that will allow you to send and receive money easily.

Thanks for sticking with that post. I made sure to answer as many inquiries as possible. I’m positive that this article now is having all of what you need to know about how to use PayPal in Egypt the perfect way.

Feel free to let me know in the comments below shall you still require any further assistance. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends on social media.

27 thoughts on “How To Use PayPal in Egypt? (Truthful Q&A)”

  1. hello Karim. I really liked your blog and I had a question about something you wrote about withdrawing money from my credit card balance so that I would free room for paypal money, is it really a necessary step because I asked in NBE and they said that the money transfered will appear as an increase in my credit card account and I can transfer it to my own bank account…so if I made a credit card with a certain amount and didn’t withdraw it, does it mean I won’t be able to receive my paypal money or what?! ….thank you in advance

  2. Hey Karim,
    I haven’t been able to withdraw any of my money here in Egypt so far. I tried the Prepaid Visa Card of Al-Ahly bank and the transaction was reversed back into my paypal balance. Now I tried the Credit Card (VISA) method you talked about and I’m waiting, but it always says “This transaction is Delayed due to security issues” and it tells me that Paypal will review the transaction and get back to me and nothing happens and I contacted them regarding this.

    Do I need to take any further steps? … I have a connected & verified ownership of my VISA credit card but I’m hoping this works.

    Also, do credit cards have limits as to how much money they can receive or is it specific to my bank? (They don’t understand anything about Paypal here! :S)

  3. I have 1000$ in my us paypal account and i want to tranfer it my egyptian paypal account but when i go to send it it says We’re sorry, but we can’t send your payment right now.’

  4. Thank you so much for this helpful article,
    but am trying to create an account on paypal for a really long time .. and all the banks in Egypt are telling me they don’t deal with paypal! I don’t get it and I don’t know what to do! I can’t work from a long time because of this!..
    Also another question due to be working with clients abroad so usually they pay in $ and as Paypal doesn’t accept except a card number I asked in most of the banks and they said they never make a card for USD accounts .. so is there anyway to do that or I will have to get payed in Egyptian pounds only?
    Thank you so much

  5. My Greetings Karim

    In case I opened PayPal business account with BOTH Egyptian visa credit Card and US bank account; Can PayPal do not withdraw the amount of the money that I received into my linked Egyptian credit card and retain it into my PayPal ACCOUNT, SO I can transfer to a third party from my PayPal account? IF no, can I transfer that amount that will withdrawn into my credit card TO my debit bank account (via online banking; transfer within two account under the same account holder), then transfer to a third party via PayPal (using the debit card that I have linked to my PayPal account during registration, along with my Visa credit card)?

    Thanks In Advance

  6. Hello Karim,
    I have been really stressed out with paypal lately i have about 300$ on my account and I have a prepaid visa linked to the account but whenever i try to withdraw it gets refunded back in 3-4 days..i read that prepaid cards wont work so i was wondering if i can use a debit card from NBE since I cannot make a credit card yet as i’m under 21 will the Visa debit work ? I have no other choice to be honest as I already tried dixipay and they haven’t answered me for about 2weeks to active my account.. what should i do please help

  7. Hello,
    I have recently withdrew my Paypal balance to my QNB Visa Debit card and the transaction appears on Paypal to be complete but it hasn’t yet shown in my bank account. When I called the bank they advised me that since its a weekend it will not show yet. Do you think the transfer could be rejected by the bank?

  8. Hi Karim

    I’m having a problem in linking an NBE classic visa to the PayPal account, I’ve been trying for about 4 months with different cards. the bank doesn’t allow the card to pay the paypal the confirmation fee.
    you mentioned that the NBE classic ards worked with you can I ask how?

  9. Are you absolutely sure you can’t withdraw Paypal money on to payoneer 🙁

    Is this specific to Egypt?

    I’m in Europe and there was a problem initially with Paypal and recognising the deposit that they do to confirm the account, but after calling payoneer they managed to give me the code to confirm.

  10. Hey Karim,

    Thanks for the great work. I’m using Paypal as a personal account for a long time now. As i created it while in Saudi i recive and pay money from the same account without the need to withdraw.

    But now i moved back to Egypt and starting an online buisness.

    1- How can i charge the customers through Paypal in EGP?
    Paypal directly charge the amount in $

    2- If Paypal can charge in EGP will it be added to my account in EGP or $
    and what is the exchnage rate?
    3- Is there any other payment gateway that can charge in EGP

  11. Would you recommend Auction Essistance to help us create a USA PayPal account so we can use in Egypt?

  12. Hi Karim,

    Thank you so much for this article, I came from here hahah

    I had a question, I tried using a prepaid visa card to activate my paypal and it didn’t work and was looking for a debit card that could work but then you said that only credit cards work, I kind of don’t like the fact that I have to make a deposit to get a card to activate my paypal and so was thinking to get a dixiepay card but I got discouraged by its expenses, so in your opinion which is cheaper credit card issued by an Egyptian bank or dixiepay card?

    Thank you so much in advance 🙂

  13. Hello Karim thank you for your great inspiration , if you don’t mind can you assist me with an issue i’ve been facing for weeks now !
    i’m an ebay and bonanza seller , i bought dixipay prepaid visa , linked it through paypal , confirmed my e-mail , i even have my paypal link for a faster transcation though customers don’t seem to be able to send me payments , i’m really frustrated with this i’m losing customers and i don’t know what’s the solution..i simply can’t recive the money , is it because my ebay is egyptian along with my egyptian paypal ? am i allowed to recive payments from the U.S ?? Please help me
    and thanks in advance.

    1. I would say contact Ebay, Bonanza, and PayPal and ask them about that matter. The first thing here is that you want to make sure where is the problem in receiving online payments.

      If it’s PayPal then ask them what do you need to get this issue sorted out. If the problem is with Bonanza or Ebay, then you’ll need to comply with their rules in order to be allowed to receive payments.

  14. Hey karim
    Thanks for your useful post, i have an NBE account and ive linked my mastercard to the paypal account. Im now in the US And trying to buy some stuff online and recieve it at the hotel. Is that possible cause ive ben asked while trying to finish the payment using paypal to enter again the shipping address and the only option was my account address which is in Egypt.
    Thanks in advance

    1. I would say you still can pay with your Egyptian PayPal account and ask the seller to send the shipment to your US address. I’m not sure whether that would be possible or not though!

      Alternatively, you can pay directly with your Egyptian credit card to the seller online and you should be all set.

      All the best

  15. Hello Karim,
    I really appreciate the effort you do to help us a bout PayPal problems.It took me a lot of time to find any helpful information until I found your blog.Thanks God.
    If you please,I want to ask about something:
    I have an account in Misr bank,should I make a classic visa (credit card),and did you try if the visa from this bank work fine with PayPal.As ,I cannot open a new account in Al Ahli bank because they requires at least 10 thousands to enable me to get a visa classic?.Thanks in advance and waiting for your valuable reply because I have many other questions.God bless you.

    1. Aya,
      Thanks for your comment,

      I have not tried using Banque Misr credit card with PayPal yet. Instead, I’m using the Credit Card Visa Classic from NBE and it’s working fine for me. I’m positive you can get your Credit Card with as low as 3,000 locked deposit certificates with NBE !

      As an alternative way to get over it, I would recommend using DixiPay (Pre-Paid Visa Card) to verify your PayPal account and withdraw your earnings. Check my full guide here on how to get started with DixiPay step by step..

      Let me know if you still require further assistance,
      Always here to help..

      1. Hello Kareem,
        Thanks very much for your response,but you said that you made Credit Card with as low as 3,000 locked deposit certificates with NBE !.
        I went to NBE a week ago,and asked many working at customer service,they told me that at least I have to made locked deposit certificates with at least 8,000,and this is too much for me.
        I do not want to use Dixipay as I think it has limitations and in the online world ,It would be better to have a credit card.Thanks and sorry for disturbing.

  16. thank you very much for this, it has been a hassle finding any well organized info about it online

    I have a question though
    in the Q ” Can I receive money into my PayPal account without adding a credit card?”
    the answer is contradicted, you say no in the beginning & then say yes.. could you please clarify??

    this is so important to me as I’ve decided to give online freelancing a go to see if i can make decent money or not
    and i want to make sure i can make money first before going through all the drama of issuing a credit card,connecting it & verifying it on paypal.

    1. Mahmoud,
      Thanks for your comment,

      You CAN receive money into your PayPal account without having a credit card connected. But since the only way to withdraw your PayPal balance is via Credit Card, You WON’T be able to receive your earned money without having a verified Credit Card connected with your PayPal account.

      I hope it’s more clear now,
      Please let me know for further assistance..

      1. Hello Karim.

        your post is very insigthful. I am wondering if i can use a credit card or debit card which is not under my name? will that work with Paypal?

  17. Hi Karim,
    Thanks for your useful posts, I have an old problem with paypal regarding the withdrawal, but now I have experienced something new, the payments don’t show up!
    I received money and the sender confirms that he did pay, but nothing appears, so I contacted paypal and received this reply
    “I have checked the account and the reason why the payment is not showing up to your account yet is because your PayPal account is not set up to receive payments yet. You need to add a US bank account or a Visa card that is eligible to accept deposits from PayPal.”
    I activated the account in 2015 using this QNB Debit card, and I know that is not eligible for withdrawal currently, but that’s not my problem now, I want to receive the payments!
    I received payments in November, so this is something new, I got this reply too
    “Eligibility of your card for automatic withdrawal is a requirement for Egypt PayPal accounts due to financial regulations in your country. I checked your account and I am aware that you were able to receive money back in Nov 2016 even if your card ending in xx19 is not eligible. This only means that your bank allowed it at that time. I would like to inform you that it is a feature of your card/bank (not PayPal).
    I encourage you to check with your card issuer/bank before you add your new card in your PayPal account.” (I don’t fully understand this reply)
    So, I have only debit cards ( another debit QNB, debit Misr, payoneer card), I am not able to issue a credit card for some reasons, the virtual US bank account of payoneer can’t be used.
    Are you sure 100%, that dixipay is working? (it’s expensive and I don’t earn too much)
    Is there any other method? (I am not talking about withdrawal, I just want the payments to show up)

    Thanks in advance

    1. Ahmed,
      Thanks for your comment,

      Since you’re not able to get a credit card, then your only solution is to use DIXIPAY prepaid visa card. Please check my step-by-step tutorial on how to get a DIXIPAY card and verify your PayPal account with it:

      And yes, DIXIPAY prepaid card is a great working solution to verify your PayPal account and withdraw money from PayPal.

      Let me know if you need any assistance,
      Always here to help.

      1. Thanks a Ton Karim, I’m looking into the Dixipay option. However, I have one more question regarding credit cards.

        From what I understand, I mostly have to withdraw an amount that is almost equal to my credit cards monthly limit. so If my credit card allows for 10,000 EGP, it’s best to withdraw 10,000 EGP only from paypal on top of that 10,000 EGP of the credit card’s monthly limit and this is to be done Once / month.

        Is it a problem if I made a withdrawal on top of the money already on the credit card ? (10+10 = 20,000EGP) or do I have to use my credit card’s monthly limit and make purchases to set the card to ZERO then withdraw the paypal money into it and withdraw my paypal’s 10,000 EGP using ATM machines?

        Let me know, I withdraw a large amount and my bank warned me they’ll lock up my account and I won’t be able to withdraw any money again and that i’m only allowed to use my money as purchases from now on. I’m looking to make a new credit card from CIB it’s why I have questions regarding withdrawing on top of my current credit card’s monthly funds.

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